Thursday, June 4

thrifty thursdays...

perhaps i should start with advising any of you with a faint heart or perhaps a new babe in arms, to sit down whilst reading my tale of today...
(of course you may not have come back to me once you saw sweet 'wee Gus', and i could be talking to myself, nothing new there then...)

i went 'a thrifting' last night, and it happened.
("what happened?" i hear you cry)
oh dearest deary readers, something far worse than a 'contaminated' sneeze in my face, far worse than orange skin from my fake tan lotion, and far worse than the fact my dishwasher has packed up on me (actually that is really crap and quite the worst kind of thing as it is filled to the rafters with a whole day of gross things to which i now need to address...)
i know people say
"it's okay, it happens to everyone sometime in their lives"
or perhaps
"don't think about it, the more you think about it, the more it's likely to happen again"
or even
"that's okay, i love you anyway"

well such words of comfort can not help me here...
for the first time in history (does that sound familiar...)
i went into a thrift store, and then left the thrift store empty handed... (gasp, shock, horror)
i went from department to department and then i went around again, in quiet disbelief, thinking perhaps it was moi that couldn't see the treasure that was so obviously there, but no i don't think it was me with the problem, it was total crap. not even one pillowcase...

i did spy a little old typewriter that i soooo wanted to bring home, i tried it out with a piece of old paper from my bag... there i was in the middle of the store, typing away. after a few words i noted the ribbon wasn't as 'fresh' as i had hoped, thus proving difficult to read my words... then three keys got stuck in a big tangle and i remembered why typewriters are perhaps not the best thing to write on. so i placed my sweet typewriter back on the shelf... now i think about it, i wish i had left my ramblings in the machine for the next thrifty soul to come upon...
i am hopeful my empty cart will be a 'one off' kind of thrift store horror and not the start of 'a string of horrors', only time will tell...

in the meantime i have a few thrifty finds from the internet for your 'inspection' today...
i have to tell you first though, i'm in love... not just an 'infatuation' kind of love, this is the real thing, i see a whole lifetime of love ahead of me.
it is with a vintage labeller.

actually two...

i know it's greedy of me to want them both, but they know about each other and also they know in their own sweet ways they are special to me, so they have agreed to share my devotion and i think this threesome is going to work out nicely.

so far i have labelled
our #1's alarm clock
our #1's cell phone
our #1's boyfriend's cell phone
our #2's friend's cell phone
our #3's cell phone
(ummm, something tells me i could have a nice little business going here)
and my favorite so far,
some fabby, 'oh so perfect' spice jars i found on etsy... which are gallantly trying to keep me organized on my desk.

and last but not least
the top secret mission of the other week...
the lovely fran is not the only one to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet
i too will be hearing 'pitter patters' in the middle of July... it is most exciting
the only difference is
wee Gus is a boy
little Olive is a girl
wee Gus has two arms and two legs
little Olive has four legs
wee Gus is four days old
little Olive is three weeks old
wee Gus will not have hair for a while
little Olive is covered in fur

yes, i am to be a mummy to an Olive. i feel most excited about this turn of events, ask my man and he will tell you he does not quite share my excitement, but as he said the other day as i marvelled at little Olive's 'oh so perfect patches' after my visit to see her...
"well it's like everything you bring into the house, i know i will learn to love it in time"

and she's thinking that's all that matters ~ Tif


Anonymous said...

Your man sounds like a smart one. :) And I love the label makers!!

JaimeNicole said...

I'm afraid my little Dayton thrift stores leave me feeling that way a LOT. I'll be writing about my worst thrift store experience soon as I can put the horror into words. You may not want to read it, it's very very bad.

dottie angel said...

jaime nicole... the world awaits with baited breath :)

Kylie said...

Lovely post...just loved it.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that op shops are not what they once were!
Your labellers are ace! I remember my first one in the 1970s and how I labelled everything in the house like an ESL student!!
Love your creative space.

Tracy x said...

dear olive.......
i already truly love you x
t x

blue corduroy said...

thanks so much for the fun read. i started with one post, and couldn't stop! i really enjoyed your photo shoot post and then couldn't resist looking at your etsy shop. you have a spectacular style, one that i have in my head, but often don't think it shows on the outside- you do it well! i also love all the outfits you wore in your shoots! too cute! thanks for the great influence. -emily

dottie angel said...

kylie and emily,

thank you so much for your kind words...
so pleased to know you have enjoyed your visit :)

and i, in return have enjoyed visiting you :)

willywagtail said...

You could always try chocolate - it never lets you down like opshops do.

Michelle said...

now I'm truly hoping Olive is a "pet"

Hear Me Roar! said...

So glad to hear little Olive is everything you dreamed she would be. I'm still not sure I understand the part where you didn't get the typewriter just because it had sticky keys. I myself (at hubby's urgings) purchased an old black Remington a few weeks back, based purely on looks. It wasn't until we got it home and the kids started toying with it that I remembered it was once a useful instrument, while also realizing it definitely no longer worked. Where is this typewriter you abandoned? I must find it now!

kat said...

i'm sorry about your thrifting misadventure - i hope it never happens again.

looking forward to 'meeting' olive.

(just don't label the toilet seat, as my 11yo did after receiving his first label-maker. people will not thank you.)

Phillippa said...

you do know that you can go and complain and make them take you into the stock room and demand to see the stuff they hide out the back? well maybe you can't- but how terrible! unfortuneatly since I seem to only be allowed 32 child free seconds in a shop I do suffer from this problem regularly!

me said...

Who is dear gus? I am so curious? A visiting babe from far away? Oh, so curious!!!! thanks for the mysteries!

Katherine said...

ah! i found a dymo label maker a few weeks ago at an estate sale and it was ALMOST free. really, very close. and there is an old, smelly office supply store in town that has a dusty old box of tapes on the shelf. wood grain, purple, yellow, gold, every color you can imagine. and can i tell you? labels have been popping up EVERYWHERE at my house. i can't stop!