Monday, September 13

two visitors...

this week we have two visitors at the shed,
one who was invited and one who invited himself.
Mr Lurgy, the scoundrel and the rotter, has taken advantage of my open garage door.
i believe he snuck right past me when the second out of three customers to come to our garage sale distracted me.
we were in the middle of haggling.
it was quite intense...
i had $4 on the item, she wished to pay $2
Mr Lurgy seized the moment and boldly walked on past, through the laundry door and into Mossy Shed.

so far he has claimed 2 and a half victims.
2 being Our #3 and #4
the half being moi.
i have no time for Mr Lurgy this week and so i am playing hard to get.

the other visitor to the shed is one we are welcoming with open arms
my soul sister Debbie is packing up her little case and winging her way across the pond on wednesday.
cheers of 'hoorays' have echoed around the shed for several weeks since the grand news.
my children see Debbie as the perfect house guest.
she makes their mother laugh and smile
she makes fabulous dinners and pots of tea all day long.
best of all
after 10 years of visitors coming to stay from across the pond,
we now have a space for guests to rest their weary heads.

'tis a bitter sweet moment for me.
for on the one hand i am joyous not to be moving Our #3 out of his bed
onto the couch with Used dog,
but on the other hand the reason for the extra space is because Our #1 is no longer here

(which you all know but i just mentioned it again, just in case somebody new came to visit here today and was quite lost. my man read a few posts on friday night and actually advised me it was quite possible someone stumbling upon my blog would be clueless as to what i was writing about.
"after all Tif, i am and i live here"
this in turn made me wonder if i need to put on my sidebar, a guide for newcomers. photos of Miss Ethel, Mr Shark, Used dog etc)

after that 'thought for the day' let us return to the pressing news of spaces...
when we returned from Old Blighty,
Our #1 had left a few days prior to take up residence across the pond.
she left behind a smallish square room void of her,
except for a closet, which housed her belongings left behind.

despite what folks may imagine,
i have never been allowed over the threshold of my children's rooms with a doily.
i have respected this and in turn they have respected my doilies elsewhere in the shed.
mutual respect of such issues is a wonderful thing within a clan.
however, upon leaving to make her way into the world,
Our #1 gave me the 'a-okay' to dottie angel her empty room.

so over the weekend, whilst allowing Mr Lurgy only half of myself
i went about making Our #1's room into a place for Debbie to stay when she arrives on wednesday.
it was a little odd and i was quite grateful for Mr Lurgy distracting me,
giving me no energy to sit and ponder the situation.
despite it looking so very different from when she lived in the space,
except the 30 year old carpet, which is yet to be tackled.
Our #1, upon seeing the photos, exclaimed she liked it
and would be most happy to stay in her old/new room when she returns for Christmas.
i am thinking that maybe just sweet talk for her mama,
but i am most happy to accept it.

she has counted 14 weeks until Christmas and thinking that doesn't sound too far away at all ~ Tif


*jean* said...

o how exciting! and your guest quarters, with that darling HOME pillow look tres your new blog topper too!

Selfsewn said...

Oh I hope you all get better soon,
maybe lurgy from the UK lingering?

I wish I could have haggled with you at your garage sale!!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Fourteen weeks will fly by Tif, just you wait and see! :)
Vivienne x

Lora said...

what a gorgeous little room!! i LOVE that bedspread. amazing!!

Francesca said...

14 weeks will go in a flash. and you will be very busy, which helps. debbie's room looks lovely, she'll be cosy i'm sure. on another note, i had an idea in bed last night and you've just reminded me. at some point i may ask you to email me photos of all your named objects. ;) x

ps your word verification is 'squisom'. surely that should be a real word, it's so good.

Michelle said...

Oh dear 14 that all...
I need much longer...
Maybe need to get to it...

Love your new space and so glad number 1 does too...I have had my number 1 move back home and since moving to River cottage there is no room...poor thing is on the couch for now...t
Thank you Tif for inspiring me...I think I must hop to it and get some rooms prettied up too...

Caterina Giglio said...

so nice to hear your soul sister is coming for a visit. and the room is just wonderful, very DA...
AND, I do think a small glossary of terms would be helpful for new comers.... after all... beavering with miss Ethel, is not a very common term!!! LOL

willywagtail said...

I think all your soul sisters out here know who you are talking about and don't need a guide but perhaps the un-initiated might. Haha. The room looks lovely and spacious and I like the tablecloth curtain. Cherrie

Unknown said...

Enjoy your soul sister! What a sweet space for her to lay her head down, be careful she might stay.
Happy day to you,

Chloe said...

So glad you get to enjoy time with your Dear Friend. Those days are ones we cherish. Also, and I take a great deal of pride in telling you this, I have that EXACT white vanity with the white triple mirror. I squealed when I saw it. "Tif and I have the same white vanity!" I haven't been this happy to be "just like" someone since middle school. I am not ashamed to admit any of this.

