Friday, May 13

a 'stumble of the utmost kind'...

isn't that just the dandiest thing about thrifting,
you just never ever know what might find you.
truth be told it was total crappity crap at the thrift store last night.
shelf after shelf
rack after rack
rail after rail
filled to the brim with crappity crap.
however as is often the way,
just when you think your chances of finding 'a find worth finding' are done for,
a little face peeks out from amongst
the forsaken and the forgotten

not just any ordinary face but quite an extraordinary face,
actually i might just go as far as to call this face 'exotic'.
yes i will.
for as i exclaimed to my mother last night, upon discovery of this little face,
and today also to you, dearest readers
"well in all my born days i have never seen such a extraordinary forsaken soul!"
she is in terribly good nick considering she has had several children
and an itty bitty baby

but best of all
she is also most handy dandy

surely, surely i am not alone in exclaiming at her exotic writing abilities.

and that is why i like the thrift store,
why indeed i am an addict,
for until yesterday i had never ever seen such a peachy nesting doll
and even more so,
until yesterday i had never ever realized
i was in need of a peachy nesting doll with handy dandy built-in blue pencil
(obviously designed for special occasion writing)
but now i do!
and that for me,
is the wonder of a 'stumble of the utmost kind'...
a 'thrifty stumble'

she is giddy with the lovely 'shout out' from Victoria and is wishing you all perhaps a nice bit of stumbling of your own this weekend, most definitely not a traumatic stumbling, no sirree! for we do not like those kinds ~ TIF


Vic said...

Wow. I didn't know such a thing existed either, nor that I needed one... but damn, do I!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Tif Love I think Blogger ATE your pics 'cause I'm not seeing any faces....Extraodinary or otherwise.... :o(

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

Ribbons Undone said...

Sigh. Oh, I know that crappity crap scene all to well at a local thrift shop that I like to visit--almost weekly. I loathe the times that I venture out and find nothing. Isn't it such a letdown? Love your nesting dolls pen. Enjoying your blog, Victoria

dottie angel said...

no worries Tamarah, blogger is up the creek without a paddle this week, posts appear, disappear then appear again. i am sure the pictures are doing the same thing too... i am going with the flow 'cause else i might tear my hair out and that would never do, for i am growing my plaits for a 'plait wrapover' do ;)

vic and victoria, gosh i know, and i know... have a peachy weekend my dears!

Bonita Rose said...

ohhh what a find.. so so beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Dearest Tiff,
Catching up with your wonderful posts this week and enjoying them so much, as usual. Now when you spoke in an earlier post about wishing you could send away for a certificate and a badge to proudly proclaim your membership to the Spinster Emporium... well, all I could think was how much I wish that I could send away for a cerificate and badge to proudly proclaim my membership to Dottie Angel! I am certain I am not the only person who feels this way. Gold Stars and Dottie Angel Badges...just think of it!

Teresa Kasner said...

Tif, I do love your "find" - sweet for sure. I hope you pop over and visit my blog.. I got to meet a TV star yesterday and have some pix on my blog. FUN! Hope you're having some nice weather up there, we're having a few nice ones down here. Hugs, Teresa in OR

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Oh Tif, she is utterly gorgeous! I, too didn't realise that really needed such an extraordinary, peachy nesting pencil till I read this post and saw your lovely pictures :o)

Hope you have a lovely weekend, and I think all your posts and pictures are back now :o)

Take care Tif,
Donna xx

Francesca said...

exotic is one word for her ;)
i just remembered those scales (was it scales?) you thrifted once that divided the blognation. x

Mireille said...

What a great discovery... I'd love her at first sight too...

Malthe said...

They looks just great. You could make a shop with them :)


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Cordelia Earle said...

I so desperately want one of those. That is quite possibly the most amazing little find ever.

You lucky lucky person.


Little Blue Mouse said...

Who'd have thought she would be perched on top of a pencil! How divine.

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh Tif there she is....How WONDERFUL for you to find such a forsaken TREASURE....I think I would have done a most PEACHY happy dance if I'd found her myself.... :o) !

You are a BETTER man than I Gungadin....Thanks to Blogger I am now BALD as a cranky old badger....!!!!!

Ooh....a 'plait wrapover'....I can't wait to see....!!!

Enjoy your weekend Lovey....!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

Unknown said...

what a lovely blog! I have struggled to find any gem's lately! it is a cute find.

vivian said...

yes, she is a wonderful stumble indeed! I love how I dont need something until I see something and then realize I can not go on with out it! lol
happy day!

thea said...

love it :) but NOT traumatic tumbling, agreed.



Sharon Stanley said...

oh my goodness dearest dottie, was there ever a more perfect find for an author as the perfect writing utensil? never mind that you are probably tapping out your tome on your trusty computer....just the idea of the perfect writing utensil for the writer extraordinaire! perfection.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oh my goodness that is wonderful, it was worth going through all that crap to find such treasure!

dottie angel said...

ha ha hee hee, she is quite the rare one is she not!
thank you all for your lovely comments today dearest readers, most appreciated for sure :)

tamarah, crikey you have your hands full these days don't you! oh how i would love to pottle your way, maybe some day :)

fran! i do believe that very pair of scales maybe written up in the book, not sure though, for indeed i have written so many pennings over the past few months i cannot actually recall what i wrote about and what i did not!
those said scales are still in my little bathroom, leaving a nice rust mark on the wall where they lean :)

peachy days to you and your flocks!

george said...

love the pictures. she's a brave lady taking on all those children and a single mummy too! phew. look after her!

Travel With Lulu said...

Just found you via A Beach Cottage. I love your blog already! Adding it to my sidebar right now :)
XOLaura (expat American living in UK)

Anonymous said...

I love you. And your writing. Thanks for the smiles this morning!

silly old suitcase said...

Well, how nice is it to find just one thrifty piece, one like this!?
Think about when you had found a lot of other thriftshop-treasures,
you probably did not bought this exotic piece of art!

conclusion: sometimes a bit of thriftstore-stumbling is good!

Scarlet Report said...

Oh! I love her! She's so cute!

dottie angel said...

thank you for your kind words! indeed i think we can conclude, a thrifty stumble is indeed the best kind of stumbling to be done :)

Anonymous said...

That IS amazing, Tif! I'd say some of my best thrifty finds are souvenirs someone else probably decided was cheesy or "not their style". Love it!