Monday, May 16

a spot of rustling...

i am not here today,
i am over at Victoria's shiny place.
i do like Victoria's shiny place and i do like her too.
whilst Victoria is away on her hols,
she kindly invited a gaggle of bloggers
(i like that too! a 'gaggle' of bloggers)
to ramble on in her absence
and what a peachy line up she rustled up

i was most chuffed indeed to be included in her rustling
and so i did a spot of 'rustling up' myself with a little 'how-to'
for the faded vintagey looking lanterns i did a whilst back.

she is dropping her folks at the airport and thinking the shed will have an empty feeling upon her return ~ TIF


Bonita Rose said...

oh my those lanterns look like they are fr heaven! xo

Anonymous said...

I just love your rustling. I hope your airport trip is sweet and lovely and full of goodness.

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Och i Tif (no I'm not scottish, it just sounded right lol)...

I love your little 'how to', and I will be keeping a look out for those chinese'ee' lantern 'ee' thingymajigs to join in...

Trouble is, in nice, tidy Mossy Shed all these things look 'tres peachy', but in my Messy Shed they will look pants. LOl

Have a great week...Tif. x

mollymell said...

Dear Tif, I went to Victoria's shine place to check what you are doing there :)
Of course, your lanterns'project is gorgeous.
I want to thank my dear for the nice comment on my crochet work. Coming from you it meant a lot to me. Thank you so much. You are a very beautiful soul.

dottie angel said...

thank you my dearies :)
glad you liked the little 'how-to' over at Victoria's shiny place...

donna, pants indeed! not true my dear they would look fine and dandy hanging in your nest

regina, you are most welcome, you are a true talent with your Mr Hook :)

songskatesang, thank you for the well wishes

and bonita rose, you are most kind :)

Small Things Simple Pleasures said...

You're not there? If I had lanterns like that hanging all around me I'd never leave to go anywhere.

Sally said...

So pretty! Looking forward to reading your piece in Mollie Makes in a minute with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit!
Sally x

Momichka said...

Pretty lanterns!!! I'm expecting my first child and was looking for mobile-like hanging decorations for the nursery, but after seeing the paper lanterns, I'm inspired to create something like this.

Emma V said...

Dearest Tiff,
I have now put some photos of Mollie Makes on my blog with photos from your article, if you want to see it. You might need binoculars,but you will get an idea.
Much love

dottie angel said...

thank you! looking forward to seeing a copy of mollie makes, delighted it has been so well received :)
thanks for the sneak peek Emma!