Monday, August 11

lately ...

we took a blustery ferry ride the day before Our #2 headed home, it was quite risque knitting up top but sometimes one has to risk it for a biscuit

no crafty time for weeks until i finally managed to wheedle out a moment to mend my clogs with duck tape and a tad of handy dandy mod podge and a few fabric scraps. i note i muchly prefer them this way then before

my old man had a birthday (on the right) so we took to the lake on paddle boards. i say we, i mean them, not me, i stayed under a tree and read a most interesting book whilst sipping my chilled cabbage juice

little olive spent the evenings perfecting the art of nesting

little olive spent the days being a hot dog in the hot sun

took an impromptu thrift store pottle with Our #2 and Our #4... i was determined to keep my pennies in my pocket but then a rather peachy jacket found me along with a 'seen better days' basket and the sweetest coin purse my eyes did ever see. my pennies promptly saw the light of day 

on the ferry coming back from bainbridge island i noted seattle never fails to impress when the sun shines

the day after Our #2 left i took solace in my atelier and dabbled with Miss Ethel and the fabric i found on clearance whilst pottling around bainbridge. i need to pull up my crafty knee socks and dabble some more

Our #2 spent 2 months studying in Chile and then traveling around Peru before she came to stay. she bought me back a hat... a hat that left me overcome by the skill of the artisan who made it and the fact my daughter should chose a hat so perfectly suited to me

i have spent most of my hours home schooling myself on nutrition and continuing my path of learning how to make this body of mine function pain free. it has been enlightening to say the very least and after a month or more of implementing yet more changes and learning to cook and bake from scratch with only the simplest of good ingredients used, i feel this time really could be the time i turn a corner

me and Our #2 popped up a little preloved shop outside Tolt Yarn and Wool, twas a tres hot hot weekend but thankfully as we sat at the side of the road watching the world pass by, we had our handy dandy hand fans

the next day we treated ourselves to a few hours by the river, it was supposed to be a whole day but i got ants in my pants (not literally thankfully) and wanted to return to my kitchen where i had been emptying everything out to reorganize and label so i was armed with everything close by to embark on my thrilling journey of cooking and baking for life

we notched up 24 years of marriage and goodness knows how many of living together. all i know is we have had our ups and our downs and of late, mainly due to the changes which have taken place over the past few years, with my clan leaving, family losses and my body having 'a moment', the down moments have been a little on the heavy side. but that is a-okay, that is life, that is marriage, the ups and the downs... and i know, as i tippity tap this today, there is still plenty of ups to come