Tuesday, February 15

a 'hip hip hooray' giveaway...

oh it is so grand to be back, so grand indeed... my grandness led me to do a little jig not five minutes ago, around my studio with clippity clogs upon my feet. Little Olive tucked up in her suitcase joined in tippity tapping her 'way too long' nails upon the floor.
(she is aiming for the Guinness book of records title 'longest nails on the littlest doggie')
Used Dog did her usual prancing, alas her old age makes prancing a dangerous occupation these days and therefore only moments such as this high level of grandness can i allow such prancing behaviour.
now they are settled back into their mid morning slumbers and i am able to get on with my 'hip hip hooray' giveaway.

for indeed a birthday or two needs to be celebrated and what better way then with a giveaway. 'tis been 4 whole years since i opened my little shop and despite it often sitting there with empty shelves i am truly blessed by wonderful customers, many of whom have come back to shop over the years again and again, so i am thinking 527 sales is worthy of celebration.
and as if that were not enough, my happy shiny place, the place i like to ramble upon is just shy of turning 4 too! gosh how terribly thrilling to be celebrating two birthdays and more to the point how terribly thrilling you are still reading this here ramblings after 540 rambles. surely you deserve way way more than a gold sticky star!
(although i am thinking they are in themselves, quite the prize)

so for my 'hip hip hooray' giveaway i will have two prizes
to celebrate two wonderful moments in my cyberworld history and to say a grand 'thanking you kindly' in the besty best way i know how.
the winners will be picked using buttons! i am quite delighted when this thought struck my cogs this morning.
(the sort of delight that results in a little hand clapping and gleeful squeal)
yes indeed, a jar full of buttons will indeed risk their little buttony selves so i may pick out two winners randomly. each entrant to this giveaway will become a number, the final number of entrants will become the final number of buttons in the jar. the jar will then be held up high, the buttons will then become a little fretful at the height of which they are held.
i will do this all blindfolded so i will not have to see their little buttony fretfulness. i will then dangerously and quite recklessly tip the jar over towards a waiting large 'cookpot thingy' container below and with a bit of luck some of the little buttons will make it into the container. i fear a few will miss the mark and others may just plain faint with the whole trauma. i do so hope no button will end up broken, not sure i will be able to forgive myself.

upon looking in my cookpot, i will count the buttons and there will be winner number one! hip hip hooray!
i will then deduce from this number as to whether i will double it or halve it, and then we will have winner number two! hip hip hooray! i will then take those two numbers and match them with their entrants to the giveaway...

for example, 72 buttons land in the cookpot, #72 commenter in the giveaway is the winner.
(i gave that example as quite honestly having reread the whole button fiasco thing it all seemed somewhat confusing, but do not fear i do know what i am doing, but i don't think the buttons quite realize it just yet)

i will be giving away two 'loopy-de-loop' embroideries, i made quite a few of these last week and i experimented with letter sizing. i have decided to go with itty bitty sized letters and so two sweeties with their larger lettering are looking for new homes. i think the upside of their large lettering is one does not need specs on to read them.
you can see them looking most 'doilified up' on the left hand side of my blog page and way way way on down, at the foot of my blog page
(which really makes me smile)
i have no idea if anyone would ever find her but she is waiting as a little happy thought. they are sewn on to vintage sheeting and ready to be pinned up in their new abodes. i am also going to pop in a 'most happy' notebook and a 'perfectly peachy' tea towel with each loopy embroidery, so they may travel safely in numbers.

here is the nitty gritty if you wish to be entered to win one of these sets of prizes
and please do read the nitty gritty

1: please answer the following question
"what lifts your spirits on a low day?"
(here i would say, crocheting and a cup of tea perhaps or talking to Our#1 on skype)

2: be sure to leave a way for me to contact you

3: due to my ridiculous button counting, number thingy picking ways, you will have to enter here on my blog, so i am unable to take emails this time around (big sorrys here)

4: does not matter where you are in the world you are welcome to enter

5: i will close this competition on Sunday 20th Feb (9pm pacific time) and announce the winners after the buttons have done their thing, on Tues 22nd Feb

6: i think that is it, although i must say i will be strict, if the question is not answered then i will not publish your comment, (that sounds terribly strict doesn't it) only folks that have done so will become a death defying button

7: if my brilliant button picking random thingy does not workout then i reserve the right to think up another hair brained scheme for picking the winners

i am quite sure there will be something else that pops into my little brain but for now i just wish to thank you for your custom in my little shop and your lovely comments over the years on my little blog, without you i would not be doing all that i am, nor all the things that lay out before in the coming months... they are down to you all and for that i am thanking you kindly

she is off to get the crock pot out, the oven gave up the ghost over a week back and 'tis time to bring in the big guns, ha ha, hee hee ~ Tif


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Blessed Serendipity said...

Doing something nice for someone else always lifts my spirits and of course reading about the adventures of dottie angel.


- said...

The thing that lifts my spirits on a low day is just thinking about how utterly fantastic it is to be the mother of such a wonderfully, talented and beautiful daughter who is kind and loving. This just washes away any silly down in the dump thoughts. Please enter me in your contest as I love everything you design. BTW, crockpots are easy on the power bill and lots of goodness comes out of them with little cleanup. Congrats on your milestones!

Connie said...

Reading blogs like yours always lifts my spirits because it fills me with inspiration! Thanks for the chance to win!

nadine paduart said...

oof.. i've ever been any good at maths, dear. your ways of picking a button or two bedazzles me. and has lifted my spirits up, what with ALL this rain...!
this is a truely nice giveaway, and i allow myself to enter the draw. thank you.
the answer to your question... let's see. that could be (unspecific order) : a good long walk (preferably with no envisaged end), loud music in ears, a handful of leonidas (they're belgian!) filled white chocolates, or else just lying flat on the bed, waiting for the damn lowness to blow over. a little moonshine helps.
cheerio, dottie angel!
oh, and good luck on the button thing. i think standing underneath a button shower could be interesting too.

Unknown said...

What lifts my spirit, eh? My little boy's laugh. It's so guttural and loud and surprising and emanates from his whole little body. When I hear that, I can't help but be lifted!

Staci said...

To cheer myself up i like to sift through my crafty stuff and find something that has been left half finished and finish it up! And, if possible turn it into a little gift for a friend or family member. the giving always makes me feel the best.


OrangeFarmhouse / www.moodkids.nl said...

"what lifts my spirits on a low day?"
* reading my favorites blogs in the morning
* writing a blog myself and reading the comments
* posting a tweet and receiving one back
* drinking my milky coffee all by myself (dream on!)
* just looking at my little girl running around and breaking my house down and just being thankful that she is there...
thats what lifts my spirit on a low day!

Ann said...

Hello!!! What lifts my spirits is usually just down to taking a moment to count my blessings, reading a good book ( while taking a hot bubble bath ), good coffee , and sometimes taking a walk, remembering to breathe deeply.
Wishing you a grand day!

Nela said...

My shiny kid and his smile lifts me up. Hurey...
Thanks for the opportunity, greeting from Serbia

Anonymous said...

I love a good tune. Some happy music sets me right every time!

Tina Peacock said...

