Friday, July 9

be careful Tif...

yes indeedy dearest readers,
all day yesterday the wise words of someone from long ago were going round and round my little head...
"be careful what you wish for Tif"
now i am quite sure when that wise person made up their wise saying,
they did not actually add the 'Tif' bit at the end.
but the little voice inside my head that would not switch off,
felt it most necessary to add the 'Tif' bit.
i am quite sure you are all wishing to know why i am being subjected to such wisdom from my inner voice?
if you are not, do you mind pretending you are, because then i will feel so much better about continuing to ramble on with my thrilling tale of 'be careful Tif'

over the past few weeks, ney months, i think it would be true to say
i have been a bit of 'whinger' about the lack of sunlight over mossy shed.
i think i contained my growing unrest with Mr Spring and Mr Summer quite well upon my shiny place...
but around the shed and in my head
(oh! i do like that little line, around the shed and in my head. i think such a line has great potential)
so around the shed and in my head
i was voicing some wicked thoughts in the direction of 'lacking Mr Spring' and 'missing in action Mr Summer'.
i went to bed nightly and along with my 'repeat after me' high hopes plan
i also sent out a silent little wish for summer to begin,
to lift the cloud of dull and dreary that was now the norm around the shed.

this week, on wednesday my wish was finally granted.
Mr Summer in all his glory shone around,
blue skies up above, not a cloud in view
there was a warmth in my shed and my head
(a line with potential to be used again and again is a line worth knowing)
however by thursday,
two days into Mr Summer shining down on moi,
the little voice from within was nagging,
ney mocking,
my perspiring body,
my lanky, dripping hair,
swollen ankles
and thumping head.
"be careful what you wish for Tif"

as i sat on the sidelines dripping whilst watching Our #4 play soccer
i thought how fortunate i was not to be the one having to run around kicking a ball,
indeed i am trying to think the last time i ran around and kicked a ball.
i have gasped a gasp!
have i ever run around and kicked a ball in my 41 years.
this is most bothersome,
most concerning i cannot recall ever kicking a ball.
if it were not so hot i would rectify the matter straight away.
leaving you pronto and heading into the yard,
donned in my thrift store cotton 'dress turned nightie' and clogs to kick a ball

so i can then put my hand up high and say proudly
"yes! i Tif, have run around and kicked a ball"
but alas it is not be,
for i am already past any kind of activity involving balls and running today.

but i have digressed,
and when i look at the above penned words
i see the sun has 'touched me' in more ways than one...
indeed my little head is a bit 'doolally' today.
what i have been trying to say is,
i have learnt my lesson when it coming to 'wishing'.
for it is most important when wishing
to mention the details.
i now see the 'small print' in a wish, is worth noting.
in failing to add the 'small print' to my wish
i am not enjoying a balmy 70 to 80 degrees as i had longed for,
instead i have been landed with 100 degrees or so.
on mentioning this to Mr Summer as i lay awake last night trying to breath surrounded by his sticky closeness,
he pointed out quite wisely, that i had failed to give enough detail in my wish
and therefore i had no claims on his return policy.

there is nothing for it but to
swan around the shed in my thrifted cotton nightie this morning
until the heat becomes beyond what my little british body can tolerate
then i shall lay upon the wood floor with used dog and little olive,
a piece of paper with scrawly writing laid across my chest saying
"out of action until further notice"

she is wishing you a peachy weekend of perfect temps ~ Tif


Heidi said...

Love your nightie and clogs such style for kickball!!!

Sharon Stanley said...

oh that it were so....we have had 100+ temps all month....and humid, very humid...go away mr. summer...we need rain....we are hot....we are melllllllting....melllllllting.... so sorry you are too! happy weekend just the same.

Marilyn said...

Oh that all it takes to make it so? just be specific when wishing? then.. i wish for Mr Summer to back off and go back to being kind and caring and not all hot and bothered as he has been this year. we have had hot and bothered for weeks now, and i may just join you on the floor....but here with the cat on the mat...hope it cools down and you are back in action soon!!!

Chloe said...

Oh you poor thing. It is quite hot here as well, but I fear you have it worse. If it makes you feel any better, and by golly it should, you look absolutely adorable in your cotton shift and clogs.

claudia horner said...

Wow, that is one gorgeous huipil you found, most gorgeous! The colors, oh sigh, the flowery embroidery. Envy is poking his evil little head up in my heart!

considerthelillies said...

it has been so hot here in Alabama, also near 100, that I actually have been envying fellow bloggers who are complaining about gloomy cold weather still! Ah, to be in Alaska or Canada or England, how grand that would be for my summers!

Francesca said...

it's the same here tif. well maybe not 100 but nearing 90. it's unbearable! your mexican dress is too good to be a nighty. i got one from etsy a while ago. love it. x

Claire said...

