Friday, December 6

a festive frock of sorts...

tomorrow is the Makers Market,
today i am gathering everything together and setting up my stall
yesterday i was relatively blasé 
and the day before,
well the day before,
me and my numpty bangs were stopped in their laid back 'makers market' tracks
when i happened upon a most lovely piece of retro barkcloth fabric
laying forlorn in my studio
(found whilst browsing the aisles of etsy
and promptly put to one side upon arrival on my doorstep)

tis the most festive of gleeful prints
and i must confess, upon purchasing it
i had not an inkling just what a sprinkling of joy
the fabric would bring.
surely upon all surelies i said to myself
if ever there was a fabric made for a festive frock
then this is it!

however upon my stumbling ways
amongst all the piles and heaps
(once again breeding in my studio)
i gasped a gasp
oh me and my 'no need to panic, everything is done' ways
were now not done ways in the least.
for there was several yards of neglected festive fabric
and a gleeful frock nowhere in sight.
how could i have forgotten my plan,
my 'oh so marvelous festive frock' plan for the Makers Market.

so wednesday,
with numpty bangs mocking me from above
i started to snippity snip
i held my breath for this fabric was a tres tricky beastie.
geometric patterns have a habit of slanting
when slanting is not what one wishes for.
after a close inspection
greatly aided by my numpty bangs being short
i was relieved there would be no wayward geometric festive frock 
on my watch today.

and off i went on my merry festive frock making ways.
only to realize a little while later, 
no matter my high hope ways
there were not enough hours 
for a full festive frock to be made.
so i pondered and i paused over my shell of a frock,
knowing fiddly ties and jolly pockets
were never going to get done.
within a trice,
my cogs gave me the advice
and off i went again, merrily and festively on my way.

a natty little bit of gathering upon the front

and a natty bit of gathering on the side seams

and i had myself
a festive frock of sorts.

upon trying it on, i was most pleasantly surprised
to note my glorified festive potato sack
looked mighty gleeful indeedy!

come tomorrow, 
my numpty bangs 
my festive frock of sorts
will be happily and quite merrily 
at the Makers Market from 10 til 6
and i am muchly and quite giddily
looking forward to it