Friday, August 22

a chunky monkey of a yarn ...

one thing that is tres tricky about working in the peachiest yarn shop in the northwest is every time you go to work some lovely new yarn whispers your name. thus by the time you pick up your monthly paycheck the chances of you actually having any change leftover is rather unlikely. this my man predicted before i even started my spiffy 'out of the shed' job last november. he is quite wise it would appear to the ways of his wife.

yesterday when i was pottling on in to work, several new yarns starting talking to me before i had even popped my basket down, signed in and plonked my natty name badge upon my handmade frock. i am sure i am not alone amongst yarny folks when i more often than not am stopped in my tracks by a yarn and then have to do a lot of thinking about what i will actually do with it, rather than find a project first and then go on a yarn hunt. hence i have a stash of one skein wonders mocking me from behind lace covered glass doors in my atelier of sorts.

and so it came to be a chunky monkey of a yarn called Optic shouted the loudest. 
i pondered him for a while and then i took him off the shelf and did what everyone who comes into a yarn shop does, i did the feel test, the 'can you and i live in close proximity forever' test. he past the test with flying colours and so now i was on dangerous grounds, for he was a softie, he was a chunky lad and he was not my usual sort, therefore i was attracted to his slightly rebellious ways with an ink pen. i could not tell how he would knit up. i asked the dearies i work with what they thought. we were all a little mystified to whether his charms would look peachy or pants. we went searching online, we came up blank. so there was nothing to be done but to take a leap of faith that this chunky monkey funky yarn of a chappy, had what it took to make a 'lemon peasy' scarf for chilly days look peachy and not in the least bit pants.

last night i cast on and in a matter of moments (being on size 15 pins) i could see not only how quickly a knit he would be but also really truly what a jolly nice fellow he is turning out to be with his ink splodges, creamy goodness and the odd rainbow 'hundreds and thousands' sprinkled in there for good measure