Wednesday, November 5

'doily' issues...

realizing from a very young age she was attracted to doilies, the young Tif set about crafting a card for her dear family members...

Tif's mother noticed her youngest child's talent in the 'doily department' and took great care in treasuring the card for many a year...
several moons later ("and some..." i hear you cry) an older Tif recieves the card back from her dear folks...and it all becomes clear.

if only she had noticed the 'nipple' situation at an earlier age, she may have avoided her 'doily abuse' a few weeks back...

she's wondering what other 'delights' lurk in the archives of her childhood ~ Tif


  1. I laughed until there were tears in my eyes, and all while I was trying to look responsible and efficient at work.

  2. giggle giggle can't help it.............
    love the fact you still have such wonderful childhood treasure...

  3. that's pretty hilarious!

  4. My mother in law is obsessed with doilies! We always laugh at her because they come out with fail every time we visit even for a couple of biscuits! I used to love colouring them in as a child.

  5. I could waste hours reading your blog and not doing the laundry.

  6. You, my friend, are fuuuuunny!

    Oh man, I'm bustin' a gut.

    Only, I'm trying to do it real quiet like as my family is all sound, it's more like I'm taking quick little gasps. But, really. That's too much!

  7. P.S. You've mastered the art of being completely inappropriate with class, is all I've got to say!

    That made my day.

  8. That's brilliant, and look even as a child you knew that eventually they would be pointing downwards! Is that inappropriate, forgive me!?