Sunday, March 4

a 'sabbatical of sorts'...

my philosophy

"if i go to sleep at night
knowing i have visited my imagination,
however fleeting it may have been,
then i know i have spent
my day wisely"

most of what i do relies upon,
my spontaneity,
my imagination
my family

those three sweet things in my life
have got buried of late,
and so i have decided to take
a 'sabbatical of sorts'.

to dig deep 
and recover the things 
which make me happy and whole.
allowing me to continue 
upon my chosen path
clearing away the draining debris
which has become a daily distraction.

for now,
my store is closed
and my blog posts will be sporadic.
i will continue to pen postcards
across the pond 
and dabble with Ivor when inspired

darren dictionary has informed me
a sabbatical is taking time out 
to rest, 
to grow 
to learn
and that is exactly what i plan to do,
alongside of spending quality time with
my lost spontaneity, my misplaced imagination 
and my patient family

i wish to live by my philosophy again.
and in doing so, 
i truly believe,
one day soon,
i will look over my shoulder
and see standing beside me, 
in all her bohemian, eclectic glory,
dottie angel
waiting patiently for me...

~ Tif ~