Friday, February 8

a thrilling week... turning Japanese

many many moons ago when i set out upon my crafty path in cyber world, part of this was fueled by my love of Japanese Craft Books. can you actually believe it has been near on 6 whole years of this here shiny place being visited. goodness me! does not the time fly in so many ways and in those 6 years so many things have come to pass it is quite extraordinary and none more so then what i have to ramble on about today

Japanese Craft Books have a wondrous ability to leave me quite breathless, not only from the humongous array of crafty bounty they offer up, but their pure and simple way of presenting said crafty bounty, in images which stir my granny chic heart. yes i think it quite true to say, to me, Japanese Craft Books = Granny Chic Goodness. their ability to take what can seem rather dated or old fashioned, such things as carpet slippers, tissue box covers, pinnies, and pot holders to name but a few,  and present them on their pages, in a fresh and quirky way, is the true art of granny chic.

i have a little bookshelf where i keep my most prized collection of Japanese Craft Books and on occasion when the chance arises, i like nothing more than to spend a few happy hours pottling amongst the shelves of our Japanese Book Store downtown. does not matter i cannot read them, for the pictures speak a thousand words to me and my crafty heart. they inspire me and they invite me into their world and make me wish to be part of it...

and now dearest readers, with a large dollop of giddiness and a gigantic amount of thrillingness, i can truly say i am part of it. for recently my book 'dottie angel, the peachy crafty world of Tif Fussell' published by the fabby folks of UPPERCASE has been published by equally fabby folks in Japan. 
yes indeedy! 
dottie angel has turned Japanese and is spending quality time on Japanese book shelves amongst other lovely crafty books

i have yet to see a copy, i am assured one is on its way and i can tell you, truly tell you, when i hold my treasured Japanese copy in my mitts, it will be one of my most thrilling moments of the past 6 years and one i will treasure forever and a day. and yes, i will take a little moment of ceremony as i place my Japanese dottie angel book upon my little bookshelf and step back to admire and quite possibly, i may invite my lads of three to attend the little ceremony along with my constant canine companions (who do not require an invite, not my furry critters, just the lads, all critters are welcome, no invite required, yes just how it should be)