Friday, November 23


i noted yesterday,
between a movie and a meal
that perhaps the time had come
to retire my springified plastic flowers
in favour of something a little more fitting
to the coming joyful jolly season.
this made me a little sad
as i do like my springified plastic flowers

however upon closer inspection,
my sadness turned to joy
for indeed, 
such were the colours of my plastic pretties
they are most suited to
a joyful jolly bit of jolly~ness

after the movie and meal
but before the game of
3 card brag,
i found a willing jar victim
and a rather pretty scrap
of vintage lace.
several moments later,
along with several lengths of thread
and a cup or two of dried rice
my 'nearly retired but stopped in the nick of time' flowers
were doing a rather spiffy job
of bringing some seasonal cheer
to our fireplace