Wednesday, October 1

fruit flies, fiber & florals ...

fruit flies

we are under siege, it started quite harmlessly with a piece of fruit here and there, past its best. before we knew it, our little pesky friends had had a party, got a little frisky, had lots of fruity babies and now we are under daily attack. 
alas and alack, 

Mister Muchly and his trusty sidekick Twiglet Piglet are permanently entertaining them in their abode despite Our #4's best attempts at 'snozzling' them up every eve before bed. (that would be the fruit flies and not the piggies, for one should never ever vacuum a little piggie). somtimes when you are sitting ever so quietly, perhaps with peppermint tea close by and knitty goodness in hand you are lulled into thinking they have buggered off and moved to another nest. this false sense of security disappears the moment you have to get off your derriere and realize they were there all along, close by, resting a while in your 'up do'. i am beginning to feel somewhat like pigpen from peanuts. i am hoping the chilly weather will send them packing


tomorrow we set up a Tolt Yarn and Wool stall at the Nordic Knitting Conference in seattle. i am tres giddy about this. i will be helping set up and then working behind the stall on saturday. my cunning plan to be there was hatched when i asked my manager if i could work the stall, for i wished to not only visit the space which is the museum but catch glimpses of knits, nordic style. now the time is near i fear my lack of nordic knowledge may let me down and those around me. but fear not on my behalf dear reader for i have hatched another cunning plan, i will wear my icelandic cardigan i was given for my birthday, (so very kindly picked up by Our #1 on her way through iceland a few weeks back) thus blending in quite nicely i feel, whilst giving me an air of one who knows what she is about. 

i have done a test run in it for i was not sure the lopi yarn and myself would get on due to its itchy ways but i am delighted to report i lasted a whole day in it and without a rash a sight. my cardi is a children's size thus it is more fitted and the sleeves become delightful three quarter length little numbers. i am pondering a button change, i am thinking wood, i cannot think of anything else when it comes to buttons these days. wood buttons and woolly knits are a match made in warm weather wear heaven, if you ask me.


i finished up my floral ink last friday, t'was a question of shading needing to be done on one of the roses and now it is finito. 

i had been thinking for over a year or two about this ink, for it is not a thing to do on a whim. one of my biggest ponderings was considering when i was wrinkly and crinkly, then i pondered further and decided if i live to a ripe old age to witness my bod and my tattoo looking all wrinkly and crinkly then quite honestly, i will count myself to be most fortunate.