Putting on my trainers & going for a run in the woods or by the beach, come rain or shine, whilst listening to uplifting music on my ipod...You can contact me through my blog, if I should be so lucky ! Thank you xx

Anja said...

OK, I'm quite sure that you have more than 1 button, but hey, I'm happy to be the first.

Happy shopyversary!

What lifts my spirits on low day... crocheting little flowers, lovely music and good homebaked cookies.

Best wishes from Slovenia (Europe)


Arthur Ransome said...

Ooh Tif, it's so great that you're back. Please may I enter your smashing give away?

What lifts my spirits is a lovely old Hornsea mug of M&S Golden Teabag tea and a good stare at my cats until they feel slightly nervous at my attentions.

Do I leave you my email here? It's brwombat@gmail.com.

I hope all those buttons survive what sounds like a rather challenging experience. Love - Arthurxxx

Anonymous said...

being an artist, and an artsy type, I think it is pretty safe to say that 'low days' strike fiercely as they do often. I find the only way to get out of my emotional funk, is to delve into a creative funk!

I just start pulling out my supplies....be it my own personal Mr. Hook, or my own Ms. Ethel...or my paints and journals and get lost in a world of artful therapy.

in no time at all, I find that my problems are forgotten, or at least lightened to the point of becoming bearable once again! and I can carry on in my day, with my trusty cup of coffee or two by my side as a constant companion!

so there you have it.
My honest answer to your delightful question!

I need to create as much as I want to.
Hand in hand, it is my only source of true grounding serenity in this thing called life!

ciao bella

congratulations on your four years of bloggy bliss!
you are a seasoned pro at it now...!!!


MoniCue said...

What makes me happy? Why, riffling through my button collection, of course! A quiet bit of knitting also lifts my spirits, as done time spent making anything with my 10 year old, or a few minutes looking at beauty on craft blogs. (But a sadness: Comment #1 is NEVER a winner!)

jo te Raa said...

What lifts my spirits...well ....... when I remember the person who taught me to hook away in the first place and when I can still hear her tell me that no matter how hard the day is there is in each day something always to be thankful for......my spirits will soar even higher however if my hooking is accompanied by a cadburys creme egg sent by my mum from england !
simple things.....


Het Knuter Huuske said...

Love to Join this give away.....

"what lifts your spirits on a low day?"
answer: Taking en Nice Hot Bath.... With Delicious Bath Soap that gives a lot of Bubbles.... While Reading Books or Magazines about DIY Decorating to get inspired an Happy..... A Nice Bar of Delicious Chocolate with a Hot Coffee.....

Greetings From The Netherlands....

**hope that I followed the Rules the right way**

Mandi said...

A love from my cutie pie daughter always lifts my spirits as she is pure sweet!!!

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Oh my goodness - your button choosing nonsense has be quite truly laughing out loud. Thanks, Tif! You are too funny. I must become a button so.... when I am down, I like to take a shower, bake myself some cookies, take a walk outside, do something creative (duh) and/or all of the above!

Carol said...

What lifts my spirits on a low day, a cuppa and the feel of wool and needles between my needles,
little packages that the postie brings with sweet little happy note books, the little felted blue bird of happiness that just flew in singing songs of happiness, my grandsons smiles on grandee days, the sure knowledge that beyond the clouds the sun is still shining, blimey I could go on, sorry one more the bulbs peeping through which tell my that spring is on its way.

Stacey said...

My spirits are always lifted with a walk outdoors - cold or hot, doesn't matter - fresh air does the trick. Oh, and hot cocoa too. :)

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

I am totally tickled pink by your giveaway celebration, Tif. Congratulations to you. What picks me up on a low day? - a visit to my favourite thrift shop, flowers, a hug from one of my children and reading a new dottie angel blog post (preferably all on the same day p.s. hopefully my button will be pink :)

Kristal Dawn Evens said...

I love your work - thank you for this opportunity. What lifts my spirits on a low day is... my husband who always know how to make me laugh, my puppy that's great at snuggling, and my sewing machine! A glass of wine has been known to help too!

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

What lifts my spirits is hearing my children laugh - I don't think you can be grumpy or low when you hear a 2, 4, and 8 year old laughing really hard at something so simple.
itchinstitchin at gmail dot com

torirot said...

I'd love to win:-)

And I might even be the first to comment, at least it says "0 comments", but of course your inbox might be full already.

Ok, "what lifts my spirits on a low day?"

A cup of tea, a candle, some nice music, maybe Spanish, - and dancing with my five year old :-)

City Chic Country Mouse said...

Oh how wonderful! Thank you for the fun giveaway! A nice long walk with my furbaby (doggie) always cheers me up, especially if the sun is shining!

Anonymous said...

On a low day, my spirits are lifted with a warm afghan, a hot cup of tea, a cat or two sleeping beside me and something delicious smelling simmering on the stove.

celine said...

always a laugh reading you!
A family cuddle and/or a private session with the sewing machine normally works wonders....

Erica said...

Yay - I am the first to comment!. A little bit of sewing, or even fabric playing lifts my spirits on a low day.

hlimbrick said...

Happy happy bloggy shoppy birthdays!
What lifts my spirits on a low day?
Standing in my local yarn shop and waiting for the inevitable mounting sense of overwhelming joy and feelings of privilege at being surrounded by all the glorious woolly delights :)
Ps, what a perfect prize!

Flaming Nora said...

My spirits are always lifted on a low day by a good cup of tea and a slice of lemon drizzle cake, followed by a long rant/ gossip/ soul searching chat with my best friend. If all that has failed a huge amount of chocolate and off down my shed to play with some fabrics.

liz said...

Lovely to have you back. I thoroughly adore my Dottie Angel notebooks which arrived last week. Many thanks. Would love to win your giveaway. Now, to lift my spirits I gaze into the garden and right now it's partly covered in some kind of lovely, wild, purple flowers and the other wild varieties are appearing too, not to mention watching those colourful birdies feeding at the window.

Love the new blog layout too - very nifty.
Liz xxx

TweeMeisjes said...

Aha, on a low day there are endless possibilities for me to become instantly happier:
- smiling at strangers and then they smile back
- hearing birds singing
- sun, sea and nice company
- but most often when I'm still feeling blue I cook an old recipe from my dad, a warm kind of porridge (I simply don't know the name in English) that is lovely comfort food.
I can ofcourse translate and send the recipe. It works miracles :-)

This was a message from Liesbet - liesbet[dot]vannyvel[at]gmail[dot]com

Alexa said...

Hi! My name is Alexa and you can reach me at portlandpaparazi@yahoo.com

What lifts my spirits on a low day is watching Days of our Lives, a little blogging, and starting a new project (or finishing an old one, for that matter!) :D

I decided to enter this giveaway, because for starters, I LOVE your blog and the things you make! And second of all, because I saw the "I like you today" embroidery, and I was like "How cool would that be to get for my dad and then have it give it to his girlfriend?" (They have been dating for 3 years, and since they don't say I love you, they say I like you instead!) and even after I read what the winner will receive, and I realized the "I like you today" one wasn't in there, I was like "Oh well, it's still an awesomely amazing giveaway!" (:

Happy blogging and fingers crossed I win! :D haha

tiffany said...

i dont think i can fully explain how much i love everything in this post/giveaway. so i'll just say THANK YOU! :)

what lifts my spirits on a low day?
well, other than the obvious things such as friends, family and my boyfriend. i'll go with a cup of coffee, visiting pet stores, thrifting and baking!


