Monday, July 12

thwarted by a thumb...

i had grand plans today to spend a little quality time with Miss Ethel
and then to pop on over here so i may tell about my lovely saturday morning.
but alas as per usual, my plans have been thwarted.
yes indeedy,
Thwarted with a capital 'T'

i am without doubt, you just sucked in your breath and let it go slowly,
your clans within your own nests turning to enquire as to what could have caused such a sharp intake of breath.
to which you reply
"must be big, must be something going down in mossy shed, for Tif has not only used the word thwarted but she has capitalized it!"

yes indeed dearest readers, a sharp intake of breath
and slight faintness at my capital 'T' did not go amiss in mossy shed.
let me enlighten you to the fact
i have been thwarted in my plans to stitch up a storm with Miss Ethel,
by a broken right thumb...
before you perhaps become too distraught on my behalf,
i must tell you, the thumb in question does not belong to moi.
the thumb that has thwarted my studio time
belongs to none other than Our #4.

the terrible mishap to befall his thumb happened late last night,
in the dark,
playing soccer in the back yard,
as boys are apt to do on long summer evenings.
earlier today he mentioned that perhaps his thumb was not behaving as it should.
on close inspection i felt a little queasy and i must confess a little guilty.
a trip to the doctors confirmed his thumb will be out of action for quite some time

i have rustled around in the kitchen drawer for my florence nightingale hat,
which is quite good really as i have had no chance to wash my hair
and voila! i now have the perfect disguise for my lanky locks.
i think right there, we can see every cloud does indeed have a silver lining.

and as if that silver lining were not enough to make me get over my thwarted 'fling' with Miss Ethel, i have another to think about...
all the waiting in various waiting rooms
which will continue tomorrow when we see the specialist
and not to mention
the sitting by his side in my florence hat making well meaning conversation,
fetching and carrying when needed
means i get to spend quality time with Mr Hook.

of course, as i tippity tap all my positive silver linings to what is quite a crappity crap turn of events for Our #4
a thought has suddenly dawned on me.
how on earth in the coming weeks, will he be able to keep his toenails squeaky clean with his newly found bookmark cleaning skills when his 'doing hand' is out of action?

she is off to study the small print in her florence nightingale contract ~ Tif


Unknown said...

broken bones abound. my brave boy broke his arm a little while ago! they heal quickly!

Pamela Holderman said...

Oh ow, my right index finger met with an accident while pruning the boxwood and is out of action for 7 weeks so I really feel for him. I can't cut or write but learning to eat with the left hand is kinda fun - hopefully he can learn some new ways too!

Unknown said...

Ugh - a broken thumb - that does suck - I hope he heals quickly. Loving the knitted patchwork - I'm inspired!

Lavender Playground said...

Hope your number 4's thumb will get better soon!

Flaming Nora said...

Ouch! I had a broken little toe last summer and that was painful enough. I cannot even begin to imagine how nasty a broken thumb would be. Nor how frustrating to an energetic young chappie. Lots of arnica tablets should help a bit. Enjoy your time with Mr Hook.

Serenata said...

LOL, indeed how will he clean his toenails?! A thought has struck me...I have never had to cut my DS2's toenails in all his 13 years - I daren't think how he keeps them short!

Hope the thumb heals quickly.

karin said...

you are so funny Tif, and (considering the state of my own kitchendrawers) i actually believe you are now walking around with Florence N.'s cap. Sorry about the thumb, how can the boy have slept with it broken?! it must have hurt so badly.

Clare B said...

Waiting rooms are perfect knitting/crochet time. I recently spent far too many hours in various waiting rooms seeing various specialists (repeatedly) for an ear infection and was quite impressed with the amount of knitting I was able to get done. A happy consequence out of not such happy circumstances!

Autumn Mist said...

Just don't let him milk it for all it's worth, my youngest son had me fetching and carrying for him days after he was better.

Sharon Stanley said...

oh no! poor number 4. sorry to hear of this mishap....perhaps you could put aside whatever treasure you are currently stitching up and make number 4 a jaunty little "thumb cozy"....a little fancy colored bandage cover....or maybe not....boys are funny about things like that.....

dottie angel said...

oh pamela that sounds horribly horrible, hope you heal soon...

karin! i thought the same too. i am wondering as he has notched up 4 breakages over his years that he is getting a little 'hardened' to the pain. today we hopefully get a cast on and that always makes a difference.

thank you all my lovelies for your kindness, i shall be sure to let him know that i am not the only one fretting for the state of his toenails :)

Laurie said...

Oh my, it does seem that there are challenges all about in my travels lately. I hope he heals quickly.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Sorry to hear of the broken thumb. I am sure you when get your date with Miss Ethel it will be well worth the wait!