Tuesday, September 21

42 and 1 day...

(warning : this post contains pictures from my local thrift store)

first and foremost,
thank you most kindly for your lovely birthday wishes!
you have been most thoughtful to me and my 42 year old self.

yesterday was a most peachy perfect day indeed.
Debbie's secretive secret work in the shed's kitchen
resulted in the most loveliest of lovely birthday cakes
complete with Cadbury's chocolate buttons.

we decided as it is not every day one turns 42,
it would be perfectly acceptable for us to not only
go to the local vintage mall,
but then pottle on down to the thrift store.
it seemed a most decadent thing to do...
and it certainly was a jolly good job we did

soon after entering the vintage mall
we stumbled across a little lost soul,
the little lost soul appeared most bewildered
upon close inspection it appeared his bewilderment was warranted.
his little pull along thread had been cut!!

'gasp, shock and a little bit of horror'

i said
"little lost doggie, do not cry nor be bewildered any longer,
come home with me to mossy shed
where i think i have a friend who will make you feel most at home."
and indeed since arriving back at the shed
little lost doggie with the cut off string is settling in most nicely.

Carlos my trusty camera, insisted on coming to the thrift store.
he felt it most important to capture the true size of my thrifty local,
for my lovely dearest readers.
as we were pottling around trying to get the best angle

it soon became clear we needed to disguise our intent,
therefore other thrifty folks would not think us complete bonkers.
pushing a cart along with us and filling it with goodies
seemed the perfect foil...

a nylon 'granny bed cover' kept distracting me from taking photos.
Debbie said i could ignore it no longer
it was speaking to me in the only way a granny chic item can.
i 'ummmed' and i 'ahhhhed'
then i thought
"well tis my first official day of being 42"
after making my monumental decision

we popped the contents of our cart
back on the shelves of despair,
(except for a few lovelies)
apologizing as we went about it.
Carlos then did his bit and we left homeward bound.

today it would appear Mr Lurgy has turned his attention to Debbie.
it is a horribly horrible thing to think Mr Lurgy
will now get a free ride on British Airways
and think of all those poor dearies in their seats
unknowingly becoming best friends with Mr Lurgy.
gosh he truly is a rotten scoundrel

we have tried to not think about such awfulness
and instead donned our 'elf workshop' hats.
Debbie has been in charge of cutting, pasting, typing and folding laundry,
i have been in charge of running around the shed like a headless chicken,
trying to find my 'dottie angel' workshop hat...
Debbie kindly ignored my headless state of mind

alas tomorrow my soul sister leaves and despite my heavy heart,
i must spend my day wisely
finishing up getting all my dottie angel goodness together
in preparation for this forthcoming friday

she is thinking next week will be a grand week to look back on her handcrafted secondhand year ~ Tif


Lola Nova said...

I spy in your trolley...a book of practical cats by T.S. (a poet I halfway fancy from time to time) with illustrations by Edward Gorey (an artist with whom I have been passionately enamored with since I bought my first pair of vintage cowboy boots at 15). I also spy a most lovely bit of cook ware in it's entire (lid and all)!
Thrift as cure for the common cold? You betcha!

willywagtail said...

cutting, pasting, typing and folding laundry - you must show us the results - I've never seen laundry treated that way before!! Cherrie

mr said...

Dearest Dotti,
I have refrained from commenting on your interesting and inspiring life up until now; but I have to at this point advise that I am becoming hesitant at reading your posts. This is by no means a reflection on you, but as I am beginning to envy your thrifting resources, my own are looking rather bleak. I have begun writing a blog of my own from down in the depths of the pacific ocean, incoporating the rather clever thrifting ability I have developed... but little New Zealand doesnt have what you do. I may just have to contain my green beast. x

Anonymous said...

oh my that poor little pup-I am so glad you rescued him and gave him a good home.

The pictures of your thrift store make me so unbelievably jealous indeed!

Bobo Bun said...

Belated 42 birthday wishes. How grand to have a good friend there to share it with you.


Laura LittleStuff said...

I'm not going to even speak of your mean boast post as to the size of your Thrift Store. Show off.
BUT - Old Possums Book Of Practical Cats is one of the two books I'd take to a desert island with me.
But my copy is nowhere near as pretty *Twice jealous*

jo marks said...

i'm finding this thrift store torture rather hard to take ... my husband has decided that a $2000 airfare to fly over for amazing thrift shopping, isn't good economics after all :(

Happy belated birthday :D

antje said...

Just a perfect day, somehow, ;-)), all the best for the next 42 years (and don´t forget: 42 is the answer (at least Douglas Adams said so), Antje

Carol said...

One soggy keyboard as I weep at the bounteous beauty of your thrift store. BUT I bet you didn't find a Mary Quant rain poncho of the brightest, most eye dazzling kind in yours today? My OH said it would be just right for a rock festival, sadly I might just be a wee bit ancient for that!
Fancy sending your soul sister home to Blighty with Mr. Lurgy and after she produced the scrumpiously wonderful choccy cake too. Now I'll have to go and eat a fresh cream scone of the most naughty kind!
Carol xx

Renee said...

Wowza, you were right to post that warning about thrift shop photos...that place looks huge and very well-stocked!

It's too bad your friend will go home with "the illness". It's not fun to be sick and fly.

Hope you all have a better day!

VickieC said...

Dearest Tif,

Happy 42nd birthday plus 1. I feel horrible missing your Birthday post yesterday, but am in the mist of moving. At my age, moving is probably the height of my stress-level and takes me away from my treasured hooking. The upside is we are moving to a wonderful old farmhouse in Woodinville and I can't wait to add some wonderful "dottie Angel" ideas to it.

Vickie in Seattle

Vickie in Seattle

Bantik said...

I have never been to this big secondhand store...

dottie angel said...

quite right! i shall refrain from taking Carlos out with me for a while...
in the meantime Vickie C, i am made up to think of you moving close by. i was in woodinville just the other day!!!

and MR, do not give up hope in your neck of the woods, when i moved stateside 10 years back the thrift store held no treasures. 'tis only the past few years it has started to come up trumps, and trust me it is not every time, many times it is total crappity crap!

off to the airport :)

Tracy said...

Happy belated birthday. It was my birthday on the 20th too but I am only a baby of 41. I haven't been to a thrift store yet that has trolleys but it is something to look forward too.

chrisw said...

wish had tores likethat over here in west aussie,they think here they can still ask designer prices loo,loks lik you hadfun

Unknown said...

OMG!!!! That looks like heaven! I get butterflies going into my local charity shop here in the UK, I think I'd pop if confronted with such a vision, sigh............ such envy, especially as it's my b.day in 2 wks and that would be my perfect way to spend the day, oh well I shall live vicariously through you ;)

dottie angel said...

yeah for you tracy! happy birthday to you too...

thank you for your lovely comments rach and chrisw :)

blue corduroy said...

this thrify scene reminds me so much of my sister's local value village in bellingham- are you at the vv?

i'm having a hard time not shopping the shelves through the screen here- perhaps i'm addicted.

wish i was there this weekend!

dottie angel said...

hi blue corduroy :)
my one is in redmond! and i do sometimes pottle through kirkland's one too...

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Happy {belated} Birthday, Tif! Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday. What a treat to have a dear far away friend with you to celebrate.

~ Jennifer

Unknown said...

Thrift stores this size make me wish I lived in America :(