Allison Francis said...

Watching my 1 year old daughter playing with her Elmo toy with my wonderful husband always lifts my spirits on a low day!

cinback said...

I see that no one is anxious to be the first one to comment today since everyone knows that not just ONE button will land in the cookpot! Oh well! Here I am anyway. Somebody has to start...and I just want to put my comment out there! What lifts my spirits on a low day is unexpectedly having 15 minutes, uninterrupted, to craft away happily and get lost in another world without someone coming to pull me away with questions such as, "What is there to eat?"

Genevieve said...

A piping hot cup of tea & either knitting or a chat with a dear friend lifts my spirits on a low day. Thank you kindly for such a lovely giveaway!


Megan said...

What picks me up on a gloomy day are fresh flowers in a blue mason jar. I got a lovely bunch from my husband yesterday.


michael ann said...

i love your blog but don't think i've ever commented... celebrations of blogging birthdays are the perfect reason to!

a sure cure for low days for me is a big strong hug from my mr. he is just the right height for me to bury my head in his shoulder and his encouraging words always lift my spirits :]

Heather Johnston said...

On a low day, with a low chin hanging, I often head to the beach or the forest with our beautiful Redd Dog. Along our walking I snap photos of twist-y kelp or fern fingers and take heart and lung filling breaths to bring home.

(I dread that I am #1 in this collection of comments and many more buttons than one will fill your cookpot.) Reading your rambles have been bringing smiles to our home…you are the "read aloud" type of reading that makes smiles, Thank you.

Jenny Holiday & Aaron said...

Oh my goodness!! What a super fun giveaway!

Ok...so let's see... on a low day...this is easy...

I must squish my pups!! Whisper sweet nothings into their ears...kiss them on their funny little heads about a gajillion times......and maybe some chocolate and peanut butter after that!! yes...this combo always helps!!


pick me! pick me!!

Love you and your world to bits doll!!

xo Jenny Holiday

Unknown said...

....what a nice give a way!! on a low day I would typicaly grab a good book and a nice cup of tea and crawl back to bed...to read of course...;-)

anne said...

Hi! I think no one wants to post first because what is the likelihood that one poor, lowly, little button is the only one to end up in your crock pot . . . well, I'll take the risk - maybe you have poor aim? To lift my spirits, I love a good snuggle and laugh with the kiddos, or a foamy latte and my knitting, or a pat on the bottom from a some-time frisky hubby.

Jennifer S said...

When I am having a low day, snuggling with my cat lifts my spirits. When the cat is not cooperating, however, a walk through the local botanical gardens or nearest nature park usually does the trick.

I do hope the buttons are in my favor this giveaway!

Sharon Stanley said...

welcome back to bloggy land my dearest tif, you were missed! how very "you" to offer up such a fun and unique giveaway....it serves us twice; once with a treat, and once to make us think of how we can cheer ourselves on a low day....here is what i do: if the weather is warm and sunny, i retreat to the porch for a bit of porchsitting where i can see cows and chickens and a donkey, and can be assured of the wet nose of the cutest corgi ever to come over and plant a kiss on my cheek or knee...it then becomes impossible to feel too low....if the weather is chilly, i find myself in my comfy chair by the fire, where, again, i call on my little doggie to provide the needed snuggle....thanks again for the chance!

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

My spirits are ALWAYS lifted with a little chocolate and vacuuming... Oh YES, I love to vacuum...

Rachel Elsey said...

a chocolatey cookie and a glass of red wine and a hot bath.


ReVinyl said...

So nice to see you on the blogg again...

I will l o v e to win one of your beatiful creations :)

To the question of what lift my spirits on a low day....
i would say sunshine (not to much of that here ;)), a hug, nice comment on my blogg, finding a bargain at a fleemarked and finnishing a craftproject.

Nice day to you. Looking sooo forward to buying your book :)

To contact me in Norway:

Anonymous said...

My spirits are lifted when I sit down to sew a project with the windows open and music from the 40's playing softly in the background. You can email me at beattiestudios(at)gmail(dot)com



Unknown said...

I have several methods of lifting spirits ::

1. First port of call is etsy or ebay but preferably REAL thrifting. Works everytime.

2. Valerian and Scullcap herbal teas, although TBH this sometimes doesnt actually lift my spirits and more allows me to make it thru the day without throttling someone.

3. Making plans to decorate or rearrange a room. very cathartic.

4. Make something.

Princess and the Pea said...

Nothing lifts my spirits more than trawling the pages of the lonely planet website, looking at colourful photos of beaches and mountains and people and animals all around the world.

When I'm really, really down, I like to stand and stare at my travel map in the kitchen. There is something about the thought of the size of the world and everything it has to offer that just instantly relaxes me and makes me forget why I was down in the first place.

Lovely giveaway Tif, I really hope I win...I've had my eye on some your lovely notebooks for my travel writing - i think they'd make a most lovely suitcase companion!

Happy birthday and what-not! xxx

mel @ loved handmade said...

On a low day I love a little bit of time to me, just me & my hook in our spare room, surrounded by lots of lovely, pretty things that make me smile..my flower sheet couch & my nana cushions...my happy place!

Elizabeth said...

When I read the question I knew just the answer - sitting on the best couch at my mom and dad's in the library with the sun streaming in crochet in hand, coffee with cream on the side table, chatting with my mom and sister or maybe watching Psych. That is a mood lifter if there ever was, that and a private dance party at my kitchen sick while I do the dishes.

Ana's World said...

I would have to say that there are many things that can pick me up on a low day. One would be playing with my granddaughter, Willow. One would be sewing, crocheting, knitting or needlepoint of any kind. One would be watching one of my favorite movies...maybe P&P in my room with my little Murphy at my feet. Or dinner and drinks with friends. I so enjoy reading your ramblings...it's very refreshing.

Dawn Gahan said...

What lifts this girlie's spirits is to snuggle with her Old English Sheepdog, Gideon. He loves me so very much, even when there's not a lot to love.

Thanks, Tif, for this oh-so-very-sweet giveaway.

The Gahan Girls

Unknown said...

oh what lifts my spirits is the warmth of the sun with birds chirping while walking along a path with dear friend :) however if it is not sunny to warm me up then my deary friend and i would crochet and snuggle

thanks for this lovely giveaway :)


melissa said...

On low days it would have to be a walk outside. Thank goodness for my two dogs, Lucy and Pepper, they get me out quite a bit. If the weather is just too darn nasty or time is too short, a cup of tea by a sunny window looking out at my garden is good too. Or sitting at my workspace marveling at all the color and possibilities. Gee, so many choices, but I go on!

Annie B said...

