Wednesday, March 7

venturing out of the shed...

yesterday i ventured forth on a mission,
a mission long overdue and put off for the longest time.
and what may that mission be i hear you ask.
well the mission of buying a pair of jeans...
~ pause ~
yes, worthy of a pause as folks across the land,
gasp, inhale and then exhale with a nod of understanding.

i have two criteria when it comes to jeans,
they are always worn with a frock or smock 'a top'
and they must be able to 'do up'.
the former is not a problemo due to a closet full of frocks
but the later over the past few years is.
i only had 3 pairs in my closet,
2 stopped being my fine friends at 41 and 3/4's year of age
and the last pair, 
the used to be 'loosey goosy, needing a belt pair'
well since turning 43 we have not been on the best terms.

as most do in my circumstances,
 i have looked around for others to blame,
namely Mrs W. Machine and Miss T. Dryer
but when i have looked around, in doing so
i can no longer deny the growing derriere
that has latched itself behind.

so on Monday i bravely went out,
now please note, i do not live in the epicenter of denim fashion.
i am quite sure if i caught the bus 
and headed to the heart of the big city.
it may be a little different.
however i did not wish to catch a bus
so i stayed closer to home.
home where you have the choice of teen jeans
with interesting faded areas and quite a bit of bling
and on close inspection, a lot of lycra.
now in my experience jeans with lycra
do not do. 
or i could cross over the walk way into the 'mom jeans' department
where i become really frightened and out of my depth.

after wandering around not knowing where to look,
i stumbled into the lads department.
i started to note, firstly,
lads 'washes' of jeans are far far preferable
and secondly,
they do not have to deal with bling or lycra.
i chanced upon a pair with a nice 'ordinary' wash
and dared to try.

new 'lads' jeans in ordinary wash, but look dodgy in this photo, i am blaming Ivor 
on driving home to my shed, 
my newly 'dared to try' jeans next to me on the seat
i wondered if 43 is not only the age where your derriere starts to spread
but also if its the age you start to go into changing rooms
and decide if the item 'does up' without causing discomfort
then it 'will do' and promptly buy it
without any care how it actually looks.

i told myself, (to calm my fretting ways).
i have not crossed this line, no sirree!
instead i will believe
 my 'lad' jeans are perfectly edgy bohemian
when worn 'rolled' with a frock and clogs.
to encourage my 'lad' jeans to give off this appearance
i added a decal to my well worn silver clogs.
(when i decal something, i always feel better)

and this morning as i tippity tap this tale,
clothed in 'lad' jeans, frock & decal~ed clogs
i have also added to my attire
my rose coloured specs
(they come with a life long guarantee and never fail me)



Annie Jeffries said...

What a fun and whimsical post. Age may catch up with us but we learn, with age and patience, that there is always a plan B. Looks like you found yours. Cudos.

Georgina Tranter said...

yay Tif - you'll rock those jeans x

Carol said...

Oh Tif, the slippery slope, it will be an elasticated waist next!
Carol xx

lejardengirl said...

~so love this post...i feel you dear...hit the 44 mark this year and can relate...I have a little giveaway going on at my blog...please take a glance...b

gillyflower said...

This post made me smile! Especially the reference to the reliability and fail safe rose coloured specs worn by many a jean wearer with too many years behind them (myself included, being a teenager in the 70s who will still be wearing jeans in her 70s!)

Gill xx

Yvonne Moxon said...

I have to say I probably wear my jeans 4/7 days a week the other days Im wearing leggings with dresses skirts or longer tops. Jeans I could not do without and have no intention of Im 47 in May
Do you intend to add any little stitched things to your jeans I wonder?

Rubyred said...

Oh Tif, that's exactly how I feel when I need to buy a pair of jeans!
It always feels like a mission!
You do know that there are little creatures called Calories living in your wardrobe, that sew your clothes a little tighter each night!
Rachel x
p.s loving the new look for your clogs!

barbara woods said...

thats a lot better then suck it in

Leanda said...

Crying with laughter at this! I hear you girlfriend... and I'm impressed that you managed this in one shopping trip :) x

Flossie said...

I always feel better after reading your blog Tif. Thank you for the smiles. I think "in between" jeans need designing, or perhaps they're there and I just haven't found them yet;)

Lotti said...

