Monday, October 5

achieving the unachievable...

this week is jam packed with lots of things i wish to achieve.
some are achievable
some are 'pie in the sky'...

i wish to achieve

*laundry (not only folded and dried but put away)
*apron wraps for shop
*new seat cushion for chair in studio
*clip little olive's claws
*finish painting doors, a fabby glossy chartreuse green
*paint mirror in downstairs loo with scary pink color
*finish crocheting garland for hallway
*sort piles of stuff for thrift
*become a fabulous cook
*start and finish custom orders
*finish hallway makeover
*clean toilets
*wash 'used dog'

"why?" you may well ask is all of this needing to be crammed into one week...
well dearest readers, it is of the utmost importance that i achieve this unachievable list for my besty friend debbie is coming to stay in one week.
the members of my shed are weeping with joy, for when debbie comes to stay there is good food to be had, kind words to be shared and best of all i become '40 going on 13' again...

i left one thing off my list, for i did not wish you to be overcome with faintness and then not be able to read the paragraph above, for 'lightheadedness'... perhaps you should remain seated throughout the remainder of this ramble. for i can tell you, 'last but not least' on my 'unachievable' list is

*write 'holiday tutorial' for blog

are you still there?
was it a shock to the system?
do you need someone to pass the smelling salts?
i know it is a 'rare day' for me to do a tutorial, but that 'rare day' has come and even rarer, i think it might make sense...

she is off to edit her rambling tutorial, with paint brush in hand and will be back tomorrow with 'said' tutorial, giving you ample recovery time ~ Tif
footynote: did you see that? that slip of the tongue, or are you still faint from the tutorial declaration... dearest readers, i said 40 and not 41. quite obviously, i am in denial...


annamaria potamiti said...

Good luck...I love the idea of a 'used dog'...Hmm!Funny!

Elissa said...

oh, hooray for besty friends visiting! and if you figure out how to become a fabulous cook, please do a tut on that one as well ;-)

Lola Nova said...

That is quite a list! I'm still trying to catch up on the laundry from the days of sick when I pretended it did not exist. And then there is my poor neglected shop and...well, now the mole hill has become a mountain.

Your arrangements in the photos are peachy. I am wishing you courage and perseverance in all your endeavors in the coming week, and most happy that you have a lovely friend coming to stay.
I am also feeling an Alice like curiosity about your tutorial, what will it be? I will wonder away until you share. I know how involved tutorials are, god speed.

debbie said...

oh my goodness, please do not damage yourself with over exhertion on my account. We can do a bunch of that stuff when I'm there surely? A cup of tea and some lovely company, and I'm a happy girl. xx ps. I'll bring the chocolate.

Lisa said...

I saw your profile in Etsy after you ordered my wallpaper pack. I loved it so much I couldn't wait to hop over & check you out. Love your creativity, can't wait for the tutorial. Your package will be mailed tomorrow! Lisa

Casey said...

I'm excited!

I really should make a list of things I need to get done also, probably would make things less stressful

Beck said...

That's a heck of a list...have you crossed any off yet? I like the 40 going on 13 part, I have a friend who does that to me as well. Hope there are lots of laughs & silly stuff xo

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Ha! Denial is a beautiful thing. ;)

There is nothing better than the company of a good friend. I can't wait for the tutorial!

~ Jennifer

Kylie said...

Oh boy... I am feeling faint! I don't make lists for this very reason ;) I prefer to simply stumble from one thing to the next as it catches my attention! Looking forward to your tutorial :) K

Eve said...

I would love to join your challenge but now that I've seen the boots in your photo I am lusting after them. Who makes them? Tell me so I can get on with my life. I am all about hand made and thrifting, but where boots are concerned....I tend to drift.

dottie angel said...

ladies, you will be pleased to know that as of 9pm this evening i have crossed off several things. not the horrible dull chorey stuff but the lovely things like 'bathroom mirror' and 'hallway garland'... yep, i know my priorities (is that how you spell that word...)

and debbie... do not fear my besty friend i have another list for the week you are here and it includes such 'to dos' that need wallpaper glue and the likes :)

and last but not least...
children of eve, my boots are by London Fly... never have i had so many people ask me about a pair of boots... i have to say they are a pretty sweet teal color and have fast become my favorite footwear :)

Anonymous said...

looking forward to the tutorial. :)

have you seen this style shoot? It's like Huck Finn met Dottie Angel. So sweet.

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Hi Tif! I'm wondering what this holiday tutorial will be - how exciting! Now don't overdo your self this week, it's not good for your health at all. And does your whole house look as good as those photos you keep teasing us with? Oh I certainly do hope not.

Catherine said...

I'm exhausted already and I'm not even doing the list!!! Don't do too much or you'll be too tired for next week!! LOL!!

Ravenhill said...

Loving your lighthearted nature and fun loving blog! Your crafty photos are delightful!
~Emily xx

dottie angel said...

elizabeth... you are quite right! dottie angel would only ever wear wellie boots with her swim suit.
what a delightful photoshoot... makes me wish to run around nailing doilies to all my woodland trees :)
although the pesky squirrels are bound to think i put them there for them to line their nests with :)

Tif x

cathie3914 said...

love the cramming idea!
be in denial - I live there! and I like it!!!

best wishes,