Thursday, May 26

a two parter...

yes dearest readers, such is the extent of our 'positively beaming' in the shed these days, i must indeed break down our new/old carpet moment into a two parter. for those that have rambled alongside of me for many a year will know this here home we like to call Mossy Shed was a sad and neglected little place upon arrival of us, three years ago.
the first year we did a brilliant job at ripping out this, tearing out that and slowly but surely breathing life back into the old girl, but then as is often the way with massive remodeling sort of jobs you run out of steam and you run out of doe... leaving a nest 90% done and 10% still to go.

earlier in the year i noted to my man i felt the need to move on to another nest, for my nomadic creative soul needed new pastures green. he looked at me in horror and then voiced since when had i ever been a nomad, i who never ever leaves my nest. i pointed out it was not my actual body which felt the need to move on, but my creative spirit which obviously comes from nomadic descent and therefore requires this continuous 'to the point of obsessive' need to shuffle things around.
he then wisely pointed out we loved our shed. to which i agreed whole heartily, but then i also pointed out that certain areas of her, i did not. he then wisely pointed out it is far more savvy a move to finish up the forgotten 10% then to actually move to another forgotten soul of a home requiring 100% attention.

gosh, well right there and then was the conversation we needed to have, to pull up our knee socks. well actually my man did not, for he does not possess such things, however he does have those kind of almost calf length socks leftover from his days of wearing businessy business attire. so he pulled those up really high and they did a good job at stretching up to his knees. i did not have my knee socks on but an old pair of woolly tights, darned in the toes and lacking in elastic around the waist, thus being held up by having my undervest nicely tucked in tightly. so i pulled those up so they were also nice and properly high up, with no baggy crotch thing going on and we set to work...

the cans of white paint came out and the wonderfulness of my friend Maggi happened! after 3 years of living with a 'can't work with you as much as i try' 30 year old green carpet, this past monday, 2 men and 12 hours later we had ourselves a beige secondhand granny carpet resplendent in the shed. truth be told it had to be patched and pieced in places a carpet should not be, but we did not care, no sirree! for anything was better than what we had on the stairs, landing and three bedrooms before our lovely granny carpet came to stay.

"i have three shades of beige in my bedroom" exclaimed Our #4 at 8pm on monday after the fellows had left. it appeared he seemed genuinely delighted with his good fortune

"it reminds me of something a granny would knit" said Our #3
"do you think so! really?" i excitedly hoped so
"why yes, if you look at the self pattern in it, it looks like one of those sweaters they knit" he continued "i thought you would be happy to hear that" with a twinkle in his eye
and i was dearest readers, i was.
for in an ideal world i would have wood flooring throughout my shed, but this was never going to be and therefore the next best thing was a secondhand granny chic carpet kindly gifted to us by a friend.

today sees me 'a shuffling and a shifting' the bedrooms back together whilst hammering in nails and hanging pictures, and tomorrow the white paint comes out again to finish up the rest of the dark wood. for it is hard to remember but when we moved here everything in this shed was dark. the walls, the doors, the wood trim and the ceilings... little by little with a 'slight hiccup' in between of two years, we are back on the road to finishing up Mossy Shed and making her feel not 90% loved but 100%, just as she deserves.

she has an urge to crochet for the first time in yonks ~ Tif
footynote: just in case you may be wondering, 'cos that is perfectly okay to do, some of the best folks i know wonder often. the board at the bottom of our stairs is a 'pesky little olive' gate. thus allowing the furry feline friend to live happily upstairs without interruption from a pesky doggie... knocked together by my man and myself, no less :)


amanda mcleod said...

G'day Tiff,
THanks for your wonderful posts, although I have to say my goats are completely alarmed that you ran out of doe! I have a spare if you need one. Apparently they would love a trip across the oceans in a suitcase to live in your shed as it is somewhat more luxurious than theirs. Now that would surely frighten you cat more than little olive and they could jump the gate no probs.
warm woolly wishes

Elizabeth@rosalilium said...

What a wonderfully pleasant read. Thank you so much for sharing that. I love the sharp white of your home with the pops of colour - it looks fab.

dottie angel said...

haha heehee! you are quite right amanda, i have no idea how to spell it, should it be 'doh' i am wondering? nev' thee mind, what matters is the thought of a goat coming to live at mossy shed... oh how i wish more than anything to have a little goatie friend, but alas and alack, my man does not feel the same way. i am saving it up until we are without children in our nest, he will be weakened by lack of things to care for and therefore will agree to a new critter, namely a goat, to care for :)

Sarah ~ Crafts from the Cwtch said...

Dough, perhaps??

Regardless, congratulations on the sock-raising and carpet laying - the "shed" is going to look completely splendiferous in no time at all!

(I have hit the same phase here - after 18 months the coffers are bare but the 20% that would make the big difference is still to be done. I'm tackling it slowly... one cushion at a time!)

Happy weekend,


Sarah said...