I know your post is about the jeans, but I can't help it I was focused on the clogs ... they are so pretty.

Rose said...

Agreed. Lad jeans are better. I've bought quite a few pair in my day. Especially back when I was not even dreaming of "mom jeans" and was still a high-schooler. These days I fancy skinny jeans, in my attempt to fight back the age of 40. (I am 38 and creeping up on it.)

Shell said...

Love to hear that you're pleased with your new 'Lad ' jeans :)
Many moons ago (when I was about 32),I used to buy teenage boys combats and jeans as they don't tend to have massive amount of fabric on the hip and thigh .. I think clothes designers need to consider body shapes more but firstly, all agree on a clothes size and actually stick to it.

Frankie said...

oh what joy to read your words. I often find myself questioning the use of mirrors at all and there are days when looking down at my clothes in a smiley kind of way is much more fun than seeing the all round version portrayed to me by those rather unfriendly three way mirrors, shall we call them Agnes, Fred and Gertrude? Well indeed they can laugh, "forty and you think you can wear that?' they chuckle but I laugh back and say," oh yes indeed; red clogs, a flowery smock and flowing red mixed with white hair it is, ha ha.

Unknown said...

as always i am smiling when i finish reading your prose. you my dear are delightful. i love the story of your jean hunt. i love the idea of trying lad jeans. i do believe our back butts do spread - not sure why? i do think your outfit is sassy, ever so young and sassy. the decal is perfectly peachy (as you would say)
adore. once again.

Teresa Kasner said...

Cute story. :-)

allie said...

I must admit, I aint a bog jeans wearer. I used to be but I am not anymore. Heck I used to own c30 pairs at one point./ But in the defence of lycra, they are a tad more forgiving and shapely as well. I love levis but I have big mamas ass lol.

Madison said...

LOL! Boy jeans do always fit better. I think it's because they are low rise.

What about the little bit of extra denim in the front? I thought they made an extra bit to "accommodate" lad bits.

Madison xxx

Bonnie said...

Oh you are a funny lady! Fancy buying a pair of "lad" jeans"!! I have a question....(excuse it!) but isn't the front section-you know, the crotchety-crotch part rather um....spacious and uncomfortable? (as I would think for a pair of lad jeans).

Magic Bean said...

Hello. Have just spent some lovely time reading about cloggage and denim. I used to wear clogs A Lot but have got out of the habit. I am now sorely tempted to clog again...
Will be back soon, Ax

Barbara Neubeck said...

Hello Tiff,
I understand how you feel about shopping for jeans. It's very daunting....there are so many variations it's hard to find the right pair. I hope you enjoy your new jeans. Have a good week
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Elisha said...

I used to love myself a pair of men's levi 501's but more recently have found Jag denim to be a little more flattering on the not so flattering 'ample curves' that have planted themselves ever so firmly....

loving your new 'lad jeans'


Jayne said...

Hi Tif,
Your post about jeans made me laugh out loud! I too hate shopping for jeans, it's the taking off of clothes and trying on of several pairs that do not even fit in any shape or form. Hence I only have one pair. I loved the part where you blamed the washing machine and dryer, I do that for most of my clothes getting smaller, even though my tumbler dryer is now broken. Thanks for making me smile. Jayne

Lisa Jayne said...

I'm sure your new jeans look perfectly nice, and are the very height of bohemia! Sadly I think the "spreading derriere" is something that all crafty ladies have to cope with, I have purchased a Mr Motivator work out dvd to help tackle my ever expanding bottom, I did one 10 minute workout and was so exhausted I needed double rations of toast, butter and marmite!! Dirndl skirts for me this year I think!

kate said...

Just found you and love the blog. My mothers wise words when I put on weight after my 40th was 'fair,fat and forty' ta ma!

Nicolle said...

Hi Tif - This is totally random, but I've been reading your blog from time to time over the past couple of years (love it!) and thought you would just love this website. It is Goodwill Industries online auction site and they have this acrylic yarn grab bag up for bidding and weirdly I thought of you when I saw it:

I know I always hesitate when someone I don't know sends me a link, but this is not a scam or anything I just honestly remember reading about how much you love to get your hands on acrylic yarn for crocheting and how you love the whole "thrifting" scene and this is online goodiness of both!!!

