Friday, October 26

the one about 'the theory'...

so my theory was tested and i have to tell you my rebellion yesterday did not cause a realtor to it caused the realtor to call first thing this morning, on a day when the kids have a 'no school day', when we are lazing around in our pyjamas, with the remains of last night's school harvest party surrounding us, beds unmade, laundry in piles ready to wash get the picture don't you, basically a typical morning in most households that contain kids and pets.

i had not achieved breakfast or worse still, drunk my morning tea and so there was nothing to do about it except pull out all the stops and run the show like a military operation..

"our #1, you can vacuum upstairs, downstairs and in between"
"okay" she replies

"our #2..."
"sorry no can do, i have to take a shower" (she's fourteen, enough said)

"our #3, grab the tub of Method wipes and get to work on all the sinks, remove all 'spat out, dried up' get those toilets clean"
"okay" he replies whilst donning my pink washing up gloves

"our #4, you get the duster and start dusting every surface that you can find"
"yipee" he says "my favorite job"

after ten minutes of some serious 'buckling down' to the tasks in hand the phone rings, it's a friend for our #4. i hear him say "i'll be out in a minute i just have to finish dusting"

enough to warm any woman's heart i feel...and i wished right there and then for my boys to always be man enough to say in life "i just have to finish dusting" and possibly whilst wearing pink washing up gloves...

wishing you lovely thoughts for the weekend ~ Tif


kathek said...

Too cute. You have the nicest way of writing, and seems to me the nicest children! YOU have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hope it does the trick! Your children sound great- they know what dusting is and will do it!
My 6 year old is orchestrating a takeover bid for power in this house. The only things he does without a 'fight' with me are: 1. fight with his little brother 2. eat sweets 3. ride his bike
... I'll try him on the dusting and the pink rubber gloves.

Jane said...

With our youngest it is windowlene - just loves the stuff -
Good luck & a lovely weekend to you,

tess said...

aren't children priceless! I wish you'd had time to take a photo of the dusting in pink rubber gloves. said...

ha, you have them well trained, they will make lovely husbands some day:)

Joy for the Journey said...

Tif, I'm just piping up to say how much I love your blog (yet again). It never fails to make me smile :)

Hear Me Roar! said...

You didn't take a picture of number 4 in pink gloves? And since you've done so well on your kids is it alright if I send any new potential mates over to your house for a sort of boot camp? I'm thinking it could be a win/win as you'd have someone to order around when the house needs tidying, and I'd have someone who had learned to be useful!

You always crack me up, even when it's because your life is in a state of disarray, but take comfort knowing that the yarn you ordered for the dishcloths is LOVELY. You're inspiring me to make stuff again this year for everyone whose face I can't see when they receive it.

Now hurry up and find some time so we can just sit and sip tea!

jessica daisy said...

Lucky you for have such willing children, I love that comment from your youngest to his friend.
The quilted cushion is lovely, very japanese craft book, and yes your not alone in struggling to make the same thing more than than once, I think my limit is twice, then I get bored.