Friday, March 16

a ‘crafty day’ workshop at Hope & Elvis, old blighty...

Tif and Rachelle (panini & bernina) are delighted beyond all delights to offer 2 ‘crafty day’ workshops this summer in old blighty. If you have a crafty soul and a granny chic heart, then perhaps you may wish to spend quality time with 2 crafters whose love for handcrafted and secondhand goodness knows no bounds.

Tif and Rachelle (dottie angel & ted and agnes) will spend the workshop wisely wearing their rose coloured specs and showing you how to make a lovely piece of ‘handmade whatnot’ you may then proudly hold in your hands and return to your clan with tear of joy in your eye, exclaiming
“me and my crafty soul made this today!”.

Teaming up with the ‘ever~so~peachy’ Louise of Hope and Elvis at a wonderful setting in Nottinghamshire, the day will comprise of a morning and afternoon class, a ‘most delightful’ lunch and heaps of vintage textiles, trinkets and treasure to rustle around in.

Both days are offered over one weekend, so if you are a Saturday folk or a Sunday folk, hopefully one of those days will suit you nicely. This lovely event is a ‘one off happening’ for this year! Tif and Rachelle are more often than not, separated by a large pond, so to have their crafty granny souls together in one place is a rarity indeed.

Spots for crafty souls on these workshops are limited, so in the pursuit of fairness, places will be reserved on a first come basis only.

Very important thing to note:
Booking will OPEN at 7.30am Monday 19th March UK time
And not before!

All nitty gritty about the workshop, including booking is handled by Louise,
So to find out more, to see how, what, where you book your ‘crafty day’ place, before you set your alarm for an early Monday start, please look over at this very nice page

Yes, it is quite true to say, Tif and Rachelle, along with their little vintage suitcases will be most thrilled to be travelling to meet so many lovely crafty souls this summer in Nottinghamshire.

footynote: it would appear those pesky passing gnomes have been up to no good with their pesky ways and my font. despite this, i have offered them shelter for the night and a thimble full of orange stew :)


debbie h. said...

Oh Fiddle Dee, I wish so doublely badly that you all were somewhere close to Va. instead of across the way. I would give my chickies up to come and spend two amazing granny chic days with you two. You should tape this and make it into a little e-workshop too so us less fortunate souls can be there also:) Souns like it is going to be a perfectly peachy class!!!

Daisy said...

My fingers are crossed most tightly to get a place on this peachy workshop. xxx

Maryska said...

Ooooh i love to come and do this workshop! But its al long way from Holland!! :( I love your work!
Have a nice weekend!

Vintage Home said...

oh such fun!

Unknown said...

I really like the frame you have used around these images :) I want one! x

Carol said...

Only two more sleeps to go........ before I can TRY to get my derriere on to your perfectly peachy workshop.
Will I dream of Louise's web site going into chocolate meltdown? Will my "high hopes" email disappear never to find its true destination?
I can but "Hope" the little "Elvis" will watch out for me and that the pesky gnome of doom, who has been feasting on orange stew, will not come pitter pattering my way.
I shall keep everything crossed.
Carol xx

Mrs.Bertimus said...

Dear Dottie, I've had a churny stomach all weekend, waiting for 7.30 am on Monday morning. (I've never wanted Monday morning to arrive before!)
I'll be poised, e mail at the ready.
I so hope I get a place!

Carol said...

One more sleep.
Carol xx

Carol said...

zip a dee doo dah, yeah, I got my place! phew.
Carol xx

Daisy said...

I got a place woo hoo! :)

Mrs.Bertimus said...

Hooraaaaay! I've booked a place!
How many sleeps until the big day?

allie said...

I dont belive its full!!!! I really wanted to go aggh!!! Ahh well sons health had to come first and they dont have Wi-fi in hospitals!!! I will wait for another time. Goes away anf sobs quietly in a corner.

lisa g said...

I was just having a high hopes moment and wondering if dottie angel ever packs her suitcase with granny chic finery and journeys to far flung distant and unchartered shores, such as, ooh, lets say, Auckland, New Zealand ... which would please one wee dottie angel follower's heart immensely as she beavers away daily with her vintage linens and beloved sewing machine, bereft of any crafty company and in a very solitary, lonely and forlorn state indeed ...

dottie angel said...

oh you lovely lovely dearies! you made me smile, so looking forward to feeling a little crafty with you :)

so sorry that some folks were disappointed... truly i wished everyone could have got a spot

and yes, who knows one day, perhaps other exotic climes would welcome workshops by us... now that would be most splendid a thing to do :)

Kirby Jane said...

Damn it! Wish I'd seen this sooner! I hark from Nottingham so would have loved to having attended this wonderful workshop.

You're blog and work is amazing! Kirby x