Tuesday, May 12

a question of crafting...

Janet Clare ~ part two

i don't think a roving reporter of 'worth' loses their notepad, so if you give me a minute to turf out my desk drawers i'll be right back...in the meantime, make yourselves comfortable and take a wee moment to reflect upon the fact that Janet had no prior screening of the questions and had to answer on the spot...it was a truely lovely sight, three women huddled around the kitchen table, one very professional with notepad and pencil posed, one with her best knitted frock on to impress and one trying on her collection of hats. i shall leave it to you to put the name to the description...
okay, notepad located and my best interviewing voice is in order.
let the questions begin...

if you were to host a 'yak and yarn' afternoon tea party, which famous people would you invite to your 'bit of a do'?
obviously i would invite Elvis ("me too!" i squealed) and Colin Firth for decorative purposes. Nigella Lawson will provide the refreshments. the best person i know for indiscreet gossip is my hairdresser Colin, so i'm inviting him too.

what is your ultimate thrift store find to date and what are you still on the look out for?
i'd rather choose the dump than a thrift store, my local dump is Aldershot and is full of great finds. my best find there has to be a two seater leather sofa from Laura Ashley for twenty pounds, all i need now is to get some feet for it.
i am still looking for a dresser top to display ceramics in the kitchen, perfectly distressed with layers of paint chipped away

what's in your secret 'crafty' address book?
i get my blankets that i use in my work, from military surplus stores online

what's your guilty craft secret?
never starting a new project in an old book. even if i have only a few pages used, i'll still start fresh in a new book.

what inspired you to start crafting?
i can't ever remember a time when i didn't do it. i have an Irish mother who never allowed us to be idle, so we were always busy with something. "why are you sitting there with your two arms the same length?" is something my mum always used to say. i do remember my granny teaching me to crochet.

a sunny day is perfect for?
going to the coast, sitting on the beach and ending it with fish and chips

what skill do you wish you had that you don't?
i'm not accurate enough, i would like to be more precise with cutting

what's your favorite chocolate bar? (such quality questions don't you think)
milk chocolate...i do like Green and Black. and if i had to make a choice it would be Galaxy over Cadbury

staying in or going out?
staying in, i'm a nester and a real home body

favorite book and movie?
nothing too intellectual, an 'aga saga' type of book, something feel good and uplifting.
as to a movie, any romantic comedy that i can sit and watch whilst sewing away

how do you feel being 'online' has helped you and your crafting?
i would not be where i am today without it.
i came across Heather Bailey's blog by accident and thought perhaps i should have myself a blog, it just took off from there. being online makes it easier to get work and for people to find me. it's lovely to be part of such a great crafting community and to received such positive support. i made my connections with Sew Hip and Pfaff through having my blog and i also find that blogging helps me to appreciate the little things.

favorite pronked outfit?
my spotted coat and knitted warmers

how many hours a day do you spend crafting?
as many as i can fit in

how many hours a week do you spend thrifting?
one or two hours

could you save the world in your underpants if needed?
yes! most definitely

would you run a marathon naked? (question courtesy of my 9 year old godson and probably the most revealing)
no! i couldn't, i don't run, not even for a bus

favorite crisp/chip flavor?
sweet chilli

what did you want to be when you were little?
a ballerina

how old were you when you completed your first quilt?
in my early 30's

if the queen came to tea tomorrow what would you give her to eat?
ginger cake, what's left over from today. i'm quite sure she wouldn't mind a bit

what lift's your spirits on a 'low' day?
tea, chocolate, music, romantic comedies, thrifting or just having time to myself

if you had three chickens in your backyard what would be their names?
Hfer (h for hen)
Rfer (r for rooster)
Cfer (c for chicken)
"do you mind Janet if we just pause there, so the readers have a mo to study the names and have a wee chuckle?"...
"no Tif, not a problem... perhaps we should pop the kettle on while we wait"

do you perfer warm giant undies or slinky skimpy knickers?
oh, definitely warm giant undies, remember i may need to save the world one day

stripes or spots?

knitting or crochet?

bagpuss or trumpton?

high street or thrift store?
thrift store

favorite all time fabric?
1950's cherry red with roses on it

what's your absolutely 'first love' in crafting?
knitting, my granny taught me, it was 'love at first sight'

what's your best eco tip for cleaning?
there's not much you can't do with vinegar. i also use baking soda and soap flakes

do you have a 're-use' bag with you every time you go out?
yes, it's one of those things i really try to do

have you ever cooked a fish in your dishwasher?
no! i never have but now i am wondering if perhaps i should try

so it leaves me now to just thank the wonderful Janet Clare for being a 'guinea pig' extraordinaire to my very dubious 'roving reporter' skills.
thanks goes to my lovely assistant Debbie who has still 'got it' and thus able to tell me things about my life that left my memory long ago.
and to you, dearest readers for humoring me.
so until next month's spiffy installment of 'a question of crafting' it will be back to normal ("ha! what's that Tif?" i hear you cry) tomorrow.

she is off to help 'orla and little eva' pack their bags as they take the midnight train to georgia very soon (no tears, we must be strong) ~ Tif


Lola Nova said...

Now those are questions I can get behind. I'm still pondering which famous somebody I'd invite to my stitchy fest. Hmmmmm...

Francesca said...

but could she save the world in her crochet underpants?...that's the question.
you see, i knew these would be better questions than the usual - imaginative for a start. now...colin firth and nigella at my yak & yarn? i'd rather knit all my fingers together. elvis can come over any time.

thanks tif and janet for a lovely way to wake up of a morning. my beautiful blackbird cushion is still one of my very favourite things.

janet clare said...

That was interesting! I couldn't remember my answers!

Michelle said...

love it....
and did chuckle about the chickens...

and be strong...all roosters go to
"a better place" or so that is what my husband assures me is where ours went...

Anonymous said...

Best Q&A ever.I just love seeing interviews with "famous" people.
Judith in Farnborough.

dottie angel said...

thank you kindly ladies for your 'a question of crafting' love :)

and Janet, it pleases me greatly you had forgotten your answers, it makes me know i am not alone!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

What a great interview! I'm getting caught up here and just now had a chance to read it.

You've got quite the knack for interviewing. I don't remember the last time I was laughing out loud while reading an interview.