Monday, July 14

a 'preloved pop~up' shop ...

righty ho, 
here is the nitty gritty for my first pop~up shop 
which will pop up outside of Tolt Yarn and Wool

as the weather has been tres hot hot hot, 
i am hopeful it will continue that way.
however rain or shine, 
i will be there, 
along with a motley crew of forsaken souls and preloved goodness, 
(actually rather a vast amount as i have been manically downsizing my collection of beloved finds 
and emptying my closet)
Our #2 who will be visiting for a few weeks 
and i have roped her into being my right hand pop~up shop man
haha hehe

i may well be even more quiet then i have been of late, over the coming weeks, 
for tis summer and with one of my clan returning for a few weeks 
and working on packing up and shipping out our #3 to start his life in scotland,
plus other things that need to be pondered, 
it would seem wise to spend my time in the moment, 
with them.

i will be popping by though, from time to time
and have high hopes of sharing the bigger sized pebble vest
when i have unearthed the scribbled notes i have lost
under the piles of preloved goodness i have collected 
in the middle of our shed
all ready for thee big pop~up shop weekend...
be there or be square :)