Happy Shop Birthday Tif!
When I need to lift my spirits I just have to sit in my craft room & look at all the lovely fabrics, trims & wool& dream them into new things. Sometimes I might flick through a magazine or even just sit & ponder - it works a treat. As I write this I am thinking that your blog always lifts my spirit however I am feeling - and I always look forward to new posts. Thank you for your never-ending inspiration

Tara said...

tea...oh how a cup or a big pot can do wonders. I simply do not understand those who do not drink tea.
But today, I must say it was your words...specifically "brilliant button picking random thingy"...that upped my spirit so thank you for that:)

annonymous said...

What lifts my spirits on a low day is my little sweet pet cockatoo. I bury my head under his fresh raincloud-scented wing. Then we snuggle up with a cup of tea and watch Upstairs Downstairs. He hums the opening song and I sing along. Before you know it, all is well with the world!
Cheers Dottie, love your blog!

koralee said...

You are way too cute for words...I am loving your sweet ideas.

Oh I am soooo easy to please...what lifts my spirits...a sweet new flowered/dotted tea mug...a pretty little pink bud popping out of my leafless apple blossom tree...my RED shoes...my daughters sweet braids...thats just today.

xoxoxo Thanks for the chance. xoxoxoo Toes and fingers are crossed.

Teresa Kasner said...

Dear Tif,

I'm your friend from "down under".. Oregon! LOL I read all your new posts.. love your art and humor and way with words, you're on original!

The way I lift my spirits when I'm low is just **SMILE** and begin to count my blessings. You will always find that you have more good things than bad in your life.

I will need this skill to kick in this summer when my precious only daughter moves to Ohio and takes my precious only 2 granddaughters with her (ages 2.5 and 6). It's just breaking my heart and every time I think of it I choke up and tears begin to fall.

Hugs, Teresa in the Columbia River Gorge

erinkathleen said...

what lifts my spirits on a low day? one little question with so many answers!
* a good cup of coffee never fails to pick me up (best of all is when my fiance makes it for me on the weekends while I am still in bed, on the verge of waking; second best is my favorite neighborhood coffee shop, where they serve coffee with a friendly smile).
* a call home to my mom & dad who live oh-so far away from me right now (this lifts my spirits, but also brings on a case of incredible home-sickness).
* an evening of cuddling with the most important living things in my life - fiance, cat & dog (quite a menagerie!)
* and as always, the support of friends (both on-line and in reality)
I think I may have to try all of these things today - what a lovely day that would be!

two bones and a bagle said...

My spirits are lifted on a dull day when my girls arrive home from school, the dog runs out to greet them and then in they come for toast and tea and laughter - it really is the best medicine on a dull day.

Katie said...

A nice hot bath with Rose oil and lots of bubbles always lifts my spirits!

Selfsewn said...

it's a simple thing that lifts my spirits..just a single ray of sun breaking through the clouds is enough to make everything alright by me!

Loving your new look photos!!


ps. will we know how many buttons you start off with? Will there be someone with one button?

Nancy said...

On a low day my spirit is lifted by songs like "Sittin' on the dock of the bay" by Otis Redding or by new fabrics, a little button or something small which includes "the special extra" or even only by a kiss of my boyfriend.
Greets, Nancy

I'm Deborah said...

oooooh I felt all excited just reading about how you are going to pick the numbers that I had to lay down for a little while in a darkened room to recover before I could post this 'ere comment!

What lifts my spirits on a low day is peeking into my 'secret' stash and pulling out a little bit of chocolate brought all the way from the UK {*sigh*}, sipping a nice cup of coffee and reading aloud a good book to my children......

Hope your day is bright and cheerful and that your crockpot feeds you well......

Sweet Birdy Love said...

Oh Tif, what a wonderful giveaway, a little bit of Dottie Angel goodness to hang upon our walls.
What lifts my spirits, depends why I am low, so here's a few as one needs to have options:-

Spotting a beautiful Red Robin in my garden on a cold WInters day, makes me smile big time.

Putting on some fave music along with my dancing shoes and dancing the blues right out the door.

Some creative, crafty time.

Lovely, encouraging, uplifting comments on my blog.
A hug from No 1 son, he's 6 foot tall 19y.o
So there's just a few things that never fail to cheer me up.

Shannon said...

A hug from my boys, and kiss from my husband, a trip to the thrift, a brisk walk in my neighborhood, and a hot cup of coffee.

Rosemariee said...

what lifts my spirits on a low day is a long hug from my boyfriend!

your post was very amusing. i love the method of selecting a winner :)

Anonymous said...

on a gloomy day( once recognized that a sour mood won't do atall!_ sometimes that does take a bit of time, to get out from under the 'pouty cloud') i have only need to call on on my own favorite four legged furry female Trixie. How can one stay gloomy when the whole of her body waggs with happiness? She sees it as being called into service, and, does her job with gusto( and doggy breath!)


Miamor said...

..lovely..really love your works...

..what lifts me..is memories , sweet memories an d lovely music..such as stacey kent or melody gardot and a cup of coffee...memories , sweet memories..

marit from norway

Emma said...

What lifts my spirits on a low day?

* hearing my children giggle, a beautiful big hug from my husband, a cup of tea, baking a cake, log fires, knitting, walking my dogs in the woods, being with my family*

Emma @ http://vintageprettyandsimple.blogspot.com/

Sunweeds said...

Hello and happy Birthday!
"what lifts my spirits on a low day?"
I like too make up a comfy spot on the verandah with a cuppa and some craft and a little sunshine and watch my children play tea parties in our garden. The doggies always have tea too!

Anonymous said...

On a 'low day' Dottie my spirits are lifted...when I think about and am thankful for all the good things in my life...family, friends, health & home. On every other day a good cup of 'builder's brew' does the trickety trick every time!
...I have a thing about buttons so am pleased it's you rather than me that will be dipping into the button mound...but perhaps you'll do the trick and winning a prize might make me feel a little friendlier to those pesky little blighters. Glynis

You can contact me on:

vesna said...

Thank you for a chance to win this beautiful giveawy!
Needle felting tiny pieces for felted jewelry always lifts my spirits on a low day and a nice cup of coffee :)

an-magritt said...

The thing that lifts my spirits on a low day is having my dearest husband tell me, that I can tuck myself i a woolblanked, and snuggle in the sofa. He takes care of the food-making and our doings of our 4 children. He brings me a cup of fresh brew coffie.

And one og two (or more) of mye dear littleones comes under my blanket. And we read togehter.

I have had al lot of low days the past year. I unfortunately godt a serious post partum depression. And it was my dear, dear hubby that kept me togeher, and made my days go by. And he liftet me up, back into the light and life. I owe him so much. So yes, my husbands LOVE is what lift me up on a low day.

Thank You SO much, Tif, for your blog, your shop, all your words and creations. YOU really also, is the one that makes me smile on a low day.

Hugs from An-Magritt, Norway.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Congrats on all your achievements!!! :)
What lifts my spirits on a low day? Easy peasy - chocolate!!!
Vivienne x

Bella said...

oooh! Here's my answer:

"what lifts your spirits on a low day?"
Well, reading a really good book like Anne of Green Gables while listening to it being read out to me through my speakers!!! Also, having a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Lola Nova said...

Goodness me but your blog is looking spiffy! Congratulations and happy birthdays. What sweet gifts for a grand occasion.