Ooooh, I am jealous of your carpet as I too have been yearning for new floorcoverings, we currently have a baggy, brown carpet (the exact shade as one of our cats who hides unseen on the stairs waiting to trip us) which has been ripped and shredded by the aforementioned cats.

Our bedroom has a sorry green carpet which is infested with moths!! So yes, indeedy I am jealous of your lovely gifted granny carpet!!

S x

Michelle said...

Gone is the green and let the beige bend in...
Congrats Tif on your new "old" carpet of soft tones...
I really was never "shocked" by your green carpet but I now will admit wholeheartedly that the beige is making a huge difference...

dottie angel said...

yes Sarah! how brilliant, dough it is, thank you for that! some days the little cogs just won't churn it out right :)

Sarah B, thank you for the image of your lovely cat and carpet, had me chuckling away whilst 'a hanging' with Mr Hook...

Michelle, indeed you have known my carpet longer than many and i appreciate that you appreciate my moment of 'beige' :)

Vicki K. said...

All the white looks so pretty! Does Little Olive not get to go upstairs because it would not be good for her back?

Francesca said...

i got waylaid in the middle of this post thinking about your man in knee high socks. sorry. x

liz said...

The wisdom in making do, with a little twist here and there. So much more fun too than starting all over. I'm sure it all looks granny good. Olive's gate is fantastic. Have a lovely weekend. Liz :)

Denaz said...

Ah I love the story but most of all I love the little Olive gate! Hmm... it gives me ideas perhaps I need one of those for our pesky cat who finds his way to my bed at 4am for a cuddle!talking of pesky I wrote a rambling email to you and this computer of mine was playing sleepy and refused to send it but I told him the final destination was the mossy shed and so he gave in! Hope it came through!

Bonnie said...

I love reading your blog. Your style is writing is so humorous and has such down-to-earth honesty and warmth. I loved the "no baggy crotch thing going on"-so funny. I think your "pesky little Olive gate" is so cute" Love the 'hop, hop, hop' wording. Your house is beautiful. So fresh and clean and summery!

Jules said...

Hello Used Dog!

Bobishi said...

Hello Tif,
I was very inspired by your beautiful nest and I full intend to pull up my knee highs this weekend and finish off the 10% we have left at our house!
We had icky navy shorty short plastic carpet which had a slightly unusual smell... after painting the bright red walls and navy roof the next job was tearing out that icky carpet and painting our boards white to reflect the lovely sunshine all around our house:)
Thanks for your constant inspiration Tif!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Well that is definitely not what I was expecting a granny carpet to look like! I was thinking something heavily patterned, not knitted! It's looking good.

I had to laugh at you tucking your undervest tightly into your tights.

dottie angel said...

fran, i totally understand :)

bobishi, you must, you must, you will be so pleased and delighted. until the green went, it never felt like the other things we had done could shine :)

jules, used dog says "woof" and is now positively beaming

bonnie, thank you kindly for your lovely words

denaz! indeed it did! mossy shed received it this morning over a nice cup of tea, thank you my dear

liz, it was a wise move after all. i fretted for a little bit as i only saw Maggi's carpet once before when she had just moved in a couple of weeks back and my recall skills are not brilliant, but once it was done i knew my rose coloured specs had not let me down :)

Vicki K, little olive is quite the bouncer and does not pay heed to wise words of "you'll do your back in, if you carry on like that". the little olive gate means Linus the cat, can live in peace upstairs without being chased. they live side by side in harmony but on separate sides of the board :)

little blue mouse, yes i know the exact carpet you are thinking of now, i grew up with one quite similar! yes this is more of a subdued granny carpet i feel, and on close inspection there is a rosy tint mixed in with the beige, which is most charming!

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

I'm running behind this week Tif :o)

I love, love your beige granny carpet and lovely white shed :o)

My most favourite part though has to be the 'Olive Gate'...(sounds like a book title maybe LOl) I love the hop..hop..hop.. :o)

Pleased to hear I'm not the only one who darns my tights :o)

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I can relate to your nomadic spirit when it comes to creativity. Our house isn't even quite 90% finished after nearly 5 years (namely because I'm married to the carpenter) and I get the itch to relocate again just to stir things up. It completely re-motivates me to have a big change like that. Although, I love where we're at. Good thing, too...since we're planning to go nowhere. :)

I noticed that little 'gate' right away -- I love it! I always enjoy seeing how you mix and match patterns and prints. It's so inspiring to me.

~ Jennifer

Planet Fur said...

Dear Tif, your posts always make me smile! (And I think the 'Olive gate' is one of the best and stunning looking solutions for keeping all the feline friends happy..maybe we should build something like that for our little Molly, just because she has a habit of meowing very loud in front of our bedroom in the middle of the night ;-)))

dottie angel said...

thank you Donna, Jennifer and Marlous... little olive is quite the pesky one for sure and i love when she stands up against it, peeking over, as if to say "grass is greener" :)