Tuesday, January 29

mr wintle & me...

i found mr wintle
through serendipitous circumstances.
or rather mr wintle found me.
at the time, unbeknownst to me,
he was to become a most important factor
in my turning point.

upon discovery of mr wintle 
i tippity tapped out his wise words
stuck them on the wall 
and stared at them blindly 
everyday as i ate my lunch

i read and i re-read his words
and i could tell,
 here was a fellow
who knew what he was talking about.
months past and with it
mr wintle and i shared many lunch dates

one day, not less than two weeks back
it happened,
as the pesky voice inside my head
questioned once again
"why bother Tif?"
and once again
 i found myself listening
to said pesky voice...
mr wintle piped up in my head, 
clearly and precisely
with just the one line
"if you think you are beaten, you are"
and it was all i needed to know,
in that moment,
i could see,
not only would 
mr wintle and i be firm friends
forever and a day
but i had turned thee corner.
a corner i had been looking for
over the past months,
ney years

at last i had quietened
the pesky voice of doubt,
and i could continue
on my quest for my lost little light,
knowing the healing process 
could now begin...
with mr wintle by my side