Friday, October 9

me and my thrifty ways... part two

as i reported yesterday in 'thrilling' part one of my thrifty ways, my secondhand finds of late have been slim on the ground.

but i have not let that deter me, no sirree... our hallway needed 'brightening' up and 'brightening' i did.
armed with paint (not sure what i will do when my little cans run dry), some mirrors, an 'interesting' flower painting and my thrifty yarn, i set forth at the beginning of the week with my transformation.

my thrifty yarn was the starting point, which i came across last week... not in the thriftstore but in a rather lovely vintage store called Sisters, not too far from me.
my little eyes spied a glass bowl of vibrant colored yarn scraps... and as i thought the case maybe, they were for display. obviously i had desperation in my eyes, thus causing the lovely owner to take pity upon a 'handcrafted thrifty' mama such as i, and agreed to sell me some.
"hurrah" i thought as i drove home, glancing across to my glowing stash safely buckled in... wanting to hug my fabby yarn and show the world right there and then, it's wonderful colorful qualities.

later that night i sat upon my little couch in the kitchen and began a 'blankie of the utmost' kind.
after ten minutes my eyes began to itch... could it be?
after another ten minutes i was ready to rip my eyeballs from their sockets. yes, it could be... i had wool yarn in my hands.
this would never do for a doggie blankie, Miss W. Machine and her 'wayward ways' with laundry would have this thing felted in a jiffy.
so i unravelled and pondered.
me on my little sofa pondering, opposite little olive in her basket sleeping,
with garland above.
of course, it only stood to reason, if little olive had a crocheted garland then so should i...

i set about crafting a garland for our hallway, and if i may be so bold, let me give you a 'visual' of my front hall, so you may further 'see' my results.
as you step through the shed's front door, you have a wall less than six feet in front of you.
if you turn to the right, there is a cupboard for coats, the lounge area and just to the left of this picture is the stairs...

if you turn to the left, there is another cupboard and a through way to either my studio or the narrow corridor leading to the kitchen.

i love this little space.
the minute i stepped into mossy shed, the first time i viewed her, this little area felt like home. at the time the wood was dark and the area rather grim. but nothing a little paint couldn't fix.
originally i painted the doors a lovely french gray but as color has been creeping into the shed of late, the gray was begining to look rather flat and dull...
as you can see from the pictures above, the doors are now a glossy chartreuse (left over from our #3's closet doors)

on my wallpapered wall, i have retired two hooks to the kitchen drawer and kept one, giving him a coat of chartreuse.
next i hung a rather 'iffy' floral painting i picked up sometime ago, it looked rather sad in it's brown wood frame and so i made it feel much happier with 'scary pink' paint.

i'm still working on the little corridor that has very little light, leading to the kitchen. i have decided to collect mirrors, you know the sort, the plastic kitschy ones and give them a new lease of life with a coat of 'brightness'...

and the 'dernière touche de finition',
(okay we need to stop and pause just there. did you read what i wrote, are you now wondering if Tif is taking french lessons to brush up on her rather pathetic ten words she remembers from school. nope dearest readers, i have discovered the translate button on darren dictionary's website. i see a whole world of deep and relevant foreign 'quotes' appearing before me)

but back to my 'final finishing touch' in the hallway.
yep, the 'used' yarn... now a woolly garland
and of course, a few doilies were added in for good measure...

i am most happy with my little handcrafted hallway, i have practised coming in and out the front door several times and going "aaah, home sweet handcrafted home" as i cross the threshold to Mossy Shed.
next week the downstairs loo will get a 'spiffing up' when debbie comes to stay, with her little pot of wallpaper glue in hand, 'used and gifted' from across the pond.

she is thinking a handcrafted thrifty mama couldn't think of a better gift to be given ~ Tif
footynote: i forgot my manners, so excited was i about my garland. thank you kindly for the 'tutorial' words of support, i am so delighted to know my instructions were not 'iffy' in any way and you have been inspired to throw away your precision tools... have a 'peachy perfect' weekend my dears and see you monday for a 'whatnot' garland giveaway... hurrah!!!


