Friday, December 5

makers market nitty gritty and whatnot and this and that ....

hello hello, 
we have been tres busy bees with 
my folks visiting, 
thanksgiving family time,

which included puzzle and game playing for all

holiday window dressing for the yarn store
and beavering away for the Makers Market 
which is upon us tomorrow.

i have also done a smidgen of joyful blinging 
as i do like a bit of christmas bling. 
this year i am going for minimal bling 
to see if i can make it through to the new year 
without me fighting the urge 
to pop it all back in the attic. 

i will share my bling next week, 
however today i will share Makers Market nitty gritty. 
if you follow along with my daily instagram postings 
you will have seen most if not all of these pics, 
but if you do not, 
then hurrah hooray! 
it will not feel like you are watching repeats on the telly.

a motley crew is gathering for the makers market in my 'atelier of sorts'

my dad took up calligraphy a little whiles ago and kindly agreed to making handwritten signs. he earnt a gold sticky star for his troubles

my mum did a fabby job at paper bag typing, however she did not earn a gold sticky star because unfortunately she typed some very rude words mid typing duties, implying the elf duties she had been given were quite crappity crap. rebelling in the elf quarters does not lead to gold sticky stars, i am afraid. tsk tsk

with limited table top space, i got creative with my leaning tower of lampshades thus making a most handy dandy holder for the vintage hmong dingle dangles and hand painted hearts 

my folks were tres good with their elf duties, oh! except for my mum's rebellious typing ways, oh! and except for her bleeding episode on the button cards .... mmmm, yes i have come to the conclusion my mum is quite a pesky elf and am quite sure she is the sort of elf who will be making noises about unions and fair pay before long

if you would like to come visit me 
and my little table of handmade, vintage, eclectic~ness, 
(but not my elves,
for alas and alack, the elves fly home tomorrow, 
sniff sniff)
i would be most delighted, 
for more nitty gritty you can clickity click right 

thank you kindly