Lizeylou said...

What a wonderful post - not the bit about Mr Lurgy coming to visit, that bit sucks! But having Debbie coming to visit sounds lovely. And the make over to #1's room is very very sweet.
I look forward to hearing all about the cups of tea and the conversations had - and the laughter, who doesn't love laughing!

Anonymous said...

When I first started reading your blog it took me awhile to figure out who Miss Ethel was, but I think it was only a week or two before I knew about her and Used Dog and everybody else. Now I'm fully engrossed in your little world... I don't think you need a sidebar explanation - figuring it out as you go is all part of the fun!

sabrina said...

The new room is adorable! I told my fiancé, Kris, I wanted to live there. To which he gave ME the "a-okay" to come move in with you and your clan. He said I'm short enough, I'll blend in with your kids. *hee hee* :)

dana said...

mr. lurgy - you lost me with that one! at any rate, i just want to say that the ottoman with the two quilts on top is PURE heaven. yum. i am envious.

guerrillartmomma said...

This room looks lovely. I am forced to think of my next year, in which, it looks like my #1 will be in Europe on a student exchange. I have to say, I loved everything about reading your blog until your #1 moved. But you are still my fav!

erin lebeau said...

enjoy your friend! & i concur that a sidebar (maybe with their cute little pictures & names?) would be a super (and fun!) idea... i'm fairly new here & sometimes i have to go back over old posts just to see what/who you're talking about, but i'm catching on ---& congrats on your big, book news --how exciting!!

Anonymous said...

Many commiserations on the visit of the gruesome Mr. Lurgy. Not fun. I do hope you will emerge victorious soon. And, you mentioned the dreaded "C" it really on 14 weeks - oh dear is all I have to say. ;-)

MarmaladeRose said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling a little under the weather. I'm sure you friends visit will be a true tonic and have you feeling peachy perfect by Wednesday teatime!

The bedroom looks lovely, may I just suggest some fresh flowers. Have a super dooper time with your chum.

love Fi x

Carol said...

Hi Tiff, no, 14 weeks is but a hop, skip and a jump away.
The "new" room looks lovely, I am sure your guest of the most useful and happy type will enjoy resting her head in the peachiest of places.
Glad to hear you aren't giving in to Mr. Lurgy's dastardly temptations.
Carol xx

Unknown said...

Ah who wouldn't love to have a Dottie Angelized room of their very own?! It's lovely. Hope you feel better soon.

Genuine Lustre said...

Mothers all over the world are adjusting to the launching of children this month. Have a ball with your friend -- she sounds like fun.

dottie angel said...

thank you my lovelies! yes indeed fresh flowers would be nice, i have no idea when i last bought fresh flowers. i have some very nice plastic kitschy ones i may have to bring in from the yard!

as for the sidebar, well this is most interesting, perhaps i am going to have to put it to a vote!
for some reason i keep seeing the begining of DALLAS, the soap i watched as teenager. when all the actors are named and the screen is split three ways. i think DYNASTY was the same.
smouldering looks, nasty looks, happy looks, etc. i think Miss Ethel has mastered them all over the years :)

Sharon Stanley said...

oh so happy for you! what could be nicer than a besty best friend coming to stay? such good news indeed...i hope you have the most fun ever...the room is divine and 14 weeks isn't long when there is shopping and decorating and baking to be done will pass quickly...

Unknown said...

The room looks beautiful.

And yes, a sidebar might do us some good. 'Mrs. W. Machine' and 'Used dog' were easy enough, but it took me forever to understand 'CCSI' (is that even the proper abbreviation?). I was so happy to have figured it out that I promptly forgot.



hlimbrick said...

Who's Mr Shark?!

Please can you come makeover my entire house on your next visit to this side of the pond? Many thanks :)

kat said...

the room looks wonderful! i hope all are feeling well soon.

She said...

I am a recently new follower of your blog and I must say I knew right off who you were talking about. When coming across a new blog I always go back and read old posts in case there is something I may have possibly missed. With yours though it was like an old pair of shoes you know them well and you find comfort. I find that in your blog even though we do not know each other you make it a comforting place to come and visit.

Thank you for the 14 week notice. It makes me feel that much closer to getting to spend the holidays with my family.

Also love the room so sweet. I would love for my house to look as sweet and welcoming as yours. said...

I was so excited to see the blue tree crewel embroidery piece in your photo, as I made one just like it here in the USA back in the 1970's. Probably you wound up with mine, post garage-sale, years later. :-) said...

By the way, I agree with your male visitor who said it is "quite possible" that a visitor might be "clueless" as to what you are talking about here. Although I enjoy reading your posts and viewing your photos now and then, I'm always quite puzzled as to what on earth it is all about. Can't you post little photos with names or some such thing???