Tuesday, April 23

nifty & nice... #2

find an odd little shelf in the thrift store.
bring it home, hide it in a cupboard.
have an epiphany 3 months later.

drag little shelf out,
lop off its top
(with a bit of care and consideration.)
disguise dodgy treacle brown stain
with same paint as kitchen cupboards.

ask very nicely a little doggie
who lives in a suitcase
if she would care to move
from her little space
after 3 and a half years.

marvel at how quick
your little doggie 
is to take advantage of the move
and in turn
question if life living under an island
had not been quite so thrilling 
as you had thought...

shuffle shelf under island,
if not quite fitting,
do a bit more loping
and deny it was anything 
to do with your pants measuring.

and voila! some display shelves
for knickity knacks
and knackity knicks

'nifty and oh so nice'