Thursday, July 26

random notes from a small island in retrospect...

random note #2

a few weeks back, standing in the middle of the high street in Swanage, Dorset, staring into a store window decked out in fabby finery, i found myself in a predicament. it would appear i had the choice of two options. option one: go home and spend many many hours twiddling and fiddling around with small bits of fabric or option two: support an independent store doing its best to ride the wave of a very tricky dicky climate and spend some pennies. upon entering this fine emporium of bunting glory, all nicely entwined with pretty flower fairy lights and smelly candles, (not overpowering but rather a nice 'hint of a tint of a sniff to pleasantness', sort of candles), i was left with no options it would appear. i parted with my pennies, packed my lovely union jack bunting safely in my bag and went on my merry way.

as i traveled my homelands over the past month every where i passed was decked out in union jack finery, it warmed my heart to see a small island show its patriotic side with such pride. 

just one of many who are flying the flag in old blighty with pride
in four short days it will be 12 years to the dot i upped my clan along with my man to set sail for foreign climes. upon landing stateside i found myself marveling at being surrounded by such patriotism for one's homeland. the US flag flew loud and proud wherever i went and no matter what one may think about a country, its opinions and policies, one can't help but admire those who are happy to say loudly and proudly "i am from here and i am proud to be so". 

as i passed village after village, town after town this summer, i saw folks decking out their homes and their buildings with union jacks and saying proudly, we are British, we have a royal family worth celebrating and we have an Olympic games we are worthy of hosting. i felt most proud to come back to Mossy Shed and hang my 'string of home' many, many miles away from old blighty's unique, rather eclectic, and without a doubt, eccentric shores