Let's see, what lifts my spirits on a low day?...
I find that donning a tutu and singing "I'm a Little Teapot" complete with choreography - nearly never fails to brighten the gloomiest of days. I mean honestly, how can you not giggle after something like that?

Marlene said...

On a low day (and in Seattle- somehow the weather makes me feel low more often than I care for)...I invite my husband on a date night in our bedroom. Where there is no TV, knitting or crafting after 9pm and we simply talk, cuddle and talk and then...what have you. It makes me feel reconnected to him and by spilling my beans I have purged the grey to my day...

Lise said...

Coffee, time outside, and my daughter's smile.

Thanks for the chance!

Pink Milk said...

Oh my goodness, may I add myself to this lengthy list?

What makes me happy? For a starter ... a spaniel's welcome, a boozy family lunch, a fruitful charity shop trawl, my children's cuddles, a new crochet pattern, colour, the promise of summer, a good night's sleep, friendly post (mail), a new dress, day trips, winning giveaways (tee hee) ...

Heather x

Casey said...

Pepsi and crocheting lift my spirits!

Unknown said...

On a low day I like to take a long bubble bath with some red wine and a good book or Country Living magazine.

This is a lovely giveaway, thanks so much for hosting it :-)

holly | bijou lovely said...

Sewing or reading inspiring blogs like yours always lifts my spirits!

Jill said...

Usually at the end of a long day with my three young boys my husband will brush my hair for me while we watch some sort of calming television. Lately we have been rewatching Are You Being Served. :)

blythe said...

Comfort food- like steamed rice with butter and salt and pepper. Or fresh flowers.



Amber said...

Sitting at my sewing machine creating something with stacks of fabric around me - along with a cup of coffee and a great cd or book playing in my ipod always lifts my spirits...Hoping I'm the lucky death-defying button!
Congrats on 4 years - love reading your blog!

Stina Blomgren said...

Hmmm what lifts my spirits on a low day... Let's see... First I hope it will be a sunny day.. nice cup of Masala Chai... no work... a free day to do whatever I please...some nice fabrics... my sewing machine... my needle...husband cooking... ahhh that would be a good start...:0)

Thanks for you lovely giveaway... The new ones are just wonderful and perfect... Just looking at them... Yes they would definitely lift my spirit on a low day... Yes indeed:0)

whileshedreams said...

lovely giveaway :)

a few things that can lift my spirits on a low day:
-receiving a package or unexpected letter in the mail
-snuggles from my puppy elsie
-a great, forgotten about song coming on the radio while driving & blasting it while singing all the words.
-retail therapy, especially a good thrift find.

xoxo heather leigh


Kara Marie Riley said...

my spirits are lifted
when i have thrifted!

Jenny at Red House said...

Hi there! well what lifts my spirits? When I am going to work on the train from Scarborough to York I always bag the priority seating if noone else needs it and have a laugh with the conducter because needing room to crochet is definately a priority! love your blog btw (shameless grovelling!)

Vanessa said...

What lifts my spirits on a low day is dancing with my girls in the kitchen to some really silly, usually dance/techno song. That and chocolate. :)
Oh a giveaway! All my fingers are crossed (and toes too), I love your work!

Vanessa Sperry

Inbal said...

Hi Tiff and Everyone!

When I'm down or upset I tend to go for a shnuggle with hubby (unless he's the one I'm upset with) then go and watch some funny videos on Youtube. I also like picking my drawing book and pen and draw things, that helps to clear my mind as well.

Hope you have fun with the button traumatising affair! :)

Laura! said...

my trick for ending the gloom is to kiss my sweet and darling louis smack dab on the lips. whenever he is near, my heart beats an extra beat and my cheeks get tired from smiling.

Anonymous said...

What lifts my spirits on a low day...?
- My two small weirdo dogs
- Nice yarn on my needles or hook
- A good cup o tea
- Taking pictures on a lovely day
- Ordering take-out with my husband

soisses-dasleben said...

i you believe or not: i have a diploma in mathematics and LOVE your way to choose the winner ;-) F A N T A S T I C!!!

ok, i have to do my job:
the best way to feel better is to see my son laughing... i love his smile. for me he is the most beautiful human on the world - of course ;-) i like to play with him and to feel like a little girl.

but i also feel better, when i can change my home or if i find something lovely for my home - like your giveaways. then i am a happy happy happy girl!!!
(taking a bath is also nice)

i hope, i didn`t forget anything to do...

i cross my fingers for myself.

yours dani

p.s. you are so sweet - because you are so happy about your way to present the giveaway ;-)

Therese said...

What lifts my spirits: A walk along the windy beach is sure to banish any low feelings, if there is not time for the beach a nice sit down with a cup of tea is sure to lift my spirits

Monica Lee said...

a little prayer
a lot of sugar
more caffeine
a little red wine
snuggling with my pups

in that order

sabrina said...

Whenever I am feeling down, I indulge a little and order a peppermint white mocha at Starbucks. If that doesn't help, my hunny, Kristapher, gives me a giant hug to make me feel better. Sometimes he'll even cook dinner for us. <3

*BTW: I love all the new blog buttons.*


Laura Elizabeth said...

I do love this lovely giveaway!

-bike rides
-bubble baths
-a little treat full of sugary goodness
-coffee date with a dear friend

Laura Elizabeth

Thanks for your generosity and creative brain! :)

Amy said...

On a low day - Naked Juice flavor mango tango, my "happiness playlist" on itunes with appropriate dancing, knitting, and lots of time spent with my most empathic & compassionate dog, Jack.

Happy birthdays & congratulations.

Meagan, in house nester said...

"what lifts your spirits on a low day?"
Answer from moi? A cuddle with a beagle! Well, my beagle to be exact!
Oh and a good walk!

Clare said...

Food shopping lifts me on a blue day. Not REAL, proper, necssary food shopping, but treat food shopping, like at M&S or Waitrose or Sainsburys, hell even an Asda dash can change my mood.
My basket normally contains olives, soda/tigre bread, real butter, feta/goats/Wensleydale cheese, wine, custard tarts, magazine, bar of White green&blacks.
I'm hungry now at 11pm, tucked up but seriously tempted to nip out...
Love your blog btw.
Love Clare

Paula said...

Thank you, Tiff, for this most delightful giveaway! You might like to know that this is the very first bloggy giveaway I have ever entered!

What lifts my spirits on a low day is thinking about happier days and better times to come. Things almost always improve, don't they?

If I am fortunate enough to be the right button, you can reach me at ppyneco@earthink.net.

Jilly said...

When I am down I listen in to the imaginary play of my 6 and 4 year olds. That always makes me smile (tonight they were making battle ready "publishers" - not sure what they were thinking publishers were). Otherwise I look at my tiny swap quilts and think of all the lovely people around the world who have made me happy things.

Michelle Walker said...

What lifts my spirit's on a low day? IF its sunny then i would be glad. Followed by a lovely day of sewing where wrong and i finish multiple projects. Then to stand back and get excited about the next project...a never ending saga....

Dee said...

always these:
* a cup of coffee made by my sweetheart
*a fuzzy head nestled into the base of my neck.
* a trip to the op shop (thrift store)
* little boys who say,"i like that dress you're wearing"
* brazen blue skies...and Not Much To Do. ohyes!


