Thursday, September 4

saggy baggy knee socks ...

summer has come to an end, school is back in and the morning alarm is causing the shadows under my eyes to appear again. i must confess to having achieved very little in the way of anything the past few days.

i have gone to work. 
i have stayed at home.
i have avoided my inbox because it frightens me. 
i have grocery shopped.
i have stared at the walls.
i have cooked too much food
for too few mouths.
i have noted the chilly morns and eves.
i have put my knee socks on
and tried without success to keep them pulled up.
i have started knitting a cardigan,
only to rip it back hours later.
i have stared at the walls again.
i have dabbled with my 'woolly waifs'

mainly it has been button changing for my 'woolly waifs', 

however i did go to town on the little green shrug. if you recall i called him a bolero but fortunately a facebook dearie reminded me of the word shrug and yes, i do believe that is what my little found green cardi without a body is. 
or was. 
for i did a bit of sewing surgery. 
i gave him elbow patches 

and a new body from an old cardi. 

then i did a bit of natty sewing with some lace doilies, 

i did the lace bit yesterday.

today i have no idea what to make of my patched and pieced green and mustard woolly friend. 
i am going to ponder if we have a life together whilst continuing to stare at the walls, avoid my inbox, cook too much food, all whilst wearing baggy saggy knee socks. i will also remind myself that my thoughts of today are where i will be tomorrow thus i must pull myself together, find some energies and start polishing my little light, less his flicker disappears altogether...