Thursday, March 1

discoveries of the utmost kind...

i love a day when a discovery is made,
a discovery of minute proportions in comparison
to many in the world,
but one which changes something within your own.

i would not say my discovery is worthy of calling our local paper,
nor climbing upon our roof to shout for all to hear.
however i do marvel at its discovery
for once again i am left, 
upon discovery of my discovered thing,
marveling how something you have had all along,
can upon one moment of 'ah ha'
become of use.

" we are a little sad, our lives in the kitchen no longer required, due to worn out spots & blobs of cooking "
last week,
 upon wrestling my growing braids into place
upon my bonce.
i noted as always the front looked done,
and the back did not.
i noted this is because in fact, i had done the front
and as always, neglected the back.
after 2 nights sleep, 
the neglect was even more in evidence.

to tame the matted back and highlight the smooth front
i rustled around in my scarf collection.
but just as i had thought before my rustling began,
all scarves in my possession just would not suit.

and so as one does,
i thought of ties, and when one thinks of ties
one thinks of apron strings
and without further ado,
this very thought led to some careful snippity snipping.
after keeping waistband and ties intact
i had myself a natty bit of vintage string 
to adorn and control the growing nest upon my head.

such was my delight, upon seeing it from Ivor's point of view
several more half aprons 'volunteered up' for the chop.

 " yippee! yippee! a new life, how thrilling to spend our days wrapped around Tif's birds nest hair "
they did not fret nor fear 
their bodies would be left discarded and unloved.
for i told them of my crafty plans... 

" oh how loved we feel again, our strings in Tif's hair & our body bits as a perfectly peachy cushion "


lejardengirl said...

so perfectly stated...

Carol said...

Great recycling, a real 'vintage' look, you are now peachy perfectly attired to black your grate and scrub your front step.
Carol xx

Unknown said...

A perfect solution to bird's nest scarves are too slippery I find...thank you for sharing this utmost discovery!

figwittage said...

lOVE it! xx

silly old suitcase said...



Jopsy said...

This amused me greatly, As I too have 'Birdnest hair!' TY x

Yvonne Moxon said...

Is'nt recycling fun, and when you find that 3rd life for something it's just so very satisfying :)I just reporposed a holy jumper into a scarf and so delighted with it I posted it on my blog so that other jumpers might be saved and re-loved.

naughty shorts! said...

hurrah! how wonderful. xo

LauraJane:) said...

AH YES, Truely a SCRAPPY HAPPY FIND!! Well done!

LissyLou said...

Gorgeous post! I am in love with the cushion x

Ribbons Undone said...

Oh what a cute new do!

Teresa Kasner said...

I like your hairdo and the hair ties! Fun fun!! I just did a post on making a cedar bark basket yesterday at the craft school.. I'm so pleased! And while I was there the spinning teacher gave me 2 huge bag of raw Alpaca. Oh boy I have my work cut out for me!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Barbara Neubeck said...

Hi Tif,
What a clever idea. The cushion looks really pretty and you look very fetching in your new hair ties. Clever re-using!
God Bless
Barb from Australia said...

Totally awe inspiring peachy gal;))))
Just wish mine would hurry up and grow:(((
Until then my 'do' will remain pink!
Best wishes

Unknown said...

you are such a delight to read and know. this is just pure happy. yep. pure happy. i love your apron nest hair and goodies of glee.

rokodil said...

I give you an award because i love your blog!

Eleni said...

One can never have too many scarves, nor scraps of fabric to wrap around one's head.

elsy said...

peachy cushion indeed...lovely

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

You can totally pull off the messy updo. Lovely!

Littletree Designs // Rebecca said...

That is indeed a prefectly peachy cushion! Some very nifty re-using of stuff x

vintage grey said...

I love what you did with the aprons! The cushion is beautiful. It is always great when you can discover a new way to bring beauty to already wonderful item. So creative, Tif! :)

dottie angel said...

oh thank you dearies! thank you most kindly indeed :)

Vintage Home said...

WISH I looked that good with an adorable apron tie around my head! are rockin the nest for sure!
more bardot than birdie!

Anonymous said...

I love the cushion. Wish you'd give a 'how to' for it :)

Anonymous said...

This is a good idea for those apron strings that are too short for my waist! Apron strings belong to be long to wrap around and tie in a bow in front.

abercrombie outlet said...

how beautiful stated, thank you for sharing this utmost discovery! looking forward to all the good things your blog shares

Jolana said...


greedy said...

ALWAYS a good look even when used to cover up when you haven't bothered to wash your locks.

Nancy said...

Tif, there was no option to post a comment at your newest post, the one following this one about your sabbatical. I just wanted to say that your posts will be missed but, having just recently discovered your blog, I will take the time to read and look at your older posts.

I wish you all the best in spending time with your family, growing, and resting your wonderful imagination.

gillyflower said...

Great ideas and gorgeous old fabrics.

Hope you enjoy regrouping without the distractions of the PC kind, and find plenty more time for fresh ideas and precious family - shall miss popping in.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tiff,
I hope that you blossom into spring. And these just might make you smile. I purchased them recently for summer happiness. Take care.

dottie angel said...

hurrah! you are all so kind and spiffy :)
indeed, spring is on his way and i have been distracted by clog thoughts of late... actually i am always distracted by clog thoughts, truth be told!