Friday, September 9

random things to note...

random thing one:
i am guilty of using the word 'spiffy' too many times, i need to curtail my usage for fear of 'spiffy overload' which is not good, just the thought of it and what it may cause is fearful enough

random thing two:
despite saying i would not twiddle, i could not help myself and thus proceeded to do a little itty bitty twiddling with Gladys, therefore i am thinking i may be forgiven, because it was so itty bitty it really doesn't count.

random thing three:
a little jealousy can be a good thing sometimes, especially in the case of Danielle Krysa the peachy Jealous Curator no less. i am most delighted to see she will be running a fabby camp this October in Palm Springs. i have never been to Palm Springs, but my thrifty senses tell me it is full of granny goodness to be found. i noted Danielle's camp would be well suited to me except the bit about pilates, however i noted this was optional. as my dabbling with yoga and tai chi was pretty pants i can only imagine how i would be at pilates. the rest of the blurb is well worth a noting. so yes, i am a little jealous of those who will be going

random thing four:
i have finished reading my book, i read it from back to front to add an element of surprise. surprisingly i noted it read equally as well backwards... not sure what this says about the book but i like to think it adds an element of uniqueness to the whole thing

random thing five:
cellar door magazine is a spiffy magazine (just one spiffy today) i was most happy when they ran a little article on mossy shed. this may be my first printed article in a magazine which says 'by Tif Fussell'

random thing six:
shop window was filled last week, thank you kindly to those who dropped by. i will be adding more things when i return after my trip to Minnesota

random thing seven:
am testing out my market stall set up today with my adopted auntie. she has kindly agreed to come by and give me words of wisdom on the stall, me fretting about traveling alone next week and indeed doing a better job at pulling up my knee socks

random thing eight:
my doorbell went yesterday morning and a Brit was on my doorstep. i noted she may have been sent from above, even though she said she have moved in 4 houses down. i am hoping she did not notice my frightfully birds nest plaited hair-do, going on 3 days worth and deranged look in my eye due to lack of sleep the night before when Mr Lurgy visited Our #4. i am also hoping i did not scare her off with my huge enthusiasm at having a fellow Brit in the neighbourhood.

random thing nine:
a bear took a bath in my next door neighbours pond two days ago 

random thing ten:
i cannot say the word 'skipping' in a normal voice, i tried all morning whilst doing the washing up. it is not possible to say it without actually a skippity skip tone to my voice. interesting, very interesting, i wonder what other words are like that

random thing eleven:
nope its gone, my mind has gone blank, the cogs have stopped turning, yep this is as good as it will ever get for today.

she is wishing you the most agreeable weekend ~ Tif


Carol said...

Oooh another Brit for you, I'm sure the bird's nest do won't have scared her off though a bear bathing in a garden pond might!
Smiling is good, I've been out with a dear friend today and now my face aches from much smiling.
Hope you have a simply spiffy weekend.
Carol xx

yvonne said...
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mybricole said...

hi, I was just flipping through cellar door magazine and noticed that the mirror you have hanging above your mantle is the same mirror I had hanging over my dresser when I was little. Thanks for the lovely flashback.

Katie said...

A bear in your neighbors' pond?! Oh my!

It sounds like you've had a lovely if a little nutty week! Have a beautiful weekend!

Bonnie said...

Such a cute post! Have a great weekend!

sky-blu-pink said...

Gladys looks so pretty, with her bunting. And love the bags and knitting needle pots, and thankyou for sharing your random thoughts, always a pleasure to read them.

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh Tif my heart is BREAKING that I won't be attending Junk Bonanza this year as I would skippityskip right on over to Creative Connections to give you a big Aussie bear hug....**sigh**....MAYBE next year....!!!!!

Travel safe Lovey & have a WONDERFUL time....!!

Cheers from Oz (for now),
Tamarah :o)

dottie angel said...

yes an aussie hand to hold would have been lovely Tamarah :)

peachy weekends all round then hey!

Sharon Stanley said...

how lucky for you!! a new neighborly neighbor to chat with using all that delightful british lingo! you must take pics of your stall....just the word stall brings forth all sorts of visions of dottie-ish sugarplums...the randomness is fab especially the one that left you...i like makes me feel better.

Tracy said...

How excited am I that you will be in the fine state of Minnesota. I will be volunteering at the Creative connection on Friday and hope to meet you. My soul is in some desperate need of and crafty and joyful infusion.

janjan said...

Can you say tra lala without tralala-ing or singsong without sing songing. I hadn't realised i did this until I read your post.