Estelle said...

Chocolate and my adorable daughters.

jack said...

Loud music!
A wee bit of dancing in the kitchen.
The anticipation of a nice glass of red when the wee ones have gone to bed!

Marie said...

hmmm? lets see, what lifts my spirits? I would have
to say my children. I have 2 sons and 3 daughters.
Age 12-25. Two of my daughters are really funny and always make me laugh. Sometimes, it is just the little things any of my children may say that cheer me up.
Also, having a cup of tea, chocolate and stitching my
little art quilt pieces. My early morning coffee and checking my little blog, makes me happy. Stepping into one of the biggest quilting fabric stores filled full of all kinds of lovely fabrics brings a smile to my face. Lastly,going thrifting and finding a new treasure for a ridiculously low price.

Minx's Den said...

What lifts my spirits on a low day you ask? well I simply sew, I make something, anything really to spruce up my home, and I make sure I use the most beautiful fabrics I would have currently in my stash, that and I also watch a happy movie from my netflix que if I am not in the sewing mood...
or go to etsy.com and send a convo to minxden...

Kerry said...

Oh my, what a question. I had to think! But, having done that it would have to be thoughts of the kindness of friends. Who no matter what, always find a way to pick you up when you're down :)

Dana said...

Well, lately since I´m pregnant and quite ready to pop, what lifts my spirits up high is feeling my baby boy, our number one, moving energetically inside my belly.
to contact me when I win you can visit my blog www.nuevavidadecampo.blogspot.com and leave me a comment with the good news!

Bobishi said...

Something that lifts my spirits on a low day is looking at tumblrs, blogs and then my craft room and imagining all the lovely things I will make after i finish the horrid item of business that is ruining my day! I then hop and skip off on my day looking forward to the promise of making lovely things, filled with the inspiration of beautiful things and lovely stories:)


kristinak said...

Such a wonderful giveaway. Congrats on all the success that your shop has had. :)
To lift my spirits, I enjoy a big cup of chai and baking with my two little ones. Nothing makes me happier on a rainy afternoon. :)


peggy R said...

A great magazine, a good cup of tea and something to embroider.

windycindy said...

Congratulations on your celebrations!
It makes me happy to read your posts...On a low day, talking to my
best friend on the telephone while
enjoying a mocha latte, always
lifts me up!
Many thanks, Cindi

Aunt Spicy said...

early morning sunlight...or fun colors...always lift my spirits!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your accomplishments! I love your button thingy plan to pick the winner....so much fun:)

So when I'm feeling low nothing works better than cuddling with my girl Sophie and watching a movie under a cozy blanket. It's the perfect remedy for me:)

Thanks for the chance!


EB said...

My spirits are lifted by a walk outside in nature with my precious dog.

Anonymous said...

A big cuddle from my 3 year old son always lifts my spirits.

Congratulations on your two birthdays Tif. Your blog is a delight to read.



Yvonne Moxon said...

Oh thats a really tough one for me today Tif, because today has been one of those such days.... and Ive not had one of these for a while, Your post made me smile and I know it must then be one of the things that brightens me up. I guess if Im really honest...a sale in my Etsy shop might have put a smail on my face, but I got a close second.....a new follower on my blog brings me a total of 27!
Of course everything is put into perspective when I see my little girl smile from the top of her shiny new slide :)thats the best that anyone could wish for x

Unknown said...

a cupcake. always a cupcake. one cannot frown whilst eating their own personal cake.

Leah said...

What lifts my day apart from you creations on your little old blog... ( I'm such a suck,!) is hearing my youngest laugh her belly laugh, and chocolate never goes amiss!
Congrats on your milestones Tif!
Leah x

Julie said...

As I had a bit of a low day today I will tell you that cozy jammies, a hot water bottle, a spoonful (or 3 or 4) of nutella, a kitty (or 2 or 3), and folding laundry whilst watching a movie (maybe Marie Antoinette?)in my cozy bed makes me feel that tomorrow will be a more lovely kind of day :)

Unknown said...

What lifts me on a low day is something crafty! I must create something or be super inspired to knit, crochet, sew, etc. So sometimes I do a little blog jumping to find something that is in inspiring! (such as your blog)

MissPam said...

Looking through my vintage buttons always makes me smile. Heck, just looking at them in their jars is a smile bringer. I'm easy that way!

considerthelillies said...

What a wonderful give away!
What I like to do for a pick me up is to steep two Twinings English Breakfast tea bags in my cup with a slice of ginger and some half n half and honey. But the most favorite thing to pick me up is to talk to my 3 year old grandson via google video chat. He warms my heart every time!

blue corduroy said...

oh, how fun!!

my spirits are lifted with a bit of chocolate (preferably dark), and a bit of sunshine (preferably doing something enjoyable in the sunshine, but just sitting there will do).

be careful with your button stunt, i'm thankful we won't actually have to witness your daredevil ways.


Donna said...

What lifts my spirtits on a low day? A hug and kiss from my understanding husband and a bowl of warm, homemade custard sprinked with brown sugar.

Anonymous said...

"what lifts your spirits on a low day?"
when my daughter loves on me and tells me tender things straight from her heart and soul.
She isma sweet compassionate 12 year old.
Cryingoak@msn.com/or my blog

Tas said...

My day can be brightened by a hot cup of coffee with some peace and quiet in the shade of a sunny day and some reading time. (Not that I get all these at the same time with any great frequency) Failing that, a cuddle with our purr-machine kittens or blaring up loud daggy 80s music goes a long way to help.

grandma peden's porch said...

everyone thinks i'm crazy but i love rain so a rainy day would make me most happy and it would just be icing on the cake to have a starbucks with my other half and our 2 merle schnauzers.
hoping luck is on my side =0)
p.s. congrats on your mile stones and i'm so glad i found you in blog land!!!

Kit Chase said...

What lifts my spirits on a low day?

Chocolate cake is just a given, but aside from eating sinfully, I would have to say it's making my little girls laugh. Even if I'm in a less-than-ideal mood, doing something zany to make them laugh-like goofy sneezing, or tickling, or dancing a wild jig-instantly brings a smile to my face and makes my spirits soar.

If I win (hope, wish, cross fingers), my email is lullaloo@gmail.com.

Thank you for being such a lovely lady!

Anonymous said...

one of the quickest ways to lift my spirit is to listen to a favorite song...
current favorites include Cold War Kids: "Hang Me Up to Dry," Mewithoutyou: "The Fox, the Crow, and the Cookie," and Cake: "Love You Madly."
I make sure to sing at the top of my lungs; I have found it is the only way to sing your favorite songs.

Pam said...

To win some of your creative goodness would really lift my day!!When I am in a super funk I make sure to take long walks with music...gets me up again every time....Congrats on your blog and shop anniversary...

Naturally Carol said...

A lovely deep frothy cappucino and a chat with my sister or a friend always lifts my spirits. If that's not available..a good read, a new magazine, blogging and chocolate goes a long way!

fabulousmrsg said...

