Thursday, December 15

on the 12th day of joyfulness...

dottie angel shared with me
12 joyful things to note and reflect on
(skill level : easy peasy)

pencil and paper

simply scribble down 12 joyful thoughts
and if things seem a little sad, try to see a silver lining of joy

joyful thing one:
mossy shed is filled with joyful decorations in anticipation of the arrival of my folks today, Our #2 on saturday and Our #1 on sunday. to have my clan altogether for christmas has me giddy beyond giddy. has been so many months since i saw them last, this past week i have not dared think about my girls coming home, for when i do, i well up inside and feel my mothering heart beating. come the 25th we will celebrate christmas, on the 26th we will celebrate Our #1 turning 20 and on the 27th we will celebrate Our #3 turning 16. yes, it is quite true to say, there are many reasons to be in celebratory mood in our shed over the coming days.

joyful thing two:
starting my cadbury's chocolate advent calender on the 10th of december and finishing it all by the 12th. i have always wished to do such a thing, and felt being aged 43 it was high time i did such a risque thing in my life. it was two whole days of pure guilty joyfulness and i plan to do the same again next year.

joyful thing three:
despite my children's grandfather (my man's father) being so terribly poorly over the past few months, with the devastating affects of cancer, this christmas we will be celebrating all the wonderful years and times shared with him and indeed be joyful of those memories. i struggled to find this silver lining, but after the sadness which has engulfed our lives since september, it was important to look for it, i hope you don't mind.

joyful thing four:
having a small pesky doggie with a fondness for thrifted crochet and linens

joyful thing five:
i know this will be the year i look back on when old and crinkly in my rocking chair and marvel at how an indie publisher and crafter collaborated upon a book and how many folks embraced the results. leaving me thankful and joyful.

joyful thing six:
despite my sweet Used Dog not being granted a 'clean bill of health' i am so joyful to be told we have bought her more time on this earth. for now my constant canine companion is feeling perky and happy after several tough weeks. i do not know how long we have left together, the future is not ours to know. but what i do know is, every day i have my friend by my side will be a joyful day until we come to say our goodbyes.

joyful thing seven:
thinking ahead to the new year and my resolution. this past year's resolutions have gone rather well and so i am optimistic for next years. that being said, i have aimed high and i fear it may be 'pie in the sky' high, but i must try and try i will. 

joyful thing eight:
after refusing to shop for groceries in Target because it just didn't feel right, i broke down on tuesday evening and ventured into the food aisles where upon i discovered the most peachiest shortbread cookies with itty bitty chocolate chips in. having eaten half the container yesterday i fear i am too weak in the willpower department (please see joyful thing two) to not succumb to their alluring charms in the cupboard. it is not a good sign when you wake up the next day at 6:30am and within a few minutes wonder to yourself when is an appropriately okay time to have another cookie.

joyful thing nine:
whilst wondering about cookie eating appropriate time, a crafting epiphany hit me this morning, like a little lighting bolt out of the blue, the cogs started turning and i realized seeing january looming and a half empty shed again, isn't looking quite so bleak after all.

joyful thing ten:
attempting to make a star cookie tree on christmas eve with high hopes it will not crumble or fall apart and more importantly not take on an orangey hue

joyful thing eleven:
taking a little time off until mid january and using that time wisely to make things, to twiddle with things and to figure some things out. yes making, twiddling and figuring will be a wise way to spend time over the coming weeks.

joyful thing twelve:
may your days be merry and bright whatever you celebrate this time of year, may they be shared with loved ones, including the four legged kind and ones with wings too and may your coming new year be the peachiest of them all

she is wishing the 'happiest of happies' to you all ~ Tif 


Rebekka Seale said...

Oh, I just love the wood in your fireplace!!! SOOO pretty!!!

at-the-attic said...

happiest of happies to you and your beautiful family Tif ♥

The fabric of my life said...

Oh and the happiest of happies to you too dear Tif. I love the joy that you see in everday things and the way you share them with us.

Big love

Donna xxx

silly old suitcase said...

I think that this 12th day of joyfulness is the most beautiful one of all days!
I really, really enjoyed your 12 days of joyfulness, i wasn't able to make all of it by a lack of time, but i putted some of your ideas in my silly old suitcase

Wish you a peaceful, happy Christmas with your family, and enjoy being together!


alipyper said...

Dearest Tif,
I just wanted to post a big "thank you" for the musings, wanderings, crafty, thrifty goodness you've shared this year. I look forward to your posts appearing in my reader inbox and have laughed and giggled, oohed and aahed at all the lovely things you've done. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and an incredibly Happy New Year! You have been so inspiring to me.

