Monday, December 12

on the 9th day of joyfulness...

dottie angel shared with me
a little string of joyfulness
(skill level : easy peasy lemon squeezy)

its no secret, i'm a big fan of little strings around our shed. some are more exotic than others, when that is the case i call them garlands. if you perchance would like to make something more exotic than this here strings i have for today, you may wish to take a little looky over here and over here (you have no idea how long it took me to track down that last link... yes like most things, my archives are a little jumbly bumbly)

this is not rocket science crafting, in fact truth be told, most of the 12 days of joyfulness have not been, but that is a-okay with me, for this time of year i do believe easy peasy things to craft, are the way to go and there is nothing more easy peasy than these little strings of joyfulness.

* string
* hook
* paper doilies
* (failing paper doilies,) paper coasters
* (failing paper coasters,) scrapbooking card
* (failing scrapbooking card) old christmas cards
* scissors
* hole punch
* gleeful sparklies from your box of glee
* cup of tea
* five minutes peace
* perhaps a small being or two for help
(which may void the 'five minutes peace' bit)

1: if you have some vintage paper doilies or paper coasters in your stash, yipee! if not, then cut some circles out of your scrapbooking paper or christmas cards. i actually don't have any scrapbooking paper but i have noted upon pottling around our local craft store that there is a wealth of fabby papers and some would be most suited to this little string.

2: punch hole in top of each circle

3: start a chain with your hook and string, (if you cannot chain, do not fret, i'll suggest something in a mo.) here you need to decide if you wish things to be even or a little odd in their placement. i decided i wished not to be 'a little odd' today which makes a change. after you have chained a while, add your first circle by slip stitching through the punched hole and continue upon your chain-y way for as long as you wish your little string of joyfulness to be.

if you do not chain, then just cut a length of string to your liking, then cut little short strings and attach to your circles (a bit like a gift tag tie) and then attach to your long string.

4: repeat step 3 for your sparkly gleeful ornaments, with a bit of luck they already have nice little bits for attaching to your chained string

5: hang up your little strings of joyfulness wherever you think needs a bit of joy

tuesday is day 10 of joyfulness ~ Tif


Lise said...

Ooh, that glimpse of mantle in the last picture is so lovely with all its red and white bits! I love the lace tucked up under the ledge! And, easy peasy or no, some of us never considered that a chain is the perfect way to keep your strung bits from collecting all in the middle, so those crafty-challenged ones like I say thank you thank you!

Hilary said...

I am love love loving this series of crafty projects ~ thank you so much for sharing your inspiration and joy ~ am in the middle of making cushion covers, and adding the button loops and buttons will be the perfect finishing touch ... and YES ... I do have a packet of vintage paper coasters stashed away somewhere, YIPPEEE!!!

HannasHörna said...

Your work is so inspiring...

hugs from Sweden

Unbuttoned said...

These are so adorable. Love your dear candles too!

Lotti said...

How easy is that and how very pretty.

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

So nicely done, Tif. I love your use of language.

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

What a fab idea for those paper coaster thingys:o)

i have seen lots of these in our local (charity shop -well I expect they're in our local pub too, but alas I have never stepped in there and if I did, I expect they would just have beer on them..)
But now I want some, I expect I shan't find them :o)

Lovely strings though Tif :o) Take care lovely lady, and have a grand day :o)

Else M Tennessen said...

I love this crafty craft. I am going home to make one with Christmas tags I can't bear to give away cuz they are so nice. And I am enjoying your gleeful happy day-ness. Thanks for sharing!

dottie angel said...

oh hurrah hooray for little strings of joyfulness :)

hilary, brilliant to hear about your buttons and button loops!

else, indeed, a grand way to display those lovely tags especially ones that folks gift to you, with little bits of scribbled writing on them. yes a wonderful keepsake string of joy, brilliant idea.

donna, i think you have won a gold sticky star my dear for being so enthusisatic for my joyful days :) you are the bees knees

many thank yous my dearies

Anonymous said...

count me in as another who has packs of these vintage coasters and wouldn't have thought to use them this way. great idea! -kim

☼ Carolina ☼ said...

from Chile


Sarah Humphreys said...

You are amazing! I love all of your Christmas craft ideas. I'm new to blogland. Your page is an exciting find. x Sarah

Candy Pop said...

So nice! :)

Apple Blossom Barn said...

I just love your enthuasiasm for crafting, I love stopping by to see what is in store, I am at the easy peasy lemon squeezy skills and patience stage so todays will be attempted, thanks for sharing!

xxxx Denise

at-the-attic said...

very smart ♥♥

dottie angel said...

many thanks for the lovely comments...

and Carolina! gosh now that is a spiffy tree comment, makes me most happy, thank you

Anonymous said...

Ha - i've actually done it. Mine is 'slightly' different because i haven't got the coasters but i cut up some old cards with pinky sheers and it looks quite splendid.