The 'little knits for small beings' Club

hello hello and welcome!
i am so happy you have stumbled across

this is a club for those wishing to make little knits or crochets
for their hope chest/bottom drawer/glory box.
who are happy pondering and preparing for the future,
where some small being may be wrapped in their yarny love.
we have a club motto!

"every day
in every way
i will do my besty best
to crochet or knit
for small beings
carry high hopes
they will fit"

here is a bit of knitty gritty on it.

we have a club charity blankie recipe for small beings, please take a ganders over here

 you can find the club on Ravelry if you would like to share patterns, projects and pictures.
you may also wish to hashtag your photos on instagram with #littleknitsforsmalbeings.
i am hopeful to have badges soon for this club and will let you know as and when.

do not fret if you do not have a way to share yourself on social media
(you are not alone, you are with my mother)
you are still more than welcome to be part of the club, working on your knitted and crocheted makes for small beings, knowing out there in the world, others just like yourself are spending their time wisely as in days gone by.