:) Nicolle

Sharon Stanley said...

you need a sabbatical...everyone does. take it. enjoy it. rediscover.

vivisews said...

i really enjoyed your ramble about buying jeans as i'm 40 this year and totally understand. btw my teenage boys thought having doilies was some sort of awful disease!

sue said...

Oh the trauma of jean replacement, congratulations on finding some! My best pairs always seem to come via another person who no longer love them, whereon they knock on my door and move right in. Fitting more beautifully than any number of brand new designer fancys!

Michelle said...

Yes quite strangely I have owned my share of lad jeans...I tend to call then "boy" jeans thou...I too like the way they sit on my waist and hang just right...They usually have an array of "handy dandy" pockets...and roll ever so nicely...We have limited shops in my small town too..but we have a "country" there I look through the racks and find...
"Girl jeans" that are meant to look like "boy jeans"...confused?
so am I...But they work...

Michelle said...

You`ve put a smile on my face with your story. Glad you were able to find your jeans. It is always a challenge wich I don`t enjoy.

Greenmare said...

Tu est tres chic avec tes lad jeans.

dandelion said...

I think you were most brave to 'dare to try' in the lads department! You have inspired me to venture forth myself and finally find some decent jeans in our own Cornish lads department

Kate x

Anonymous said...

Shopping for jeans is horrid! I think you chose the ideal pair!

Jopsy said...

oh that made me smile!

Anonymous said...

hahaha what a funny read Tif! and I agree, bling and lycra have no business in any jeans section. love from sue

vintage grey said...

Love the comfy look of your new jeans and the clogs with the rose decal. Wearing jeans and clogs is one of my most favorite things to wear. I am not a fan of shopping for jeans, nothing ever fits or looks right on me. I have hope for one day I will find the best fitting jeans and buy 10 pairs! :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

The fabric of my life said...

Oh Tif, you are truly wonderful! Jean buying is a nightmare at the best of times and super scary. I just thank god for Top Shop nowadays who take all that scariness away! Love the look of your boyfriend jeans and I bet you will look as beautiful as ever x

debbie h. said...

Tif, you truely are brilliant. I have ever given thought to going to the "lads" department to look for jeans. But it is truely a peachy idea. No bling, no "so low you can't kneel down without showing something no one wants to see" waists and nice normal washes. Also, the price is probably much nicer on the taggey than on the tag of women's jeans. I must try this next time I need jeans. Please show a pic of how lovely your new jeans are with a smock and your dandy clogs:)

psmflowerlady said...

Usually, I'm just a lurker, but I wanted to tell you how nice it was to "hear" your lovely tale. I'm sure you look deliciously Bohemian.

dottie angel said...

what a perfectly perfect way to spend time with a cuppa, reading all your peachy comments! i knew i was not alone in the trauma of jean shopping, for indeed it is a trauma for many :)

i have to say, i did not find any problems with the front bit of my lad jeans. in no way did it feel bulky or baggy, and i think this is because, jeans for lads are pretty snug these days too! i think some are not and some are, depending on the style they wish to wear. i am guessing some would fit better than others, so that could bring you back to square one again with the hunt!

i do not plan to decorate my jeans in any way, for the rest of me is pretty 'floralled up' when i wear them, however i have sewn my cuffs in place with the help of Miss Ethel, just like you would for a 6 year old. this has made me even more delighted by them and i know they will stay put in their 'cuffy goodness' state.

thank you for the goodwill link! you are so kind to think of me :)

happy crafty week to you all, donned in 'jeans or no jeans' celebrating our spreading derrieres, a trade mark of our crafty souls and many thank yous for your peachy comments

Tif x

Merci-Notes said...

ooooh! spreading derriere disease! I named this and did my best to avoid getting this horrid disease. First recognized while dental assisting, realizing that the getting up and down and so an and so forth just might help me escape it! Yes it worked, until my mid forties, when i stopped walking about the "lake" (as they call this pond in IL) every other day.

lesson ~ keep doing what you are doing, keep moving and most of all keep on brightening with decals!

p.s. we are lucky to each be who we are! ;o