Monday, August 5

treasure indeedy...

i have treasure that has me rather giddy, perhaps more giddy then i have been in quite the while... my first treasure arrived when i was winging my way to foreign climes. i had of course hoped and prayed to the post office gods high up above that my box of treasure would arrive before my departure. however when i clicked on the handy dandy tracking number all high hopes were dashed. the day of delivery for my treasure = the day of departure for moi...

i did not hang my head, nor weep, instead i told myself i had something to look forward to upon my return. a box filled with unknown treasure... well actually that is not true, i knew the treasure, however having purr-chased it online and colours being what colours are, it was still an unknown as to whether i would gasp with delight at my selection, or indeed weep with dismay at the 'wrongness' of what lay within the little brown box.

GASP! indeedy!

my next bit of giddy inducing treasure came back from foreign climes safely stowed in my hand luggage. i cannot help myself, i see a candle in the grocery stores in and around Todos Santos, Baja and i am overcome with the need to buy them all for fear i will never ever see another candle quite like these ones for the rest of my life. this time i piled my cart pretty highly and thus, my hand luggage was pretty hefty in weight but i did not care, i did not fret, i did not weaken and ask for help. no sirree! i channeled all the yoga arm muscle energy i could muster and carried my prized treasure home. 

where upon i immediately set them up in lovely huddle to admire. i then daydreamed and dallied my hours away thinking of how if i had a bricks and mortar emporium, an emporium of the utmost kind, i would indeed have these magical and magnificent grocery store candles... as surely no emporium worth its emporium salt, could call its self 'the utmost kind' without such peachy candles upon its shelves