Tuesday, November 17

a 'week of glee' ~ day two

when i decorate my shed with glee i do the usual 'gleeful' things,
i put up a tree, no higher than 5ft, add ornaments and then i decorate our two fireplaces with such 'gleeful' delights as garlands, fairy lights, pesky gnomes, little trees, yarn balls and other such 'gleeful' things and then i tend to stop there.

my reasons being, if i continue with adding 'glee' all over the place,
within the week it's doing my head in, i can't breath for feeling i'm being attacked by 'gleeful' things wherever i look and i am just counting the days until i can remove all the 'glee' and put it in the attic.

now we all know this does not make for a very nice 'gleeful' atmosphere and so i have learnt over the past few years the best way to add 'glee' around my shed is to put out things i would usually have around but they just happen to be in the colors of 'glee'.
white, red and green
and best of all
they are handcrafted or vintage.
thus i am less likely to have the urge to purge
(you got to love that last sentence, it just came over me and i was like "oooh, Tif, that's fab... the urge to purge", one could almost say it 'gleefully' and in a sing song voice.
"i've got the urge to purge")

so i thought it might be nice if we went looking on Etsy today for 'gleeful' items that lend themselves to the season, but actually would be things i would happily have in mossy shed any day of the year.

so without further a do, i give you
a 'little Etsy glee'...

a lovely set of green canisters from

a sweet garland from

a wonderful vintage dutch tin from

a little bit of peace from

a pop of red dansk ware from

a beautiful paper doily garland from

a perfect home for pesky gnomes from

a vintage ornament in 'granny chic' colors from

a festive feeling stool from

a little collection of jolly colored spools from

a gleeful grouping of vintage ladies from

i do hope you have found that to be a nice filling 'quoter of glee' and that it puts you in a gleeful mood for the rest of the day

she has counted the use of 'glee' for today as over 16 times and she is thinking that's not bad for day two of glee ~ Tif


Hear Me Roar! said...

Oh Tif, PLEASE tell me you're going to get that little home for the gnomes?! It's just so perfect, and it IS second hand and everything, so I believe you're not breaking any of the challenge rules...

Anonymous said...

love love love love love love your images!

agneta from sweden

dottie angel said...

thing is tasha,
if i buy them a lovely little home for their pesky living quarters then i fear they will not leave me in the summer months but insist on being my constant guests all year round :)

Floss said...

Hey, I had those vintage ladies! My boys still play with some of their cousins, actually, although we don't have anything like the full set...

I am drooling over those two paper garlands now - they have got me re-motivated to finish the garlands I started as Christmas presents. Now I just have to find the backet with that particularl WIP...

oh, albatross said...

oh, that paper doily garland is too lovely. i could adorn myself in it... with maybe a little dash of tinsel.

oooh, i just got excited for holiday decorating. all the best!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

I just discovered your blog through Artful Blogging and feel so lucky to have found it! I feel like I've been transported to a lovely place far, far away. I'm going to stay a while and look around. I saw some tutorials that I must check out.
Enjoy your day!

dottie angel said...

oooh, welcome heather... do stay and have a potter around :)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm loving the wooly stool and the vintage dutch tin. Your balls of yarn always look so lovely. Mine just look like a big mess all over the house. :) Best wishes, Tammy

Jutta said...

Hi, I just found your blog via sfgirlbybay, and oh my, what a lovely blog you have! :) I love all the colors and you are so creative!

Bolmara said...

Well, here I am my name is Bolmara , I´m from Buenos Aires , Argentina and ejoying your blog so much. Sorry if my English is not so good but I can tell you that everything you show us is wanderfull I love crochet and I live selling crochet works. I´ll write you soon . Bye .

Bolmara De Marco