The Cobb Mob said...

I discovered your blog just 12 days ago and have devoured your twelve days of joyfulness - thank you so much for putting a smile on my face each day and may you have the most splendiferous of festive seasons with your loved ones. Special pats to your used canine companion - what a delight! :)

Julie said...

thankyou so so much for all the pleasure I got from the 12 days of joyfulness Tif. It was so exciting looking forward to your postings with much anticipation.(& giddiness!) Hope you and your clan have the most wonderful festive season. I am off to make my list of 12 things to be joyful about and 1 of them will be having your dottie angel blog to look forward to even on the bleakest
of days!!! Just ADORE the pics of little olive and used dog. Festive wishes across the globe from N.Z. Julie :-)

Sharon Stanley said...

so dear tif, i am thinking you will not be back till after the "peachiness" of christmas, so i wish you the merriest of merries and many many fun days of enjoyment with all your favorite people! looking forward to all your new posts in the coming year.

Lise said...

What a lot to celebrate! Happy all-your-occasions to you and yours!

I'm so sorry about your father-in-law. My mother's struggling with metatastic cancer now, too. I don't know what else to say about that but I understand in some way.

Any time is an appropriate time for a cookie, I think. :-)

Lesley Austin said...

And the happiest of happies to you, dear Tif....many, many are the times you brought a smile to my face (and heart!) this year.

Wishing you well with all your sadnesses (which you seem to be trying hard to make the best of) and especially your gladnesses.

With gratitude,

(and her hens, who also get their porridge every morning-and afternoon)

Jaclyn Trecartin said...

Wonderful post! I hope you and Used Dog have many days together ahead. :)

--Jaclyn T
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sue said...

Thank you for sharing your 12 days of joyfulness, such lovely thoughts.
Enjoy your festivities with your family and four legged friends. ♥

Chez Meloni said...

Love your blog.
Love your book.
Love your happiness.

zjizjipke said...

I wish the 'happiest of happies' to you and you family! Hopefully 2012 will have as many or more days of joyfulness as did 2011!

Love, Zjizjipke!

Unknown said...

oohh, it's the last day of the 12 days of joyfulness. Is there a change you could squeez (without the lemon..) in a 13th-or-more joyful project?..we have some days left till Christmass !(I will miss you're wonderful-crafty-gleeful-inspirational-spiffy posts).

liz said...

Those 12 days have been joyful indeed and most inspiring. Have a beautiful time with your clan and health and happiness to you and family. Gorgeous pics. Liz :) xx

Anonymous said...

Ooh, i had the urge to start singing "Que Sera, Sera". So I gave in to it.

Compliments of the Season to all at the Mossy Shed from Lynda in the UK.

Daisy said...

Merry Christmas Tif xxx

Betty Zee said...

All best festive wishes to you and your clan! Especially to your little little kitten girls have been my friend through thick and thin, your comments on yours were very touching!! Crafty wishes to you love Vintage Betty Zee!x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I'm sorry it has not been all good for you lately. Sending healing thoughts to your father-in-law and I hope your beautiful dog is with for quite a while to come.
Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and health and happiness for 2012.
Vivienne x

Katie said...

I've really adored these twelve days of joyfulness. Now that I'm done with classes I might just take on a few of the projects.

Have a merry Christmas and enjoy the time with your whole clan together (including the furry members, but of course)!

Susie said...

Hello Angel, I picked up your site from claudia at mockingbird hill.What is your book called and can I get it at the bookstore?? You can visit me at "She Junks". I am new at blogging,yikes , I know very little. Smiles, Susie

Debby said...

Love your list. Happy Holidays to you. Your blog is so much fun to read.
I am glad that your dog is doing better. We had a rough time with our Springer. Terrible surgery for cancer......couldn't believe what they did to her. She came home and did well for a year and a half. It was so nice to have that time.

jane said...

happy christmas to you and yours, I hope you get all you wish for and more too, I'm looking forward to some peace and quiet and to sneak off into a very cold shed to have a go at some of your fabby tutorials..
Jolly Holidays to you from Mrs Teawagon x x x x

Jill said...

I wish you a very Merry and Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

SImple and Serene Living said...

oh goodie. i am so happy to know that i now have permission to eat cookies for breakfast. happy holidays.

blair/wise craft said...

Happy Holidays to you and yours Tif! So glad we finally met this year, I look forward to some thrifting adventures with you in 2012!

greedy nan said...

your blog is always so joyful that it certainly is on my list of 12. i have other things too but some of them are not for blogsville eyes.