Nothing like a bit of treasure hunting at one of my favorite thrift shops along with tall cappuccino to make my day feel a bit brighter!

amelieandatticus said...

Inspiring images lift my spirits...be they of craftiness or people sometimes an image can make my day and stay with me forever!

chrissy said...

My little girl's smile makes me feel good on a low day.

Ellen said...

going for a drive with music that I can belt out to!

Unknown said...

Buying some fresh new fabric always lifts my spirits. I'm a sucker for a little retail therapy.

Vicki K. said...

A voluntary hug from my sons always sends the meter up a few notches, a kind compliment from my husband, cuddling my little doggies, drinking a nice chai tea, laughing with my two most accepting friends and acquiring new fabric are sure fire ways to boost my day!

Donna Weaver said...

Tif... Welcome back and thanks for the opportunity to celebrate 2 special occasions with you! I must say congrats are in order. On a low day, my spirits are always lifted when I chat on Facebook with my granddaughter, Brooke. She is so fun-loving and always makes me laugh. If she’s busy, I find joy in working on my art journals or writing my blog. If my spirits are realllllllly low, I just curl up with a good book and let it whisk me away on a marvelous adventure.


magpie chic said...

Marmalade toast in bed with a good book, and knowing that you don't have to get out till 9 o'clock if you don't want to!A dose of Dotti Angel works quite well too1
Love jacqui

Lish said...

A big hug from my gorgeous daughter.

Ashley said...

On a low day... a voluntary kiss from my fiesty toddler usually does the trick. Or making something new just for the fun of it. Thanks! mrscozzens (at) gmail (dot) com

Jenni C's said...

when i am feeling low...a good cup of coffee....and time in my studio...to paint, scratch through my scraps of material...and simply create....whether good or not...

Charlotte @ Living Well on the Cheap said...

A hug from my hubby always cheers me up!

Rachelle Blondel said...

Well now where does one start...with a proper cup of tea, made in a pot with a cosy (currently a beehive) a wander round the garden & a chat with the girls cynthia the buff orpinton is an exceptionally good listenner, stanley rushing off across the fell & refusing to come inside, Violet with her banana stealing ways & pondering my list of dottie angel 'do's' x great post as always Tiff always brings a smile here Rx

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Oh so many entries already, I am going back to read them soon for a little pick me up. the thing that lifts my spirits on a low day is indeed a little stitching with a nice cup of tea but made even better by relaxing music playing and the smell of fresh roses...aaah the roses alone are enough sometimes. The ultimate feel good thing for me though is at the end of the day when I can crawl into my bed with some crisp cotton sheets and my pretty embroidered vintage pillowcases....divine and if thy have been dried in the sunshine that you can breathe in a great big bit of sunshine as well.
Kiss Noises Linda

Granny Made It said...

I am so easily amused that it doesn't take much - surfing some crafty blogs - crocheting - reading a good book or my Bible - calling a friend or one of my offspring just to chat - playing with my grandson's boxer pup - I fear I could go on and on so will leave it at that - I assume I have properly answered the question - but since my kin folks are from the Ozarks, not England, I may not have a correct view of "proper".

Sara said...

I do love reading your ramblings, they certainly cheer me up (what a suck). But what lifts my spirits when I'm feeling lousy is the interweb - inspiration, beauty, creativity.
Such a lovely giveaway - btw today is my birthday (sucking up again) so I'm hoping some birthday magic works in my favour ♥
sarajburgess at yahoo dot com dot au

Kari said...

"what lifts your spirits on a low day?"

ah. so many things. but mostly the smallest things. like a crocheted thiny made by me that just look spiffy that exact day smiling at me as i walk by, or the smell of hot chocolate, or a piece of unfinished knitting just lying there in front of me promising greatness if i just play with it a few hours.
and ...at the right time of year, walking outside in the fresh autumn morning air, breathing in and not being able to smile when my heart make a big happy leap.

happy happy anniversary.


Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts said...

Oh you remind me of a dearest friend in college. . . le sigh. But on to your question. "what lifts your spirits on a low day?" I suppose it is the quiet house that I have to myself that I can fill with whatever sounds I want. Usually music. Then coffee or tea. Then off and running. Sometimes looking at blogs, as these are usually positive. Sometimes it's doing my knitting. Recently it's been quilting. It's about accomplishing the things that I want to do when I usually have to do the things that I have to do.

Anonymous said...

What lifts my spirits? Besides winning beautiful handmade things in contests I'd have to say looking at old family photographs. It takes me back and inspires me to take more.
Cheers - thanks for spreading joy and carving a pretty little virtual place.

Cameron said...

Turning on my favorite music (which I don't get to listen to often with a 5 year old who's very into music) and having a cup of fresh coffee in my hands can do wonders for my mood....other times, it's asking my daughter draw me a picture to help me feel better....she's always happy to help and I adore the random things she comes up with :)

What fun, this giveway! Thanks, Tiff....and congrats on your wonderful success!


Ella B said...

Beige English Breakfast tea with 1/4teaspoon of sugar and time with a close friend lifts my spirits on a low day. If no friend is available I turn to I turn to my literature chum - Anne of Green Gables.


Schmetterlingslachen said...

What lifts my spirits on a low day?
* Caffe Latte
* a Cupcake
* handcrafting
* music
* and of course my familiy, friends and cats!

Unknown said...

On a low day, I cheer myself in quite a few ways! First, I snuggle with my husband and babies and do something silly like car wash pajama parties. If that doesn't work, I look at beautiful sewing studios, projects, fabrics, buttons, and other pretties. Oh, it does worK!

@DmstcBtNtMartha on Twitter

Jantine said...

On a low day I love to crochet, and crochet and crochet. And crochet! Doing the same thing the whole day brings me in an easy mood...
I would love to win your one of your wonderful creations! I hope it will found a way to Holland.

Micayla said...

So what lifts my spirits on a low day....
1) My sweet daughter.
2) Finding a thrifty find
3) Creating something
4) Chocolate
5) Grabbing the camera
6) Spending time with family
Thank you for the chance of winning your fantastic goodies. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this one.
Have a great day.

moppysgirl said...

My spirits are lifted on a low day by my daughter putting her arms gently but firmly round my neck for a cuddle. She seems to know just when I need it *bless*.

Edith Miller said...

Giving to someone in need, I feel great that I have made someone's day, knowing that they will be smiling and thankful. Plus the smell of freshly mown grass on a sunny day!!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Thinking about sewing, fabric, quilts never fails to lift my mood. Chatting to bloggy friends, smelling the fresh air and honeysuckle blooms after being on the train. Watching birds play. a favourite song. A favourite pair of shoes. Seeing a cloud in the shape of a chicken!

fiori.viola said...

It's my first time here. I'm from Italy and I'm at home from work because of the flu. Your blog, just now, is one of the things that lift me up! And then.. stroking my sweet cat Mela, reading books and blog, making biscuits and having tea. I love your blog and... I'll come here very soon! Thank you for this surprise (in this awful morning!) Antonella

Mar said...

What a wonderful giveaway!!! Thank you very much.

Going for a walk and thinking about all the good things I have in my life help me to throw away the negative thoughts and change them for positive ones, the I feel much better.

