Monday, May 21

Girl Crush Seattle & a 'small' note...

on friday i headed across the bridge to the big city to set up Girl Crush Seattle with the peachy Danielle and the 'always peachy' Assemble Shop. i managed to snap a few 'snappy snaps' of which you can peruse below, scattered amongst the ramble...

after which i came home and paced and pottled and fretted about my talk.

then Our #3 wisely pointed out how hard can it be? i was having to talk about myself, nothing to learn and remember new, just everything inside of my head and my experiences. well that little bit of wisdom was a tremendous help and i went to bed super duper early at 9:53am to be exact. slept like a log but a log who has very vivid dreams as is the norm for moi. none of the dreams woke me so that meant a good nights sleep like a log as far as i was concerned.

i awoke fresh as a 43 and half year old daisy and decided my braids needed little bits of rag ribbon in them for good luck. i pinned on my 'little lucky bunny' badge gifted to me by Danielle the day before and once again (at precisely 8:17am) headed back across the bridge to begin our big artist tea party day.

oh and what a day it was.
instantly i was at ease meeting the other crushers. we sat around a large table and the day past in the blink of an eye. i must tell you i have never had such an opportunity to share my story and my insecurities before and one may think that is quite daunting to do, but not so, not when surrounded by others who all had something to share and in turn we all understood and then we pondered and we searched for solutions and sometimes, perhaps its true, solutions cannot be found at that particular moment but somehow i do not think that matters, for just knowing another understands, has the same fears or experiences is always a comfort...

the food was most delicious and in the afternoon we had cupcakes 'dottie angel' style kindly donated by Trophy Cupcakes of Seattle, i bought my little deer home from my cupcake to keep forever and ever to remind me of this wonderful amazing day.

later, around 4ish we started our art work. it is through Danielle inviting me to be part of her art tea parties that i have started my collage work again. and so i was most happy to spend a few hours with others, sticking and pasting with tongue slightly stuck out in concentration to produce a little bit of something which makes me happy. all of our pieces will be displayed at Assemble Shop which is tres lovely of Andie and Emily indeed. hip hip hooray for Andie and Emily!

i do not have pictures of the day, alas and alack i was in the thick of being part of it, but i do know fellow crushers have some, when and as i see them put online i will be sure to highlight them. chances are it will not be here but over on my facebook page so best to look there.
"where?" "there... there on the stairs, a little mouse with clogs on, well i declare, going clippity clop on the stairs"
(could not be helped)

and my talk? well yes of course the very thing that had me fretting, talking in public. i am delighted to report it went well. i did not require my note cards, i did manage to talk about myself and i think include most things and most importantly, no one fell asleep! so a success i would say.

my little bit of collage art created at Girl Crush Seattle

and on that spiffy note, i must tell you my 'small note', but 'oh so important' note. my lovely book writing buddy Rachelle, as i tippity tap this post, is in the air winging her way across the pond to visit for a whole week.

(breaking news just in, she is not in the air but stuck in a plane on the runway that won't go and told it could be a while, hours even before they take off. oh pants of the very big kind indeed)

we are beyond giddy, (not about the stuck plane and Rachelle in it obviously) we are besides ourselves. for next week is 'show time' for the book photographs. our photographer , the 'ever so lovely' Cath will be arriving on weds and we will start the task of snapping one half of the shots for the our Granny Chic book! it is quite the marvel i do believe, for Rachelle and myself have written this book through a common interest that has grown into an amazing friendship, resulting in a book to be published this autumn and what i think most amazing and which i do believe shows how extra ordinary it all is. until this evening, when i stand in arrivals at the airport waiting for her plane to arrive (eventually), until that moment, we have never actually met before and yet we feel like we have known each other all our lives... extra ordinary indeed.

footy note:
many thanks to all the lovely crushers who came on saturday, you are the bees knees indeed!
if you wish to find out if an artists day and tea party is happening in a city near you over the coming months than take a looky over here


Georgina Tranter said...

Beyond giddy! x

Jennette said...

just sending my love and thanks for a lovely day. you and danielle were fantastic! xoxoxo

wimcee said...

Well done you Tif - I too had to do this sort of 'creative journey' talk to a group last week so I felt for your pre-talk nerves and so pleased it all went well, as of course it would, as of course did mine I think. Not a disaster anyway. x

Anastasia said...

It was so great to meet you and hear your story and spend the day with all the lovely ladies! I love how you use the word 'pants'!

Leanda said...

Very rarely looking round blogland at the moment with a big move coming up, but I am sooo so excited about all your adventures my dear Tif... yet another success for you xx

Unknown said...

How lovely, have a marvellous time with dear Rachelle- so exciting to see your beavering to come to sweet photographic fruition. Viva Granny Chic!

Sandra said...

Still glowing and thinking and pondering and feeling all sorts of inspiration. Real life is creeping in bit by bit with all that it brings but I will stay.the.course! And wonder again at how lovely it is to get together with other creative-y types and make art and talk and share and eat cupcakes too.

Thanks for all your input, for your presence, for the inspiration for the yummy cupcakes!

Unknown said...

Tif, it was great spending time with you at the workshop. I really enjoyed meeting you!

I want you to know the day really helped me refocus on areas that need more attention in my life and on ways to make that happen. The combined wisdom in the room made many things clearer. I hope to retain that clarity as life intrudes.

Thank you for the day, it was a lovely one I won't soon forget.

Barnicles said...

amazing post! wish i could have been there. am inspired to collage myself.

ps this made me laugh "i went to bed super duper early at 9:53am to be exact."

am? ;) cant wait to see your new book

Melanie said...

Tif. TIF! This day meant so much to me. Hearing your story and the stories of other amazing creative women was just the push I needed to jump over to the other side. Thank you again. You inspire me! xoxo

AmeliaB said...

I really love your collage. It looks like you had a great time, and the table looked so cute!


dottie angel said...

oh my girl crusher bees knees dearies! it was such a joy to spend quality time with you and your creative souls, thank you so kindly for everything!