Monday, January 16

buttons, twitterings, books and a bit of instants...

since the shed's contents of bods has halved and all is quiet, i have used the opportunity to sort things in my head and my shed. this has been most brilliant, for many things within my head have been nagging me for months, little things i wished to do but never seemed to find the time nor the energy for, at the end of last year. so i did the best thing i could at the time, i made a note of those things and waited patiently for a new spiffy year. for me a new spiffy year is all i need to find a bit of motivation. whilst i've been pulling out cupboards and drawers, manically shredding and donating, i have also been twiddling in cyber land.

hurrah hooray is all i can say, for my new blog buttons.

my dandy friend Marjan did a peachy job indeed. i said "oh can you do this and can you do that" and voila! she could because she can. thank you Marjan you are the bees knees

yes indeedy after floundering around the place and being quite honestly pants at the whole facebook thing, i have finally pulled up my facebook knee socks and with it, a dottie angel page is up and running.

facebook page

this will be where i tell nitty gritty businessy things like 'today i put this in the store window' or 'today i really like this peachy find or folk'. i have no doubt it will be sporadic in its postings because i have not found a pesky passing gnome to help me just yet. but none the less, if you so like to know such things then please do hop over and find me

it has only taken me nearly 4 months to figure out i could have an instant photo album
it took Our #1 to come home for the holidays for me to see the light. i live in a PC world through and through but in the summer i rebelled and trust me, it truly was a rebellion. i took my piggy bank along with my rebellion and bought an ipad. upon arriving home with rebellion product in hand i pondered what to do next. the pondering took 4 months and my daughter to assist. now i have music playing all day long in the shed and best of all, something which has me inspired like i have not been in a long time, the ability to take instant snapshots. 

and last but not least

yes indeedy, whilst pulling up my facebook knee socks, i also pulled up my twittering ones too.

twitter page

 i find wearing them both at the same time, the layered look, works rather well for me. i have high hopes they will not fall down from the weight of two pairs of socks at the same time. the elastic seems in pretty good nick and so things are looking bright in that department.
i'm not a brillantly witty nor super chatty twitterer. some days i am better than others, some days the inner voice gets to talk and others i just link to a snapshot or blog post.

its been good to have a break, so many things i feel like i have started to sort which means over the coming weeks i will have that feeling of being less overwhelmed and more in control and for me, that is the best way to start a fresh shiny new year

Tif :)


Vintage Market Place said...

Sounds as if you are off to a full start to this new year!
LOVE your new buttons :)
I pulled my socks up and finally jumped into my pinterest page
I find it so lovely and better than blogging :)

Janet said...

I really like your style!!!

noknittedknickers said...

Gosh, you have been busy. Very glad you have got comfortable with the rebellion. No turning back now. Off to follow you on Twitter. c.x

Daisy said...

Glad you're back Tif. I hope you fresh shiny new year is a good one. xxx said...

Great to hear your well Tiff:))))
A bit of space does wonders doesnt it?!?
Best wishes

jack said...

Wishing you a fresh, shiny and happy new year from across the pond!

Katie said...

Hurray! You're posting again! I do hope some joy and cheer has returned to your shed, along with the peace and quiet. I'm off to like you on facebook, which is really a silly-sounding thing if you think too hard about it.

Amanda Peters said...

So glad you are back and feeling better,not left a note before, but love your blog.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Welcome back Tif!
I have added you to my facebook page. :)
V x

meppybn said...

Hey Dottie Angel, good to see you again :) and see the revamp :) Also caught your post of 12th and am so sorry - I had the nearly unbearable loss of my darling man 7 months ago and this journey of grief is hard, hard, hard - to be 'without' him is a mighty adjustment. But look forward to cheerful ramblings from you to brighten my day ........:)

liz said...

It's lovely to have you back Tif. The new look blog is super and the buttons are looking good. Liz xx

Yvonne Moxon said...