Jan (a brit in Oz)

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Oh I love your random randomness...especially number 11...I can so identify.
I can imagine the swoonworthyness of a market stall with your goodies...imagine walking along and then coming across your goodies..eek I think i would hyperventilate ( gosh I am using big words this afternoon).
Kiss noises Linda

dottie angel said...

tracy! hurrah hooray, you must come and find me on friday, i will be in the marketplace trying to look like i know what i am doing ;)

janjan, you are quite right!

Linda, you are too kind, i will admit after looking at the evidence today with my adopted auntie it is rather a colourful looking stall!

sharon, things often disappear into the little black hole in my head these days.

Tif x

melissa said...

You are absolutely adorable. Just stating the obvious. :)

Allie' Peachy' Jane Young said...

I wouldnt worry about your neighbour tiff, Doesnt she know, us brits all have an execentric side anyway!!!!! Shame on her!!!! So When can I grab a copy of your book in the UK then? As £40 from the US is a tad step!!!!! Sorry I am going through my frugal stage yet again!!!!

manon 21 said...

Cette série de sacs est tout à fait charmante.

Belle journée


Sewon said...

Ohh your book is just wonderful! Haha, spiffy is such a good word. xx

Eleni said...

Random Things Eight and Nine are my favourites. I do hope your new Brit has brought a fresh supply of proper tea and chocolate :)

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

LOL :o)

Ah, I spied some new little itty bitty notepads in your clogs to sell on your stall?

A new Brit! Yay! Wish it was me!

You have some scary critters visiting your neighbourhood Tif! (and i'm talking about the bear not the Brit! -Although on second thoughts you never know...;o) )

Have a lovely weekend Tif, and a great time away.
Donna xx

debbie said...

have you noticed the other very interesting thing about skipping? not the saying of it, the actual doing of it? It is my belief that you can only skip when you are happy. It is just a joyous thing to do, hence why you see children skipping and rarely adults, don't you think? And Izzy and I tested to see if you are feeling a bit down in the mouth does skipping make you feel all chipper and perky again? and guess what - it does :-) We love skipping. Debbie x

Unknown said...

A bear? Wow! I would have found a way to take a photo of! Cute post! I love your laundry room! I decorated my art table and made drapery from the lovely hanky banner I bought from you!


patchworkandlace said...

lovely blog and i love all your homemakes , your posts are very inspirational and your home is lovely

jusaweecatnap said...

I saw a polka dotted nest and thought of you. More at
The bear story sounds like someone trying to win your recent contest. Could be quite amusing, except I have seen the real deal camping and they're a bit less than cute and charming "in the fur".
Was inspired by you to buy, in a thrift shop today, a true vintage package of flowered vinyl ruffled shelf edging. If I lived four doors down from you I'd skip down the street and give it to you (unless the bear was bathing somewhere along the way) because it looks so you.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that the word "spiffy" can ever be overused. It's such a lovely word - I should carry on using it, if I were you. :-). Love the bear story - the most exciting creature I get in my garden is a pheasant!

English Rose said...

Re your random thing ten: we can't say Magma in a normal voice either - such a great word. Try it, Magma. We have to ration ourselves or we could go on forever ..

Liz said...

"Spiffy" is an excellent word!

Anonymous said...

What if you added some pompoms to Gladys? Would that be too much twiddling?

Mrs.Bertimus said...

The word 'hokey cokey' is one of those funny things that you have to say in a certain way (with the obligatory 'woah!) put in front! x

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

all duly noted, if a bit late.

Stitchy said...

Tiff, you crack me up! Face it you will not cut back on spiffy, so I suggest you check out the Urban Dictionary

There are lot's of ways to expand on spiffy. Eg. Spifftaculous - a mixture of spiffy, spectacular and fabulous.


dottie angel said...

oh that was a nice bit of randomness of sharing :)

you can find the book at not sure if that is any better!

i've lost someone! oh do come back, i fear i may have done something to make you disappear...

i have many words to practice saying on the plane to distract me from my travelling worries.
thank you kindly :)

just a thought, has anyone ever skipped on an airplane! gosh that feels quite a rebellious thing to do doesn't it...

Unknown said...

I am so excited to get to meet you. I live in Minneapolis and have been an artist, designer my whole life.

I adore your fresh style and sweetness of words you write. I am a big follower of yours and really find you so inspiring.

You are a pure soul with pure talents.

Thanks for sharing. I can hardly wait to buy your book.

Safe travels and best of luck. I know how much hard work goes into being prepared.

Smiles Kelli May-Krenz

dottie angel said...

hurrah Kelli!
so looking forward to meeting you and thank you for your lovely words...
gosh one day to go!
see you there
Tif x