Wednesday, November 2

a 'Joyful' update...

hurrah hooray for a 'joyful' shop update.
i have never done one of these before, 
hard to believe but its true.
so i have thrown caution to the wind
and quite likely my sanity alongside it,
and this year i am doing one.

there will be over 40 handcrafted goodies
going into my little store on 
monday 14th november.
i will list things in clusters,
because i do like a cluster this time of year.
the clusters will be listed throughout the day 
and into the evening.
my hope is, 
this will mean where ever you may live
upon this round and peachy earth of ours,
you will be able to stop by for a ganders.

if you do decide to stop by
may i suggest you bring along your rose coloured specs.
then you will also be able to
enjoy the vast array of home baked goodies 
(which will look edible but i cannot promise they are)
and a favorite tipple or two.
do not fret if you forget them,
i have several pairs to loan out
 so you may enjoy the refreshments 
alongside the peachy joyful decorations hanging above your head.

there will be old favorites like
sunshine sacks, apron wraps
and wall hangings.
there will be new sweeties like
 perfectly peachy pinnies and
lappity lap blankets
and when they are gone
(or perhaps i should say 'if they are gone')
alas and alack, that will be it for this joyful season,
as my adopted auntie and i will be taking a little rest...

she is looking forward to seeing you there and will be sure to have her reindeer antlers on so you can spot her ~ Tif


HannasHörna said...

Hi! Thats sounds lika a good plan. I'll be back!! Hugs from Sweden

noknittedknickers said...

Excellent news! Looking forward to seeing all the tasty treats. C.x

Vintage Market Place said...

yay, i will be waiting with bells on to see your super cool creations:)

Emma Wigginton said...

ooh delicious clusters of loveliness....can't wait!!!Feeling full of joy just in anticipation..thank you!!xx

Katie said...

Hooray! I'll mark my calendar, if I can find it!

Teresa Kasner said...

Oh boy, I can't wait to visit your shop!! Thanks for stopping over at my blog.. I have an Etsy shop. Will yours be on Etsy? I look forward to seeing your things. Fun fun fun. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

found and sewn said...

sounds great!! I'll be there, looking forward to seeing your new pieces x

emme lou said...

I just wanted to say my lovely book arrived today in rainy Cornwall and I am just a little excited! All the details, the squeal as i turned the book over to see a fabric label! oh my gosh i love it! Going to ignore my Textile design degree work and read my book with my puppy! Thank you!

dottie angel said...

hurrah hooray, delighted you are most happy with your book purchase Emme Lou :)

thank you all for the lovely comments :)