Saturday, December 10

on the 7th day of joyfulness...

dottie angel shared with me
a happy happy twig of glee
(skill level : easy peasy lemon squeezy)

oh yes indeedy! there is nothing more happy then a few twigs of glee doing their thing on your sideboard at joyful season. i must say i have mine in our little front hallway, on the side with a large mirror behind it, thus doubling the gleefulness of my twigs and causing quite a bit of sparkly-ness with the reflection. however i could not achieve a photo in this bit of hallway so i carried my 'happy happy branch of glee' upstairs, most carefully, to get some photos for you to see.

last year, i did a similar happy twig thingy , i loved my branch a whole lot, perhaps more than is healthy to love a few twigs, but i could not help myself for it made me happy. my branch last year was inspired by the fabby december issue of Country Living (UK edition) which my mother kindly sent from across the pond. i recall pouring over that issue and marveling at all the joyfulness which lay within its pages. on one page in particular, a branch sat in a large container and looked perfectly peachy to me and thus i was inspired to make one for myself.
this year, i felt a need to make one again, for such is its peachiness (and easy peasy-ness) i could not resist.

* large jar or container
* florists dry foam
* piece of lace or fabric
* dressmaking pins 
* thread or yarn, and needle
* cream coloured yarn
* a spiffy twiggy branch or three
* gleeful dingly danglies from your box

recipe :
1: wrap your jar or container in lace or fabric, pin in place and stitch with a happy coloured yarn or thread.

2: cut and place your foam inside your container or jar (mine held green olives in its former life) so it fits snuggly. push your twigs into the foam and try to arrange in a way such as they have a nice bit of twigginess going on, for dingly dangling things on the branches.

3: to cover the top where you may see the foam, stuff some yarn balls made from your creamy coloured yarn. i have noted small beings or elderly folks are very handy at making yarn balls this time of year.

4: attach your gleeful dingle danglies with bits of thread and place where others may admire your 'happy happy twigs of glee' 

and just a thought, you could paint your twigs if you would rather, painted white may look most spiffy indeed.

december 2010 issue of Country Living (UK edition)

tomorrow day 8 of joyfulness with a bit of stickyback plastic, oh yes! she's a little giddy ~ Tif


jane said...

this is lovely, tommorrow is our day for decorating...yay! would love to do a little twiggy tree for my shed :) I had a go at the decal jars yesterday...but Mr Impatient paid a visit when doing the paint so they didn't quite turn out like yours :)
x x x x x x x

Inthesky said...

Thanks to your inspiration I have used a sewing machine for the first time since school 25 years ago! I made two festive 'Tea Towel' Cushions. I am feeling very clever :) I am loving your days of Joyfulness, I rescued a little mouse plaque today from the shelves of despair, he is very festive 'Twas the night before Christmas!' I need to work on the Granny Chic look as opposed to Steptoe's Yard though...if you catch my drift!

silly old suitcase said...

I loooove those twigs!...i love that even more then a Christmastree.
Every year i have some twigs on my table, wrapped with wool or ribbons, in a large white basket or vase.
This year i was pondering to do something different, but now i see your twigs...i decided there will be some twigs on my table this year...again...woohoo!

xxthanks (that jar is so pretty)

Vicki K. said...

The joy was only more enhanced by having a joyful blog post to look forward to on a Saturday!! I'm going out to find some branches in the miserable rain to make some joyfulness inside!

Anonymous said...

This is similar to what my mother has been using as her Christmas Tree, long branches, lights etc., very pretty...she says she's not creative...I tell she is simply incorrect on that point,the evidence is right in front of her!
Thank you for this post,
it is a lovely idea for the vase also.

Lotti said...

I like this idea ... there is something nice about it. So simple, yet so attractive.

Debby said...

Love all these cute ideas. So bright and cheery. How's Used Dog doing?

Lise said...

I love the juxtaposition of your lichen-encrusted sticks with the sparkly ornaments; beautiful!

Carmen (country mouse) said...

I'm enjoying your days of joyfullness so much! Such loveliness! Hoping that used dog is coming along nicely and you and your family are all peachy.

Julie O'Brien said...

I've loved this series! I must ask about the beautiful rose dingly danglies on your tree. I've never seen anything like them. Did you make them, or did they come from your merry old homeland?

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Lovely, lovely twigs :o)
Love your little silver song birdie too :o)
Have a lovely day my dear. xx

sue said...

It is healthy to love twigs, Tif. This I know.... !

Bee Lady said...

I do this at Easter time, and add colorful eggs made of different items. Some are felted and some are blown out and colored and varnished. Fun.

Cindy Bee

Unknown said...


Sarah said...

Ooooh Tif!! I love your Twigs of Glee!!

I already have my own (which you can see here:

and I too love them more than is healthy to love a jar of twigs!!

I think mine would be improved by some more lovely baubles and trinkets just like yours.

I am going to have to leave mine up all year I love them so much, I am seeing crochet hearts for valentines; eggs for Easter; leaves for spring; flowers for summer....

S x

keNi said...

i've gotta make one of these! i love the idea of painting the twigs white! thanks for sharing!

dottie angel said...

hurrah for the love of twigs!!!

inthesky, so happy to hear you are beavering away with a trusty sewing machine, this makes me most happy

many thanks for asking after Used Dog, this weekend she is most perky after being tres poorly for the past week or so... i'll be sure to give an update after the 12 days of joyfulness are through :)

dottie angel said...

ooops! forgot to say, the baubles with the rose decals were found browsing the vintage aisles of etsy, i plan to keep their dingle dangly loveliness up for longer than the gleeful season :)

sue said...

Am so doing this tomorrow! It's stunning.

Liza B. Gonzalez said...

This is happiness in a jar and that corsetted doilie is genius.

Unknown said...

Love this diy !
I have a big twig hanging in my hall-way, painted it cheery with christams decorations !

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

It has become crystal clear that I should buy some new ornaments after the holiday. I simply have none worthy of gracing a twigy branch. How sad.

butterflycollector said...

LOVE your dingle dangles and happy tree! Especially love the lace corset on the fabulous jar! Happy Christmas Shae xo

Else M Tennessen said...

Thank you, Dottie Angel! I made this!

Melissa@Julia's Bookbag said...

I did a similar 'stick tree' after being so inspired by has given me unending holiday bliss...I love it more than my Christmas tree!

You can see it here:

THANK YOU!!!!! xoxo, Melissa