Wednesday, May 7

well fancy that...

"do you like the color green?"
"excuse me?" said i
"do you like the color green?" the young shop assistant at Home Depot asked me again
"i'm not sure...why?" i asked (worrying if it was a trick question)
"well look, your shirt is green, your wallet is green, the packaging on the 'weather stripping' you are buying has green on it and if you look at the inside of the box containing the door handle you are also purchasing, that is green too" she said

pausing, as i finished paying whilst wondering if this conversation was for real

"well, i guess i do"...
"that's good" she said "because it suits you"

she's thinking you learn something new every day ~ Tif


Melody said...

What a cute story.

Where you wearing light green (like mint) or was it dark green (like kelly)?

dottie angel said...

aaah well, good question...

my top was a 'sludgy' bottle green,
my wallet a pattern of 'sludgy' bottle green, with a bit of teal thrown in,
the label on the weather stripping was a bright green,
the interior of the door handle box was a minty green,

i have now spent the day thinking about how true it is, i do seem to like be attracted to 'green'...particular any shades of 'sludgy' and 'grolly' :)

Unknown said...

I have a book called "the green of me" maybe I should send it to you? I just can't believe someone would be that observant and say something - how great!

jade said...

oh I love this photo.... and everything in it!!! so nice!

kat said...

what a lovely sales clerk.

we just had family staying with us, & after a few days it was pointed out i wear black daily. nobody said it suited me though - drat them.

a belated birthday to #2 :-)

Anonymous said...

How sweet a story! This image here is too! I think it divine with the muted colors and all the handmade loveliness!

SewAmy said...

I love the thread on the mantle.