Unknown said...

sorry to hear about your dhs daddy. lost my dad to cancer this year. all my best wishes and hugs xx

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh! I love dog !!!

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

I'm so pleased you are going to have such a joyful, folksy christmas my dear :o)

I hope your parents arrived safely, and equally I hope your #1 & #2 get home safely too :o)

I am most sorry to hear though, that used dog has not been given a clean bill of health :o( Bless her little used socks xxxx

Have a terrific christmas my dear, and a lovely new year.

Take care Tif.
Love n hugs,
Donna xx

Little Blue Mouse said...

What a lovely post full of joyfulness!

Wishing you all the happies in the world.

meppybn said...

Bestest of all the season's greetings to you and yours, Dottie Angel :) :) My personal life is under #3 this year - without my dearly beloved man after 30 years - but am choosing to look for joyful things all around and clutching sweet memories. Thank you for your 12 days of joyfulnesses and look forward to your return mid- January :) :)

A-L said...

Just found your blog some days ago and I find it such a joy to read. Thank you! :-)

Antje said...

I just love your #2!!! All the best, Antje

thea said...

Well Tif, you are a wonder.

& I feel most joyful to have a little peek into your magical inspiring world and world view.

Many many happy hugs and thoughts for the silly season *mingled with the scent of wild blossoms... there's something magical about them too...*



Kindred Spirits said...

You might be crappity crap at responding but thats most likely it! I want to move into Mossy Shed and feast my eyes on all its beauty. I love your blog! Beautiful

wood & wool stool said...

i've enjoyed every single day of your joyfulness! happiest of happies to you and everyone in the mossy shed! Xx ingrid

Carol said...

Happiest of happies to you too.
We got all our joyfulness in one go today, learning that little EM is going to be fine!
Carol xx

dottie angel said...

many thanking you kindlies my dearest readers for your joyful well wishes. i am most blessed to have you by my side...

i wish you all the happiest of happies with your clans and critters and will see you in the new year, knee socks firmly pulled up and crafty cap pinned on ready for a bit of creativity, hurrah hooray :)

Tif x

dottie angel said...

and just a little note to those that have shared their own sadnesses, i have added you to my 'wishing happy thoughts moment' i have each day and will keep you in my thoughts :)

Squiggly Rainbow said...

Yes, your fire-place is just magic - so dreamy! I dream of having a wintery Christmas one day again - it is gloomy and grey here in Melbourne - so maybe we can pretend! xx

Dana said...

Enjoy your little time off! My used dog and I wish you a very happy holiday!!!!!

britt said...

are the books sold out? or just on delay because of your vacation. i would love one! could you let me know after the holidays if any are still available, as i will be away from the computer for the holidays? thanks.

britt said...

never mind figured out where to buy. sorry.

Charis said...

Tif I hope you have a lovely Chrimbo! By the sound of it it's been a rough few months & I know you've missed your daughter... have a lovely lovely time, I'm sure everything will be perfectly peachy! xoxox

Kitchen fitter in Faversham said...

Beautiful words I am so definitely enjoying Christmas, I love this time of the year, specially going home to my mum and boyfriend. Flying tomorrow morning I am so excited that can not fall asleep, my only sadness is leaving behind my cat. I wish you a lovely festive season and enjoy the time left with your 4 legs friend. Love from London, and a wonderful 2012. marga

Anonymous said...

Ack! I love you too :) All the best this season xo

Sarppu said...

Happy Christmas ♥

Sarah said...

🎄Merry Christmas Tif! I hope you and your family have a blessed day. Thank you for sharing your blog and talent with us! You are an inspiration to me. Sarah🎄

GLC Mall said...

Amazing! I just love the logs in the fireplace. said...

Im off to go and get me one of those lists;)))
Best wishes

morikomidori said...

wishing you a lovely, gentle, joyful, peaceful and creative 2012

warmest hugs xxx


Carol said...

Happy New Year dear Tif, hoping 2012 will bring health, peace and happiness to you and yours.
Carol xx

Tins roser said...

What a fantastisc blog you have! And the lovely things you make...From now on I am your fan! And my english is bad, but I hope you understand.

Greetings from Unn, Norway

unecrepealafraise said...

happy new year to you.

dottie angel said...

many thank yous for your kind wishes, the happiest of happy new years to you all too!!

Trudy said...

Tif, love that you ate all your advent calendar chocolates in 3 days!!! Simple (decadent) joys!!

Tana said...

I buy most of my groceries at Target! It's closer than the nearest grocery store and MUCH cheaper on most things. Cheese is one of the things they're not cheaper on, and I'm at least 50% mouse, so I still have to buy that elsewhere. :-)