Tuesday, January 24

things i like today...

in no particular order

thing one: my lads back in school
thing two: listening to Noah and the Whale whilst painting 3 coats of glossy white on doors in the shed
thing three: a postcard from Bernina to Panini regaling thrifty finds of goodness
thing four: snippets of black in fabrics around the shed

detail of a smocked roundie cushion i made, who despite my best intentions became a smocked oval cushion who mocks me, reminding me, roundie cushions are still out of my reach
a lovely black fabric, new but vintage inspired, doing a peachy job of keeping derrieres comfy on a chair
a single panel bought on Ebay over 5 years ago & rediscovered in my manic clearing of cupboards & drawers this past month
despite her frayed & tattered self, she has now found a friend to hang out with who does not see her imperfections but only her worldly pretty charm
thing five: Miss Ethel, now resplendent in her new studio home upstairs
thing six: braids growing nicely & choosing to ignore the extra growth of gray hairs
thing seven: lovely folks who stop by to say lovely hellos on my facebook page
thing eight: a peachy book review by tres spiffy Amanda, which really truly made my morning
thing nine: just thinking of a thrift store jolly and 'a plotting & a planning' it
thing ten: my critters, always my critters



Teresa Kasner said...

We've been wondering how Used Dog is doing. Can you give us an update? Teresa down in Rainy Oregon

Inthesky said...

I reviewed your book to:


I love love love it!

Unknown said...

what a nice collection of happy things. I love your cushion. scrummy.

Daisy said...

There is nothing I like more than finding a bit of frayed & tattered fabric I had forgotten about. Thank you for sharing your 'things I like' list. Very cheery indeed dear Dottie. xx

Teapot Lane said...

Dearest Tif, Your book review is fabulous!
Amanda has succeeded in getting it 'just so', and I think it's a worthy review of your book :o)

Loving your little bits of black...I have about 50 metres (I jest ye not) of black lace in my craft cupboard that mocks me every time I open the door....I have just to get on and use it following your black bits lead... :o)
Don't fret about your circles my dear..they will come to you in the end..
Have a fabby week Tif, Keep warm and take care,
Love Donna xx

Littletree Designs // Rebecca said...

Ooh I do love a bit of Noah and the Whale...and your oval/roundie cushion looks lovely no matter what shape!x

Sarah said...

a most lovely list of things to like. i most especially want to thank you for the Noah and the Whale link, that tape deck is most gorgeous

Carol said...

That was another tease - your oval roundie cushion!
I have high hopes for your thrifting and am eager to see your peachy finds.
My oldest gentlest kitty isn't at all well, makes my heart ache.
Carol xx

Kaatje Catootje said...

I love the pictures, they make me smile. Lovely colours too!!
Big Hug from the Netherlands.

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Lovely list of things you like I especially like the last one it would definantly be on my list as well.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Aren't Noah and the Whale just the best, I love them!!!
Vivienne x

Karen Lewis Textiles said...

LOVING your 'new' curtains...and thanks for reminding me to listen to Noah & the Whale...love those boys ;-)

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

OH so many lovely 'things' & i brought your book with me on my Summer holiday, such a sweet guide to a lovely life with 4 children. Love Posie

Alma Kadric said...

y like this again

Pieni Lintu said...

Nice shots - I really love your vintage style!

dottie angel said...

hurrah hooray for Noah and the Whale

hurrah hooray for Donna opening up her new store 'Teapot Lane Emporium'

hurrah hooray for a lovely review by Lucy in the sky! many thanks indeed

and hurrah hooray for all your spiffy comments, once again, you are the bees knees to me :)

oh and less i forget, which i should not, but might,
i mentioned it before in a post last week, Used Dog is doing well, she is feeling more like her old self and we hope with the majority of the tumour removed, the cancer will be less likely to continue spreading. many thanks for your kindness and well wishes for her! she truly feels most loved :)

Amanda said...

Hi Tif
Thanks so much for mentioning my review. I am so pleased - tickled pink - in fact that you it made your day!

dottie angel said...

amanda! you are most welcome my dear :)

and Carolina, gosh you've done it again! thank you for making me smile :)