Ah yes, the joys of summer. I shall send you some Wintery wishes from the Land Downunder Tif and hope that they cool you down somewhat.
I must say I have never wished for summery weather. At the end of each blisteringly hot summers day (40 deg) I tell myself it's one day closer to Winter and that's how I survive.
Looking forward to wearing scarves, red leather gloves and brooches.

VickieC said...

Dear Tif,

I am there with you Tif. I too had also wished for summer to show itself.....but now I am sitting, dripping with sweat, depressed because I so wanted to work on my "ordinarily extraordinary" throw and my hands are just too sweaty to enjoy the process - not to mention the heat from the throw laying in my lap. Miss Mina Barker is wondering why I am not taking her on her long deserved walks but the thought of such exhausts me before I start. My mantra is "it won't last long, it won't last long" so I am trying not to complain....too much.

Vickie in Seattle

mel @ loved handmade said...

I hope it cools down a little for you. I'm not a fan of summer myself, unless I'm on holiday in a plush hotel with a pool & pool bar & crystal waters of the ocean at my doorstep...I haven't had that since our honeymoon 10yrs ago & don't see it happening again any time soon...sighhhh, still we're in the thick of winter right now & it is bitterly cold & I love it!

Jill said...

I just found you---I think through art wall--you know how one clicks leads to another and you get lost? your profile and began to think "uhg...I hate her...eight kids homeschooled and all this beauty on her blog!!! Then laughed and loved you when I finished reading the profile!! (I have 6 kids, no homeschooling and while I may have my "act together" it's a MESS around here all the time!)
And, now I feel bad because I said I hated you in your dream. I take it back.

anna said...

I live in seattle so I know exactly what you're talking about

Unknown said...

you are feeling the heat as well. It is a global phenomenon then? here in Canada (Canada!!!) we are sweltering!

Frances said...

Ahhh, the summer heat has overtaken me, too. Almost 100 degrees for several days outdoors, coupled with sudden plunges into frigid airconditioning in various places, including my workplace.

Just wears me out.

Great to see you use the world doolally. Don't hear this much anymore, no matter which season.

Stay cool. Keep kicking and posting.

Ticking stripes said...

The British body thermostat overheats I find at around 78 degrees. At that point there is much disrobing and disgruntlement. At that point there is no cooking, no ironing but lots of huffing and puffing!

PixieBelle said...

I too made the mistake of cursing the late start to spring and summmer and yes, I too forgot the small print. we are at present facing similar temperatures and I can't cope. I always have to have a duvet over me to make me feel secure at night but it's just too hot so sleep is spent restling between comfort and security. It's not a fun fight.

13threads said...

Next time you speak to Mr Summer could you add to the small print, 'and shine on Edinburgh, please.' It would be very much appreciated.

Unknown said...

oh miss Tif! I'll send some of our rain your way if you like... !? i'm sure your wee british body wiil appreciate that... ;)
emma x

Elizabeth said...

If it's any consolation at all, it's digustingly hot and humid here in the south of England. I am certainly struggling to do more than stagger from settee to computer and back again etc etc. As for attacking the humungous pile of urgent ironing - I don't think so!!

I think I too will have to pin a note saying 'out of action until further notice' somewhere prominent.

Tracie said...

It has been brutally hot in my town too for the past week and a half. I took the kids to the park yesterday for 30 minutes and we were all wilting! After 2 weeks of no rain, it rained for hours yesterday and so far today feels cooler. Hang in there!

Serenata said...

Have to admit I'm feeling very much like that here as well! As long as the floor is cool!

Autumn Mist said...

Mr Summer has been dallying here with a vengeance (not being entirely sure which part of england you are from) and it hasn't rained for at least three weeks. Hosepipe ban comes into effect today. Marvellous.

Miki said...

Awe, I love everything you do! I want to buy it all, will anything be available in your shop soon? Cheers from Buenos Aires!


dottie angel said...

i see i am not the only one wilting to some degree...
pixiebelle! i too have the need for a duvet to protect me from harm! that made me smile to think i am not alone thinking a duvet can keep me safe at night :)

hope you are all having a lovely weekend, rain or shine.
see you on monday my lovelies :)

Donnell said...

It has been close to a hundred here for days and days and rained for days and days as well.

Our road crews are still outside out house widening the road in their long pants and long sleeves and heavy boots no matter the weather or the heat.

Texas is almost always hot, so they are pretty used to it.

Elsa said...

so it was YOU that caused this heat wave we've been having! I live in Portland and it's been so hot here ... I was thinking where in the world is there a place that stays in the 60's that I could move to! hahaha ... thanks for the lovely words and wonderful pictures!

The Fairy Glade said...

Georgeous nighty and I am so with you on this heat thing. We have had the hottest weather that I can remember for ages. I can't remember the last time it rained and I am afraid to "wish" for it just in case we have a flood. So I would like to kindly request a gentle downpour overnight from whoever is responsible for the rainfall around these parts! Dev x

Anonymous said...

cet empilement de tissus est superbe!!!! je ne comprends pas tout .....dommage!!! babouu