Wednesday, February 23

things to like or not...

things i like today:

* Portland, Oregon
* especially Portland with Our #2 as my companion
* spending quality time with my lovely friend Lola in Portland
* benches in Portland

* finding a dottie angel cottage in Portland, perfectly perfect just as it is,
with lovely yellow paint trim.

* my hens eating their morning porridge to keep their little skinny chickie pea legs warm
* the moments of 'book inspiring' thoughts which seem to be coming thick and fast
* word of the week ~ PESKY
* cadbury's mini eggs are in the shops
* Used dog and her lumpy bumpy body
* my latest crocheting endeavours

things i do not like today:

* a snow day from school with no snow
* samuel whiskers making PESKY morning visits to the chicken coop
* book thoughts being interrupted by clan activity within the shed
and then said thoughts disappearing into the black hole within my little head
* broken buttons
* cadbury's mini eggs tempting me from the cupboard
* Used dog's lumpy bumps reminding me she is old
* the iffy-ness of my color choices for latest crocheting endeavours

she is declaring it a pyjama day for the shed ~ Tif


Teresa Kasner said...

Dear Tif, I'm glad you enjoyed "my city". :-)

I love Portland too! I live out in the Columbia River Gorge, but P-town is "my" town. Isn't it pretty with the river running through it? All the fun little charming old houses and areas with cute shops.

I hope your book ideas pop back in for you!

Teresa from "down under".. Seattle.. LOL

jane said...

I can't imagine any of your colour choices being 'iffy' they are always so lovely, oh and I love my little notebooks from your shop, I haven't dare use them yet, I feel only a very truly inspiring and crafty scribble is worthy of them :)
Jane x x x x

Fi3n3 said...

I love this concept! Usually I write down my 5 successes of the day in a notebook. But it's nice to share it with everyone!


Shelly said...

Oh, yes! Cadbury's Mini Eggs - the strongest sign that Spring must surely come! :)

melissa said...

I've not posted here before, I don't think, but just had to say that you make me smile....EVERYtime. :)

Such sweetness.

Unknown said...

I aggre with the not liking of the cadbury mini eggs!
I have eaten all the ones at my house- and now i can hear them calling to me from the supermarket!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Your post had me smiling as usual, I loved your description of the hen's legs!

Can you explain about the snow day? I presumed it was when the school shut because there was too much snow, so I can't understand there being no snow.

Anonymous said...

Happy benching!

Ciao Bella!

Creative Carmelina

Minx's Den said...

that house you photographed is seriously my dream house! I love houses like that! I sure hope to live in one someday!

dottie angel said...

snow days are called when there is snow or a severe snow warning is in place. for a school full of children all snowed in is not something the school district is fond of! alas the snows came later so the snowday was called a little too early :)

thank you for your lovely comments dearies!

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

you are so cute on your bench, Tiff. Lucky to be dressed so sweetly all the time...

#41x14 said...

i like the "liking" idea as i'm not always so swept-away to "love" something new everyday. but the liking gets me to acknowledge what's pleasant in my today. so, thanks for the inspiration as i add a "like" list to my bloggy house as well. and thanks for always having a beautiful blog for me to visit. xx, z

Michael Wurm Jr said...

like it? LOVE IT!
that white house with yellow trim! amazing.