Monday, July 9

postcard #4...

i arrived safely in Devon yesterday after several bus rides...already i have learnt a valuable lesson...

do not drink scrumpy cider and climb trees, they do not mix

worried about his lack of clothing ~ a pesky gnome


Anonymous said...

little gnome..
will you show us a few pictures of looked so pretty on the travel site...thanks laura :)
ps i sure miss your travel companion tif!

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Suzie Sews
PS Loving these roving reports He He

Tracy x said...

tip one: do not eat too many devon cream teas mr pesky as there are no shops selling stylish clothes for fatty gnomes in the whole of Devon.
tip two: stop the drinking before it becomes a habit - lady gnomes will not find you at all attractive if you are drunk, hungover or fat.
tip three: hang out with the ever stylish tif in her fab wedges - she will attract lovely people who she will no doubt introduce to you (she is nice that way )
tip four: lotion, lotion, lotion - suntan lotion that is - a red and blotchy gnome is even more unattractive than a white one.

here ends the tips for today.
love to you and tif.
tracy x

Lamzeydievey said...

haha! this is cute.
Will you please post some pics of Devon for us folks back home?

Lucykate Crafts... said...

i think pesky gnome needs some clothes, or at least a leaf to cover his modesty ; )

have fun in devon!