Thursday, November 6

YOTH yarns and my bees knees buddy Veronika ...

i am tres excited as this weekend i get to pottle around knitfit. you can find out all about knitfit right here if you are local to Seattle and fancy a pottle too. if you are not local you are still most welcome to click on the link and have a moisy because this blog is all inclusive and i would not want any dear reader to hang their head and weep, thinking they cannot click on a link just because they don't live in my neck of the woods.

i am tres excited because 
a) i did not know i was going till recently 
b) because although i am not signed up to do any classes all the classes look most worthy of taking
c) the marketplace and the vendors are tippity top yarny quality
d) my friend Veronika will be there launching her yarn into the big wide world

i crocheted these fingerless mitts with YOTH yarn kindly gifted to me last christmas by Veronika

can i tell you how i met Veronika?
i know some of you have heard mention of her before on this here blog. for you see Veronika crossed my path nearly a year ago when i started loitering working at Tolt Yarn and Wool. Ve is probably the most beautiful person i have ever seen, i have no idea if she knows this, but she is. well fortunately for me, Ve took me under her knitty wing and slowly but surely departed knowledge of yarns and knitting upon my little cogs. she kindly tolerated my many senior moments of asking the same question exactly a week later and never ever mocked my squares and rectangle ways. i would often offer up my thoughts and where i was going and she would always so very nicely listen patiently and then start her response with the words "that is great, but can i tell you something Tif?" whereupon she would enlighten me.

this small miracle of two sleeves and a cardi which actually fits would not have happened if wise ways had not been departed upon me, by my buddy Ve
and so it has come to be, whilst Veronika was saving the likes of me in a yarn shop, she had also quit her cubicle life and decided to follow her dream. a dream filled with yarn and here we are, one year later and she has done it, truly quite extra ordinarily done it! YOTH yarns have been stocked in our wool shop for some time, never staying put for very long, her gradient dyed skeins have literally caused a stampede (well okay, a tres long line but stampede did sound quite thrilling). the company has grown so much so, her yarn line is now dyed in Maine, all staying true to roots she started in her kitchen a few months back. 

YOTH has a webshop too which launched two weeks ago and if you are wondering why the DK weight is called Big Sister and the fingering weight is called Little Brother, well that is because it is exactly what this company is, a big sister and a little brother working alongside of many invisible family members to get a business venture and a dream, off the ground. 

it is quite a remarkable and inspiring story and that is why i am beyond tres excited to pottle around knitfit on sunday and happen upon YOTH yarns and see my friend Veronika, in all her glorious yarny surroundings, doing what she does besty best, shining brightly in her own little light, for all to see.