Wednesday, March 20

the many blouses of kathleen's cupboard... part une

to start with,
when first kathleen's cupboard 
came into my possession,
she received a bright white coat 
to cover her wooden bare ways.
however at the time,
 she still preferred to go
a little au naturale 
and so i left her inners on show

after a few years, 
it was apparent kathleen's cupboard
was not getting any younger
and really was feeling the cold on chilly days
so a blouse it was

her blouses would change

season to season

whim to whim

and then just extremely quite recently
kathleen's cupboard looked at moi
and moi looked at her.

i noted she looked a little tired
she noted so did i.
i did not wish to offend, i responded.
more offer up a little pick me up,
as do we not all need one every now and then
especially as the years go rolling by.

end of part une...

and there we will leave this gripping, 
ney thrilling tale
of kathleen's cupboard and her many blouses.
such is the dingley dangely-ness of the cliff hanger
i suspect many a soul 
to be lying awake tonight
'a wondering and a pondering' 
what happens in thrilling part deux
to kathleen's cupboard