Sounds like you have been extra busy Tif! and I thought I was doing well with getting almost half of my workshop cleared so far this year! I too am looking fwd to a shiney new year and my aim is to gain easy access to my creative stash at all times and stay de cluttered if you have any tips Im all ears :)Yvonne

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Oh Lordy Tif! I've only *just* started to want an iphone....
Now I'm gonna have to look into ipads too :o)

Lovely to have you back my dear..
Have a happy, happy week. xx

Zara said...

Good to see you back. I am looking forward to a wonderful new year with your lovely blog. x

Dotty said...

lovely to have you back in blogland , and facebook and twitter and instagram ........., really enjoy your pictures and words . your new buttons are beautiful wish i had a Marjan .x

Anonymous said...

Dear Tif,
Thanks for posting the "spiffy clogs" tips. I have two pair of really darling clogs that I purchased over the years but they just seem to be so uncomfortable! I always wonder if folks really think they feel great and then assume it must be me that they don't suite. So this new year, I will try and break them in,with a little wear each day. Also, can you actually drive safely in them or do you slip them off?
( from rural northern California)

Rendell said...

Love the spiffy new look of things, glad you are back from hiatus.

allie said...

Its good to have you back Tiff!!!! I started my blog as a new years resolution, but I cannot do the picture thing yet lol!!!! But baby steps, baby steps!!!! I hope you are bearing up well!!! We are thinking of you in the UK!!!

Teresa Kasner said...

Goodness, I love the new buttons and that you got an iPad and I "Liked" your Facebook page.. I was on a roll but for the Twitter thing.. I have a Twitter account but haven't gotten the hang of it much. I suppose maybe I could add you but since I never look at it it might not help. :-) I love your blog.. all that's missing is a link to my blog. :-D Hugs from snowy down-under.. in Portland. Teresa

hlimbrick said...

Oh how very lovely to have you back in blog land. Happy New Year! Hx

Unknown said...

i was a lucky lady and got an ipad for christmas, I use it so much more than I ever imagined I would, and the same is true for me, there is always music playing from it too! Your new buttons look lovely :)

Anna Bruun said...

Love your "blogbuttons" :)
Have a happy tuesday!

Dotty said...

lovely to have you back so enjoy your ramblings and gorgeous pictures . the new buttons are fabulous .

Dotty said...

just realised i have left 2 comments on the same post , let me reassure you i am neither mad or stalking you - just thought i had not pressed the right button to register the first comment and have just realised they need owner approval - what a moose !!!

dottie angel said...

oh hurrah hooray! how lovely it is to be back with you and your happy ways.

as for clogs, well i do drive in them if i have bare feet, i do not drive in them if i have woolly tights. unless the clogs i am wearing have straps on them, then i do. i have also been known to stand on stools and ladders with them which is foolhardy and not recommended :)

many thanks for the 'liking' of my twitterings and my facebook, nice to feel welcomed :)

dotty! thank you for making me smile this morning

and thank you for the kind words about our loss, it is always a comfort to know others care and understand :)

silly old suitcase said...

Hey Tif!

So nice to see you back here, your blog is looking pretty pretty!
Well done.
Hope you feel good and ready for a great crafty new year!!


Dusa said...

How is Used Dog?

the spectator said...

I don't know who/what is more clever. You or your clever little techy dog! Happy New Year. :)

Francesca said...

wow! you're rambling all over the gaff! loving your instagram feed. x

Tins roser said...

I really love your design, and your blog is so inspiring. I am reading your
blog every day. My english is bad, so I hope you're understanding what I am writing...Have a nice day!

From Unn, Norway

sue said...

Happy New year to you! I'm loving your new buttons and really admire your technological wizardry!

dottie angel said...

indeed, i do don't i fran!

used dog is feeling very spiffy these days, we are delighted by her high spirits and this alone gives us hope she will have many happy days left on this earth, thank you for asking :)

hello Unn, lovely and brilliant good of you to stop by every day!

donna!ee said...

welcome back, you've been missed ... :)

JenA said...

so glad to see you back, hope you had a refreshing break! so sorry though about the loss of your man's father.

love that you're on FB!! I have a special crafty list where I can see the posts from all my favorite crafty pages, to which you have now been added :)