Thursday, March 29

a little ray of sunshine...

Mr Sun appears to be busy across the pond.
however last week he did pop by briefly

 but alas, with little warmth.

such was our overjoyment at his little appearance
(albeit a brass monkeys appearance)
me and my chickie peas launched ourselves into 
'spring mode'
i got busy with the kitschy fake flowers

whilst they got busy with pecking

and a 'little bit of laying'

later that day, Polly kindly came by to thank me
for their new spiffy springified coop.

i thought to myself,
how thoughtful and kind.

the next day Mr Sun was shining down elsewhere.
Bingo B who loves a bit of 'sunbathing' meowed
"hey, don't go, come back Mr Sun... i'm over here"

i pointed out to Bingo B,
(in the nicest possible way as she is rather old and batty
and i did not wish to upset)
her attempts were most admirable.
next time she might have better luck
if she waves in the right direction



Chris said...

Great post!!! I see that between taking the last photo and the one before last you got into Easter mood with the dish of eggs!!!It's like they appeared from nowhere lol!!

Joshy and belle said...

She looks like she's holding a light saver!!!!! Xxx he he, may the (crafting) force be with you! Xxxxxx

Teresa Kasner said...

We had the same 4 days of sunshine down here in Oregon.. and it was way too short as we're back into the gray, dark, cold, rainy stuff that you are. But.. I guess some is better than none? You're lucky your chickens haven't been "got" by something in those woods! All 3 of our chickens were gone in one night by coyotes. Teresa in the gorge..

Sarah Dawneé said...

I was just enjoying listening to the song Sunshine by JJ Heller when I came across this fun post about sunshine in my blogger feed.

So, my eyes enjoyed reading a bit about your sunshine times as my ears rejoiced at a sunshine song. =)

I hope that you'll get to enjoy more sunshine soon!


Blessed Serendipity said...

I love that your chickens come by to peek in the window to say hello. Bingo B is a cutie too. Hope the sun comes out again very soon.


Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures!! Love your batty old cat =)

mel @ loved handmade said...

lovely pictures, and that is the prettiest chook house I've ever seen!

Sandy said...

Enjoyed your photos of the chickens and your kitty. I also like your Danish credenza! We have a couple pieces of Danish furniture. Our kitchen table is one and the top has not seen the sun as I keep it covered. It's 30 - 35 years old and looks brand new still.

Lauren said...

Just wanted to let you know that this little post made my 'oh so' dreary day all the more brighter, thankyou!!!

dottie angel said...

4 days!! gosh, we had 4 minutes of it, think you faired better in oregon then we did here :)
as for the chickie peas, we are down to 4 now, Pig Pen passed away in my arms a few weeks back. its been 3 years since 8 little chickies came to live at mossy shed. i feel most blessed to still have 4 of them sharing my world :)

sunshiney thoughts all round :)

Julia said...

Tif, reading your post is like bringing a bit of sunshine in!

Anonymous said...

Bing B is so cute! I want some chickens too!!

Kate said...

Your cat is absolutely adorable! These are gorgeous photos, I love your sideboard!

good_to_be_home said...

absolutely adorable post!

Sophie said...

I just adored your post - it made me chuckle so much.

Is Bingo B single?? I think she may quite like my dear housemate Stanley Laurel (Laurel) or Lol as he mainly gets called. He was sat on my lap when I was reading your post and wondered what I was chuckling at (I think he quite likes it when I chuckle when he is sat on my lap as it wobbles him about and makes him feel funny), anyway he was convinced Bingo B was sending him a wave and blushed when I suggested he clearly quite likes her! Theres a picture of him on my blog - he looks very much like your dear Bingo B and (must be a black cat thing) has as big a character. Anyway, poor old Lol is smitten (he'd be so embarrassed if he knew I'd told you) and asked that we follow your blog everyday in the hope you'll post some more pictures of her ;-)
Have a lovely weekend

Annie Jeffries said...

Sweet!! To the MAX.

Jess said...

Yes we're having lots of sunshine but you might remember from last time you lived here, this won't last! Your hens are so sweet, I wish I had some! :)
Jess xx

dottie angel said...

dear Stanley Laurel,

i must tell you how flattered i am by your attention and of course would most happily be 'your mate', waving at you from time to time from my backyard to yours. i noted from your picture you are indeed a handsome fellow. you have made an old batty cat positively beam at your smitten ways

fondest thoughts
Bingo B

Carol said...

Love your batty old cat, she'd fit in well here.
It has been very hot here, crazy weather! Cooling down now, we are in official 'drought' situation, really, really want lots of rain.
Carol xx

Unknown said...

Oh so much to love in these photos! :) Thanks for sharing them, you've made my week!

bluebird said...

Reason 5 is exactly like my nan's Jack Russells..Love it!

b and e said...

How cute such trouble for a chooks pen - thats awesome!

caught the light said...

What a sweet blog you have! I love that last photo of your cat. It feels like a somewhat sad high five!