Tuesday, November 6

todays list...

  1. vacuum. check
  2. clean toilets and sinks. check
  3. disguise gray roots with an interesting parting. check
  4. cut out paper patterns for tea towels. check
  5. cut out linen for tea towels. check
  6. stop pesky cat from destroying paper patterns. check
  7. put 'Miss Ethel' to work. check
  8. place 'healthy snack' near by in case of emergency. check
  9. make 'fake washing line' for photo taking. check
  10. feel good about getting some 'sewing' therapy in before kids get home. check

she nearly forgot...

11. put something in the crock pot for dinner. check ~ Tif


Kristy said...

These are just great Tif x

Gigibird said...

there is one thing wrong with those tea towels Tif.....they are just too nice to do the drying up with.....

Jane said...

These are fabulous - absolutely!
But surely they must be framed not used to dry dishes.

tess said...

hang on, this blog isn't written by superwoman is it?
love the tea towels and the washing line - inspired!

Di said...

Great dishtowels! They look fantastic hanging there!

Francesca said...

loving all your new work tif. keep it up.

Unknown said...

Love the yellow lamp shade!

Anonymous said...

ha ha - healthy snack eh?! seems they gave you the energy you needed for some great work eh? xx

roseroomnz.com said...

They are wonderful, love the 'healthy' snack!

Kate said...

Wonderful teatowels - the prettiest I've seen!

Lori said...

LOVE the towels. They are beautiful.

I have a crockpot recipe that won't make your kids run away. It is delicious. :) (if your family isn't a vegetarian family, of course)

5 lbs pot roast (fat removed)
1 jar pepperoncini (they are yellow)
1 bottle of beer (cheers)
2 beef bullion cubes (or 2 tsp granules)
1 cup water
salt and pepper

hard rolls and provolone cheese

cook in crockpot all day long. shred meat (save the juice) then put the shredded meat back in for about an hour. serve on rolls with cheese. YUMMY!

It will renew the family's faith in crock pots... that is if you aren't a vegetarian family. :)

dottie angel said...

thanks for all the tea towel love and thanks lori for the crock pot recipe...i do have vegetarians in my house (due to my cooking) but not all, so i shall give it a whirl sometime soon :)

Anonymous said...

I'm liking those!!

They would be purely decorative in our house because we have decided that as drying dishes is the only chore that can actually do itself, we need have no involvement!!

I'd definitely hang them on my rail though.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I also have a list like this sitting right by me. Not doing so well with it though (or I wouldn't be here writing this!)
Well done....gorg teatowels by the way.

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

Hi Tif
Thanks a million for your messages..
It sounds like a good day's work to me..
My dishes would be proud to be dried by one of your tea towels! Just lovely!
Is that a CraftKit owl in the photo??
It looks a bit like one and my ma made me a clothkit cat in the 1960's that looks like the same design..

Stephanie said...

tea towels are leaving me breathless. Oh I can't wait for you to open your shop again!

Lucykate Crafts... said...

just something teeny tiny to cheer you up, i have nominated you for a 'smile award' on my blog : )

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! These are very cool/unique designs. And although they're definitely frame worthy, they would be so fun for drying dishes with!

I love the rose cover on your ironing board.

Toni said...

I cannot believe all the super cute stuff you are cranking out around here! (well, I can, but you know...)
You are major inspiration to me!! I have a super soft spot for lamps. The more the merrier I say and the quirkier the better :)