Friday, January 22

snippets of...

"oh hurrah, it's friday and friday can only mean one thing!!
it's our favorite day of the week, when Tif brings us snippets of..."
i hear you chorus around the globe

yes indeedy my dearest readers i have been tres excited for today's snippets,
which i might add, are not just any old 'snippets of...'

"oh Tif, how simply, thrillingly, exciting to hear" you chorus yet again
"isn't it just peachy!" i respond

let me tell you, they are snippets of lovelies i have found upon return to my 'thrifting ways'.

"brilliant Tif! thrifting ways is our kind of universal language" i hear yet more choruses
"i knew it! i knew it! joined across the seas and lands by a mutual lust for thrifty goodness, that's us dearest readers!"

now we must come down from our 'hysteria' induced frenzy of excitement and continue with 'snippets of...' before i get so worked up into thrifty lust i have to leave you right here, right now and go 'a thrifting'

so as i was saying before my heart started to quicken and my 'itching to go a thrifting' ways came across me...
i have now been on several occasions treasure hunting and thus i have started to build up my allergy resistance (hallelujah) and unleashed the thrifting addict that i had subdued over the gleeful season.

i have to tell you as well, i left many a forsaken soul upon the shelves of despair knowing i would never be able to sneak them past my man...
so without 'further a do' i bring you

'snippets of thrifty goodness'

a biscuit tin any granny would be proud to own, filling it with toffees.
i am quite certain this is the type of tin a granny would fight for

three paper lanterns now hung above our kitchen KNOOK
with crocheted ties and doily tails

a lovely 'how could you not have been picked already' jug,
looking perfectly perfect with kitschy plastic flowers my mother gave me last summer

a little yellow dansk saucepan and fabby orange table mats, still with 1969 stickers on the bottom and singing 'spring time' at the top of their little voices

a Mary and Jesus 1980's plastic 'thingy me jig'.
i painted them and then a crack appeared.
this told me "thou shalt not dorb Jesus in paint".
i apologized and it's all peachy now

a few balls of yarn,
destined to be crocheted into something glorious when i have an epiphany

and last but by no means least,
a set of retro saucepans,
one of which was a little shy even after i cleaned her up,
she would not agree to be photographed.
carlos and myself respected her integrity

she is hoping you all have a peachy perfect weekend ~ Tif
footynote: a tres grande 'thanking you kindly' to all that browsed my shelves within my little store yesterday, making my shop update and donation to the Haiti relief funds such a success :)


Anonymous said...

Those pans date back to the 70's. My mom had that exact set. It brings back a lot of memories to see them. They are a find indeed!

Lisa said...

I love that springtime photo with the flowers on your table. Interesting objects and great colors. Plus, tulips are wonderful so they top it all off. Have a great weekend!

Christina Lowry said...

Lots of lovely finds there! But Tif, may I ask, did you have two paper lanterns already? For you say three and I see five? :)

PS. Jealousy is rising over that jug! I have been 'jugless' (sounds a bit naughty) for ever and after every attempt to find a jug had to buy one from IKEA. It is a beautiful jug, but would have been more beautiful still had it been thrifted.

Anonymous said...

well I just finished posting my blog on crochet doilies...and now I'm out surfing the blogosphere...taking a pit stop at your site....always a fun trip that is...
I'm glad to see you've found some great items...all at the price of a swift thrift...!
and away I go.

dottie angel said...

oh christina, well done, go to the top of the class and have a nice gold sticky star for your very observant ways...
indeed i have five lanterns hanging, three were secondhand this past week and the other two left over from our #1's 18th birthday which in turn had been left over from my 40th.
they are not quite so peachy as the other three but have come up to notch with a doily tail or two :)

Jennifer said...

Fantastic finds, I love that jug, it's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your treasures with us.

Pamela Holderman said...

oh I am coveting the yellow dansk pot oh so much...
I blogged about you today...

Laura said...

what a fantastical set of finds, my fav is the painted Mary and Jesus thingy me jig, I love the colour!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

How lovely to have found a dansk little pot. I have a few of these but they are so pretty that I never dare to cook with them. I haven't a single plant at the moment (tend to kill them) but when we buy a house I'm turning my sweet dansk pots into hopefully-not-to-be-killed plant holders.

Unknown said...

I am always so amazed by the way you can take such mundane items that most people would just pass by and after you put you Dottie Angel magic on them you have something so gorgeous! I'm trying to learn to have your eye:)

Tara Diane said...

I love those lamps!! and The doilies, it makes them look so perfect! I have been wanting to buy some chinese lanterns but I haven't found any I love... but I DO love those ones!

Anna said...

i have those saucepans! i had the kettle but my Momma stole it, its her favorite soup bean kettle. And i bought some lanterns like that at the dollar store. Love them. Your home is amazing! Love the Virgin Mary figure.

Char said...

lovin' all the thrifty goodness

Chrisydot said...

this last weekend I purchased a platter that exactly matches those japanese saucepans! lovely.

dottie angel said...

oh chrisydot! i have that platter too, picked it up two years back and it holds my makeup and stuff by the sink... most lovely indeed!

thanks for your 'snippets of thrifty finds' loving, my dearies
Tif x

Anonymous said...

These are lovely finds! I've been looking for a saucepan to keep odds and ends in... but using it as a flower pot is a great idea!

I just picked up quite a few treasures myself today :)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That tin is gorgeous! Love the fun paper lanterns. The flowers in the sweet pitcher look so pretty. All such thrifty good finds, displayed in such beautiful ways. Have a fabulous weekend. :) Tammy

Sue said...

Love the jug,I never seem to be able to find such interesting things as you when I go thrifting,am feeling much envy.


Angela said...

Such gorgeous, gorgeous snippets!! Bring on next Friday!!

PixieBelle said...

I think the paint adds just the right touch of interesting to the Mary and Jesus figure. The crack is just a little extra to make it not completely shiney and new looking, more like the perfect thrifty find that it was. ;)

Janne said...

Hey, I just love your style and pictures. This is the first time I visit your blog;)

A while ago I found some of your pictures here..
And I just LOVE them and posted some on my blog. I didn't know that you have copyright protected them. So I just hope it's ok that I have some on my blog??

Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration you have given me.

Can I make a small presentation about you and this lovely blog and link my readers to your blog??

Thank you.

Hug from Janne

suzy said...

Oh so beautiful thrifty goodies you have Tif!!
I too found a trove of treasure at our markets yesterday.
If you ever come to Melbourne Australia, I will take you to the Camberwell Markets. We can have a race and push each other out of the way for the bargains. In a friendly way of course! I will even give you a headstart because you will be new to the market and don't know the course. :)

Tracey Johnson said...

Love your quirky style, Dottie Angel. You make me want to go to garage sales and junk stores with your style in mind PLUS my own. Together we could really do up some cute junk in my springtime house. I simply adore the idea of spray painting the little statues/sitabouts. So darling.


Rapunzel said... bright blue dansk pan has a yellow cousin!
I used mine to melt butter for popcorn just a few hours ago.
Thanks for sharing your treasures Tif!

Queenie Bee said...

I arrived via Art Wall, your site is lovely. I can't wait to spend some time on it. I have added it to my blog list.

Anonymous said...

I have those pots as well! They're much cheerier than most other things on the stovetop, and I like to use one as my special bread-rising pot when I make No Knead Bread.