Monday, January 14

cogs, ponderings & such like

as is always the way with me, a new year equals a jolly good excuse to shuffle things around the shed. more than any other new shiny year, this one needed a fair few cobwebs blown away and a fresh clean slate. after pondering the shuffling required, i set to on removing 'bits and bobs' from the walls. after which i stood back and marveled at the huge amount of pin holes 'bits and bobs' can create when attached in vast array upon one's wall. so i promptly set about covering up the pin holes with select fabby favs from the 'bits and bobs' laying redundant on several tea trays.

before the christmas season was upon us, i stumbled across a rather jolly red woven lamp cord on my travels. i did what was the only possible thing to do at the time was, i bought it home to the shed and rustled it away in a drawer. i knew it would be perfectly suited to my fresh shiny new year shuffle and this secret knowledge had me rather giddy. with the red cord retrieved last week, a lamp shade was now required. looking around the shed i volunteered up several 'hangy-me-jigs' for a new year makeover. using long lengths of frayed white vintage sheeting knotted together and a few lengths of lace, 'several moments and a bit patience' later, i had myself a rather pretty shade to keep the red cord company. after a bit more faffing about to get it in place i stood back to admire. 

two things struck me. thing one the frayed fabric looked tres peachy but was missing a certain 'je nais se quois' and thine two, the red woven cord, for all its rather red loveliness was rather 'hello i'm a bright red cord hanging on a wall' sort of thing. immediately my little creative cogs whirled into action, for they were rather liking being used for a change. in a few moments they stopped whirling and came to a conclusion. a rather natty bit of lace stitched along the bottom with equally natty looking stitching would sort 'thing one' 

and some old cream linen stitched once again quite 'natty like' around some of the cord would tone down the abundance of red cording down the wall. "brilliant" i cried, "tis the answer" and immediately set about doing the deed my cogs had suggested.

i am thinking i have more of my shuffling ways to share, i am also thinking most folks would not even notice the difference... 'tis all a blur Tif, some folks may say.... all a blur