Floss said...

Ohh, that's lovely! I thought of you when I bought some doilies in my French charity shop today... I shall get thinking about that banner.

Now, my 'French translating machine' (i.e. my bilingual son) says that the correct translation for 'the finishing touch' is 'le point final' ('the final full-stop'). Those online translators are a lot of (unintentional) fun!

Lola Nova said...

Beautiful all the way 'round!

I do believe there are such places that sell second hand paint (not as dodgy as it sounds) left overs from big jobs, mistakes and wherever used paint comes from. I've been thinking 'bout this myself as I have painting plans. Finding just the 'made for me' colors might be iffy though.

Really lovely job on the sprucing!

Ta and good weekend to you.

Kaylovesvintage said...

your house looks wonderful

Kylie said...

That is so fabulous. Love your knitted garland... do you think it would work with crochet or would that be too heavy? Must seek out that translation tool! :) K

dottie angel said...

floss, i feared as much that darren dictionary may be having a laugh at my expense :)

kylie, the garland is crocheted, i've given up the needles, much perferring the hook these.

that's the problem isn't it lola, the colors are always a bit iffy. i'm wondering if this is an example of, if you HAVE to buy it then make sure it's enviromently friendly etc. i've got to ponder this one, as our bedroom hasn't been remodelled since 1980 and needs help desperately... i have a lot of pink left so perhaps i will just have to 'pinkify' everything for one year :)

have a lovely weekend ladies :)

littlehillBIGSEA said...

Hi Tif, just found your blog this week. Love the challenge you have set yourself. I am tempted to take up the challenge but something is holding me back. Could it be fear? I'll mull it over. Meanwhile I look forward to seeing how you get on. Thanks for the inspiration.

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

And as I feared, your whole house does look completely fabulous! How do you do it? You have such a different style but it would appeal to so many. And it's all so neat and tidy too. Oh dear where have I gone wrong?

Michelle said...

Tif I dream of having a cottage as clean as yours...
I am in total disarray...
Your hallway looks fab!!!

Anonymous said...

your mossy shed looks very serene, and i love your crocheted banner - great colours. i also admire your challenge.

dottie angel said...

thank you for the hallway compliments... do not be completely fooled, piles lurk in the shed, mainly upstairs and on the kitchen counter but i do like 'space' to breath and clutter does bother me.
although if you asked my man, he would say our house is completely cluttered with doilies and my stuff, but he suffers quietly for me :)

Tif x

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

You have created a lovely hallway, there! It's looks divine! Have a whimsical weekend!

Purrfect Haven said...

I love your blog and the chance to glimpse into your beautiful amuse and inspire in equal amounts. Thanks. Helen

jennywren1990 said...

I do believe you are in the process of designing my dream home dear Dottie. Would you be so kind as to please adopt me so I can learn to crochet with you, dally with doilies all day, play with little miss Olive, and chase chickens around the shed? Oh pretty pretty please?

the mama monster said...

oh .my. goodness... i think that you are my brain run away from me. your style and home is exactly how i imagine mine to be, if i didn't have 3 totally crazy little boys who took away every ounce of my time i love everything about your house and your crafts. i have just spent a long while browsing your beautiful blog. where did you get all of your beautiful wallpaper?

Mia said...

Hello Tif! I thought it was about time to let you know that I have been lurking about your lovely blog for quite a while, and have been most fascinated by your "challenge of utmost kind". I have given it a lot of thought, and do have to confess that I would be sure to fail miserably if I were to sign in. And sure enough, already this Friday I was unable the resist temptation. I have written an entry about it in my blog and in it linked to your lovely blog (hope it is OK). Thank you for wonderful inspiration.

dottie angel said...

thanks for your lovely words...
as to wallpapers, they are a combination of

orla kiely
graham & brown eco range
ebay vintage

hope that helps...

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

what a fabby space

Chrisy said...

Gorgeous things you've made for this different whimsical works of art!

Anna said...

I think I am quite in love with your wallpaper. Gorgeous.