Un gran abrazo,

Anonymous said...

...my childrens arms around my neck, their smiles and voices when they tell me that they love me......
...the first cup of coffee in the morning...a phonecall form a dear friend...a letter, an old-fashioned one, handwrited and written by a friend I havent seen for a while.
Blogs like yours makes my day...


ColinTheComputer said...

Hi Tif,
Is a computer allowed to enter the competition? I think it would be spiffing to have one of your loopy-de-loop embroidery hanging about me. My day gets brightened up when my master smiles (not the most frequent of occurences). But he does smile when he looks at the stickit which someone else left sticking beside me which says "LOVE YOU LOOKS PA BEAR MEG XXX". Good, eh!
Lots of love, CTC

Nicky said...

My 3 children can always lift my spirits!
Underneath all the teenager traumas, make up, fashion, emptying the fridge, weight lifting, x boxing, telling me I know nothing, asking my advice, telling me I know nothing again ........ I know that those 3 sweet little dearies are still there and still love their mummy!!!

Monique said...

My crazy kids often lifts my spirits as does a good coffee

Little Blue Mouse said...

What lifts my spirits is a good long walk with no one else about so that I can sing at the top of my voice.
It also makes me happy to check my blog and see someone has left me a lovely comment and that you sweet Tiff have a new blog post!

Lotten said...

To spend some quality-time with my sewingmashine really lifts my day.... a new fabric... or a brand new idea to try out ;-)

Tonia said...

Unwilling as I am to admit to spirits of a low nature (it gives them more status than they deserve), they do come round and I have a handful of ways to make them rise again. I go for a long walk to the lake near our home with the feather-tailed, feather-brained dog and watch the birds fly. I make rock cakes because their cinnamony goodness reminds me of Sundays as a child. I look at maps and plan routes to countries I'll probably never see. I email the people I love and tell them so. And then I take a nap because all that spirit-raising is tiring!

ShabbyChicShaz said...

My spirits lift if I can hear my old cat Mickey purring away in that deep throaty way of his. He's 14 now, taking life in the slow lane and he makes my heart sing with love everytime he's happy x

Gay Moller said...

What cheers me when I am down is logging on and finding a blog post from Dottie Angel, she can always be relied on to bring a smile to my face. Thank you Tif.

Ahipara Girl said...

What lifts my spirits Tif?
I enjoy reading ur blog, perusing ur flicker and then going through my own stash of goodies and making something. Creating things and making always lifts me. Even looking at other people's lives of making lifts me and inspires me. If its a really hard day, then my husband's company is hard to beat. He is my bestie, as are my kids. Having my family around me is as grand as big warm soft blanket one a freezing cold day.
Thank you the opportunity to join in and maybe win something you've created. I love ur blog and all ur adventures, stories and making. Thanks for being here Tif. ;)

Jules said...

Ahhh, hello Tif!
The thing that lifts my spirits most on a grey day is BERT - my very own hound, who always has a little trick or a face to pull to make me smile and laugh with him - he's a good dog!
Congratulations on your birthdays!

Unknown said...

The thing that most easily lifts my spirits when I'm feeling low is a bit of sunshine and blue sky. It often feels like a rarity in the middle of England so every little bit of sunshine feels like a blessing.

When sunshine is not to be had the other thing that instantly makes me happy is an unexpected compliment, whether from a work colleague, family member or a stranger on the street.

I treasure both of these things as they give me a warm glowy feeling inside. Both should happen more often.

I love reading your blog. I think your work is incredibly beautiful.

Pearls and Lace - my blog

Unbuttoned said...

Acting silly to get my 6 mth old daughter to giggle always lifts me when I'm down. She's my little sunshine!

Arctic Mum said...

My spirit gets lifted by surfing the blog world, for beautiful photos that inspire me. It's magical, I always feel better afterwards. A quick-fix!

dandelion said...

a hot chocolate with cream and maybe some brandy in it, a child on either side of me for warmth, lots of quilts blankets... for warmth and an exciting book to read aloud.

Kate x

jo marks said...

a cup of tea and hearing my 3 daughters laughing lifts my spirits, and was much needed after work today! Thanks for the chance to win - I hope you've got LOTS of buttons to tip :)

Cordelia Earle said...

"what lifts your spirits on a low day?"

I like to put my music on really LOUD and sing in a probably very unmusical way.

This always makes me feel a lot better!!



Maria said...

Gongrats on your blogbirtday.
-What lifts my spirit:
-The smile of my son.
-Everything i do with my son,my boyfriend and his two kids(we have so much fun together)
-Sitting in the morning sun.
-A capucino with a chocolate cookie.
-Looking at lovely blogs(like yours)
-Getting nice comments on one of my blogs.
-Working on my dollshouse.
-Cuddle up on the coatch with a nice magazine.
-Playing Gitar hero with my boyfriend.
Well i can go on and on the list will be too long!

Thanks for aranging this lovely give-away.

caro said...

On a low day, the merest suggestion of Tea, made by my ingenious Dearest, lifts my spirits!

malin said...

doing art, being with friends, a cup of tea, shopping for yarn, using said yarn, a big pile of unread magazines, a new entry in my favourite blogs, good music...

Anonymous said...

My spirit soars when my little boy (3 yrs) finds my cheek for an oh so soft kiss in the dark morning bedroom, and he whispers, "Mommy, I'm hungry".

Love and happy thoughts from Toni in Denmark


Anonymous said...

laughing with my childs, experimenting new crafts,
reading blogs like yours,
call my best friend,
watching a favorite movie,
having a cappuccino,
going out for a walk with my husband...
maybe I have to stop!!
thank you so much for the chance and sorry for my English!
Ciao from Italy :)

Hausfrau said...

One of my favorite things to do on a "low" day is to get my ipod going and start my own dance/karaoke party. This is fun to do with my kids but perhaps even more fun to do alone, as I can sing loudly and not worry a bit about sounding and looking more ridiculous than I normally would...

Greedy Nan said...

It's as simple as a hello or thank you from someone I don't know. It somehow restores the faith in human nature.
I hope I'll be the button number person who is tipped into your pot but know that whoever does win [presuming not myself] they will be delighted with their prize.
PS my word veryfication is butateon - you can make the word button from it -surely that must be a sign!!

Mathilda said...

Congratulations on the anniversaries!
I lift my spirits with a nice cup of tea and a blueberry muffin.

Ana M said...

What lifts my spirits on a low day is reading on the front porch in an absolutely perfect sunshine and blue sky...

Pagette said...

Green & Black organic (English) chocolate, a good movie, ball of wool and crochet hook - all snugged up on the sofa make me feel right as rain! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, lifting my spirits on a troubled day? Well, i suppose that depends on the trouble.
Stressed: a little time to myself with some knitting needles.
Sad: a tea party with my littles. Mad: a nice long talk to my husband where i can express exactly how mad i have gotten. funny thing is i am never really mad once i get it all out there

Thanks for the giveaway. So glad you are back!

katie.mills at hotmail.com

Gill said...

Tif this sounds such fun! I'm still chuckling at the thought of you and all those buttons!
My spirits are always lifted by blue skies and a bit of sunshine!(no sign of either today though!)

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